Type T class Patrol Cruiser

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Type T class Patrol Ship
Patrol-Cruiser-WH-Keith-MT-Imp-Encyclo-Pg-37 03-July-2018a.jpg
Patrol Cruiser.
Type: HTP Patrol Ship
Category ACS
Size 400 Tons
Hull Configuration Needle Hull
Streamlining Streamlined Hull
Tech Level TL–12
Computer Model/3
Jump J-3
Maneuver 4 G
Hardpoints 4
Staterooms 0
Crew 18
    Officers 3
    Enlisted 7
    Marines 8
High/Mid Passengers 0
Cargo 50.0 Tons
Fuel tank 0 Tons
Origin Third Imperium
End of Service Still in active service.
Cost MCr221.04
Architect fee MCrCanon publication design.
Quick Ship Profile T-DS43
Blueprint Yes
Illustration Yes
Also see Lurushaar Kilaalum class Corvette & Patrol Ship
Canon Published, fan design
Era 1105
Reference Starships 20.
Classic Traveller core ship design.

Patrol Cruiser (type T): Using a custom 400-ton hull, the patrol cruiser is a military vessel used for customs inspections, piracy suppression, and normal safety patrols. [1]

Basic Ship Synopsis[edit]

T Patrol Cruiser. 400 tons. Jump-3, 4-G. 160 tons fuel. Model/3. 12 staterooms. 4 low berths. 4 hardpoints (2 triple missile turrets. 2 triple laser turrets). Ship’s boat. G-Carrier. 10 crew. MCr221.04.16 months. [2]

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The ship performance of Jump-3 and 4-G acceleration. Fuel tankage of 120 tons supports the power plant and allows one Jump-3. Adjacent to the bridge is a Model/3 computer. There are twelve staterooms and four low berths. [3]

There are four triple turrets installed, with fire control; two mount lasers and two mount missile racks. A GCarrier and a ship's boat are carried. There is a 50-ton cargo bay, and the ship is streamlined. [3]

The patrol cruiser has a crew of 18: pilot, navigator, three engineers, medic, four gunners, and eight troops for boarding parties. Double occupancy for the gunners and troops is required. The ship costs MCr221.04 and typically takes fourteen months to build. [3]

Image Repository[edit]

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General Description & Deck Plans[edit]

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Basic Ship Characteristics[edit]

Following the Imperial Navy and IISS Universal Ship Profile and data, additional information is presented in the sidebar. [4]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

As soon a spaceflight leaves the exclusive control of a world-state government, generally by the end of the TL:7-9 tech epoch, the need for customs and patrol craft generally devolves from a strictly military function to a paramilitary function. [5]

Class Naming Practice/s & Peculiarities[edit]

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Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

Warship - Patrol Ship:

  1. Type T class Patrol Ship AKA Type HTP class Patrol Ship
    1. Kranhouse class Patrol Corvette
    2. Salient class Patrol Frigate
    3. Sang-O class Patrol Ship
    4. She Zhenɡ Zhe class Patrol Boat
    5. Shivva class Patrol Frigate
    6. Trinity class Patrol Ship
    7. Xadis class Patrol Ship
    8. Yugo class Patrol Ship

Warship - Patrol Cruiser:

  1. Type T class Patrol Cruiser AKA Type HTP class Patrol Cruiser AKA Type TP class Patrol Cruiser
    1. Barekdoldin class Patrol Cruiser
    2. Dyaus class Patrol Cruiser
    3. Jaghara class Patrol Cruiser
    4. Kharsis class Patrol Cruiser
    5. Kilaalum class Patrol Cruiser
    6. Lurushaar Kilaalum class Patrol Cruiser AKA Lurushaar Kilaalum class Corvette
    7. Rudra class Patrol Cruiser
    8. TC17 Deckert class Patrol Cruiser
    9. Vayu class Patrol Cruiser

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