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Republic of Regina Navy Ranks[1]
T5-Imperial-Navy-detail-FFE 03-June-2019a.png
Commissioned Officers
O8 » Grand Admiral
O7c » Fleet Admiral (Admiral)
O7b » Fleet Admiral (Vice Admiral)
O7a » Fleet Admiral (Rear Admiral)
O6b » Commodore
O6a » Captain
O5 » Commander
O4 » Lieutenant Commander
O3 » Lieutenant
O2 » Sub-Lieutenant
O1 » Ensign
O0 » Cadet / Midshipman
R6b » Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO)
R6a » Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO)
R5 » Chief Petty Officer (CPO)
R4 » Petty Officer First (PO1)
R3 » Petty Officer Second (PO2)
R2 » Able Spacer
R1 » Spacehand
R0 » Spacehand Recruit


The Republic of Regina Navy is the Naval arm of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Regina.


The Republic of Regina Navy was established in 1648 by the Constitution of 1648. It traces its spirit back to the Imperial Navy. Whether it actually has a continuous lineage is a subject for academic debate.


Political Oversight[edit]

The Republic of Regina Navy is overseen by the Department for the Navy which is, in turn, led by the Minister for the Navy and administered under the Chief Administrator the Naval Secretary.

The Department for the Navy provides political oversight of both the the Navy and [Republic of Regina Marines|Marines]]. It also administers and procures Naval Funding & Budgets and directs Naval Research.

High Command[edit]

The supreme commander of the Republic of Regina Navy is the Grand Admiral


1900: Ulrika Jesten

Administrative Structure[edit]

The Republic of Regina Navy is organised into several branches for administrative purposes[2]

Each of these branches is overseen by a Branch Inspector General, Generally a Commodore.

  • Officers Only
    • Line Branch
    • Flight Branch
  • All Ranks
    • Engineering Branch
    • Gunnery Branch
    • Technical Branch
    • Medical Branch
  • Ratings Only
    • Crew Branch

Republic of Regina Marines[edit]

The Republic of Regina Navy's Military Force for Security, Boarding and Planetary Assault is the Republic of Regina Marines.

Schools and Colleges[3][edit]

Naval Justice[edit]

Admiralty Court

Operational Structure[edit]

Depots and Bases[edit]

Depots and Naval Bases listed in Astrography (below)


  • Regina Fleet (Ex. 213rd Fleet)
    Regina Fleet 1900.png
    • The Unicorn is a reference to the Domain of Deneb
    • The Starburst is a reference to the Imperium and the Imperial Navy
  • Rhylanor Fleet (Ex. 23rd Fleet)
    Rhylanor Fleet 1900.png
    • The Unicorn is a reference to the Domain of Deneb
    • The Axe is a reference to the 23rd Fleet's reputation for close-quarters battle
  • Magash Fleet (Ex 195th Fleet/Duchy of Sabine Colonial Fleet)
    Magash Fleet 1900.png
    • The Starship is a reference to the Battleships of the Old Imperium
    • The Planet is a representation of Magash and its central ocean
    • The Laurel is an ancient symbol of victory

Task Forces[edit]

While a Fleet covers a part of the Republic of Regina it is the Fleet's Task Forces, under the command of a junior Admiral or senior Commodore, that put the Republic of Regina Navy's Squadrons where they are wanted.

Each Task Force will include one or more Squadrons that move and act together to enforce the Republic's policy. In practice, only about 10% of the Navy can be formed into expeditionary forces at any one time with the remainder being committed to Defensive-Patrols, Training, Maintenance, Leave, etc.


Battle, Cruiser, Escort, Ortillery, Attack, Defence, Support and Special Long Range Squadrons


System Defence and Fighter Wings

Naval Life[edit]


While occasionally accepting draftees, the Republic of Regina Navy usually recruits volunteers - especially from colleges and universities.

Terms of Enlistment[edit]

A standard term of enlistment is 4 years.[4]


Officers in the RORN are appointed via the granting of a commission. A list of commissioned officers (The Navy List) is published annually date of commission.

Awards and Medals[edit]

Abbreviation Award or Medal
XS Exemplary Service Medal
MCUF Meritorious Conduct Under Fire
MCG Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry
SEH Starburst for Extreme Heroism
*SEH* Starburst for Extreme Heroism with Diamonds
WB Wound Badge
CR Campaign Ribbon


The Republic of Regina Navy pays pensions of Cr2000 to Cr3000 per annum per term of service to ex-service personnel who have served 4 terms or more.

It also pays a pension of Cr 100 per term served in the Naval Reserve

Reserve Commitments[7][edit]

Having completed service in the Republic of Regina Navy, NOTC graduates are required to enter the Republic of Regina Naval Reserve.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This fleet can be primarily found in the following areas:
Charted Space:


The following mainworld is the primary headquarters of this navy:

Naval Bases and Depots[edit]

World Listing[edit]

This fleet often patrols the following systems and worlds:

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