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A G-Carrier is an enclosed, armored military or paramilitary grav vehicle, intended for troop carrier duties.

  • A G-carrier is capable of close-orbital spaceflight (sealed against vacuum) and is much quicker than an Air/raft grav vehicle. A G-carrier is not intended for extended spaceflight. Interface landers (spacecraft), ship's gigs, shuttles, and other smallcraft perform similar roles.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

G-Carriers commonly have the following features:

  • It requires a crew of one driver (with air/raft skill), plus a gunner for the weapon, if any.
  • It can carry 14 persons in total, plus two tons of cargo (or 250 kg of cargo for each person not carried). Thus driver, gunner and 5 tons of cargo is its maximum capacity.
  • Armor
  • Weapon/s
  • With performance similar to that of an Air/raft, the G-carrier generally has a gun mount and a rear hatch door.
  • Most G-Carriers are capable of reaching orbit (occupants need not wear vacuum suits) and the trip will be a speedy one only taking a typical (15 to 45) minute flight depending on the size of the planet.
  • G-Carriers have much more powerful engines when compared to Air/rafts.

Strategy & Doctrine (Operations)[edit]

G-Carriers typically are used for the same general mission as lighters, shuttles, or assault landers:

  • Interface Operations: (Space to Surface & Surface to Space)
  • Exploration: (Transport of small numbers of key scientists or materials)

Many G-Carriers are built for dedicated military missions:

  • Troop Transport Missions: (Carry small numbers of troops)
  • Utility Missions: (Carry small amounts of important materials)

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

No information yet available.

Representative Classes[edit]

Various examples include the following classes of G-Carriers:

  1. Fusilier class G-Carrier (TL-10)
  2. Lopec class G-Carrier (TL-15)
  3. Kankurur class G-Carrier (TL-15)
  4. Gudukraa class G-Carrier (TL-12)
  5. Highlander class Armored G-Carrier (TL-12)
  6. Norseman class Armored G-Carrier (TL-11)
  7. Resolve class G-Carrier (TL-12)
  8. Skyknight class G-Carrier (TL-15)

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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