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The Imperial Encyclopedia uses a software system modeled after a Terran design for a predecessor of this library called Wikipedia Encyclopedia. That system divided reader content from editorial staff conversation, editorial guidance, file storage, reusable content, and content cataloging. It, like this encyclopedia, used a technology called namespace to divide those content types. Below are the namespaces used by the Imperial Encyclopedia with descriptions and examples of their use. We expect this is of interest to the editorial staff of the encyclopedia and can be safely ignored by readers of the encyclopedia.


The following namespaces are directly of interest to readers of the Imperial Encyclopedia. These provide the data and metadata needed by researchers. Here are described the article, dictionary, image, and catalog systems used to provide most content and meta-content of the library.

This is primary article namespace, where most of the article about the content of the wiki resides. There is no "Namespace" for these articles to make editing and searching easier.
The MediaWiki documentation refers to this as the Project namespace. We've named ours to Traveller. Articles in this namespace are about the Traveller Wiki like rules for the Wiki, recommendations for articles, and suggestions for improvements.
File namespace holds external files like images and PDF to be linked into the articles or downloaded. The articles in this namespace are attached to a single file, serving as metadata about the image or PDF.
A namespace to be the local version of wikionary, a space to hold dictionary entries for the numerous alien languages that exist in Traveller.


Per a proposal some of the Milieus have been given namespaces to allow separation of content from the different Milieus. The Milieu namespaces are:

This is for articles in the Milieu 1116, covering approximately 1100 to 1116. This is the Golden Era, used by the Classic Traveller, Mongoose Traveller, and Mongoose 2nd backgrounds.
Milieu 0
This is for articles in the Milieu 0, covering approximately -25 to 75. This is the era defines by Marc Millers Traveller, and covered in the Milieu 0 sourcebook.
Milieu 990
This is for articles in the Milieu 990, covering approximately 985 to 1002. This is the era used by Traveller D20, and covers the Solomani Rim War and several related events.
Milieu 1120
This is for articles in the Milieu 1120, covering approximately 1115 to 1140, but in the GURPS Traveller alternate timeline, with no Rebellion or Virus.
Milieu 1130
This is for articles in the Milieu 1130, the Rebellion covering 1117 to 1130. This is the setting for MegaTraveller.
Milieu 1200
This is for article in the Milieu 1200, the New Era, covering approximately 1190 to 1220. This is the setting for Traveller The New Era
Milieu 1248
This is for articles in the Milieu 1248 covering approximately 1221 to 1249, and the Fourth Imperium. This is the setting for the New Era 1248.
Milieu 1900
This is for articles in the Milieu 1900, the Galaxiad era, covering 1890 to 1920, covering the Republic of Regina. This is the setting for Galaxiad, the forthcoming setting for Traveller 5th.


Described below are the campaign and referee systems used by teams to roleplay and play-test their plans and schemes before they execute them in real space.

This namespace is for roleplaying campaigns, it is supported by the Forum:play by wiki and the Referee namespace mentioned below.
A compliment to the Campaign namespace to allow the Referee to write down secret information about their campaign. This is the only namespace in the wiki with restricted access. If you create a campaign following the template, let one of the Wiki Stewards know and we can give you access to the Referee namespace.

Wiki Processing namespaces[edit]

Every namespace has a corresponding "Talk" namespace. Each article has a link to the talk page, to allow users and contributors to discuss each article.
Category namespace serves as an indexing system for articles on a similar or related topic. You add an article in other namespaces to a category by adding a link to the category (we recommend at the very bottom of the article). Several templates also add categories to articles where they are included.
The Forum serves as a wiki wide discussion forum. The Forum:Index article serves as the main page, the Forum:Watercooler is the main discussion page, and each other article is a discussion on a specific topic. Please be specific with your topic name when creating new articles.
Template namespace holds templates, a body of text to be included in other articles. The templates can be nested, include wiki functions, and thereby get quite complicated.
Each user who registers in the wiki gets their own user page. By tradition the user's page is their space, and left to them to develop. The User Talk page is there for having discussion with the user directly.

Mediawiki internal[edit]

This namespace contains text internal to the MediaWiki software itself. All of the text and messages are kept in articles in this namespace and can be edited if needed.
This is a virtual namespace which contains pages generated by the mediawiki software itself for administrative purposes. Special:Version for example lists the version of the Mediawiki software, the extensions installed, and other information about the Wiki itself.


This namespace is created as part of the Semantic Mediawiki package.
Normally contains articles about help for using the Wiki software. These are all in the Traveller namespace.
This namespace is created as part of the wiki installation. It is designed to contain items of additional functionality similar to the templates.


This list of sources was used by the Traveller Wiki Editorial Team and individual contributors to compose this article. Copyrighted material is used under license from Far Future Enterprises or by permission of the author. The page history lists all of the contributions.