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The Imperium Eternal, or Lorenverse, is a setting in which the Third Imperium avoids the assassination of Strephon, and does not fall until after the Wave passes through it.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

In this setting there is no Second Civil War or Rebellion. Archduke Dulinor's ship is destroyed in 1116 en route to Capital, which sparks an investigation that unwinds over several TNS entries.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

1115 or 1116[edit]

Though there is considerable fuzzy ground on the date, what seems clear is that the Lorenverse divided from the OTU with the setting in motion of the events leading up to Dulinor's ship's destruction. If the event was a conspiracy, then the date is somewhat earlier (...perhaps late 1115) than if the gig simply malfunctioned. Certainly, the timeline split by 1116 in the latest. [1]


The latest TNS entry for the setting is in 1130; subsequent events are unclear, except that Virus does not occur.

1201 - The Wave[edit]

As with the OTU, the Wave has been propagating from the Core for a long time. As a result, it arrives in Zhodani space in 1185 and the Imperium Eternal in 1201. It passes through Charted Space at the same times and with the same effects of biosphere devastation and destruction. [2]

The destruction of the Imperium Eternal is essentially complete by 1287 at the latest, since half of the Imperium is consumed by the Wave by this time. A few zones (centered on Rhylanor, Ilelish 2006, and Vland 1117) remain relatively unharmed. These areas, cut off from one another, mark the end of the Imperium, and must adjust to the loss of an entire empire's infrastructure. [3]

1287 - The Fourth Imperium[edit]

Surviving worlds in an 8-hex radius centered on Ilelish 2006 form the Fourth Imperium between year 1287 and 1295. [4]

1476 - Timeline Inflection Point[edit]

The Fourth Imperium falls, and the Imperium Eternal timeline "converges" with the OTU; by 1476 at the latest, both timelines are similar for the Galaxiad era. [5]

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