Second Civil War

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The Second Civil War is a cataclysmic event in which the Third Imperium breaks asunder after the Alkhalikoi Emperor is assassinated.

  • Also known as the Rebellion of 1116.
  • Sometimes called the "Great Break."

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In the OTU, the Second Civil War occurs, but in some ATU's such as the GURPS Traveller Imperium Eternal setting, this event does not occur. This is an alternate storyline or timeline. Many OTU settings intentional stop their storylines at 1115 or early 1116 to avoid traveling down one path or the other.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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Primary Rebellion Factions[edit]

The rival factions of the Rebellion have their own distinct leadership, aims, and backgrounds:

  1. Aslan: Driven to colonize new worlds, even if they are inside the Imperial borders.
  2. Brzk: The Archduke of Antares, convinced that the Imperium will never accept him, a non-human, as Emperor.
  3. Dulinor: He sparked the Rebellion by killing the Emperor, and now he claims to be Emperor by right of assassination.
  4. Lucan: The Emperor's nephew and a legitimate heir but also rumored to have murdered his own brother in order to win the throne.
  5. Margaret: The compromise candidate proposed by moderate elements in Imperial society.
  6. Norris: Claiming allegiance to the Imperium but refusing to support any specific faction.
  7. Solomani: Champions of human supremacy, intent on imposing their way on all of humanity.
  8. Strephon: Is he the real Emperor or an imposter?
  9. Vargr Raiders intent on looting the undefended border provinces of the Imperium.
  10. Vland: Intent on reestablishing their own empire.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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The Assassination[edit]

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