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The Traveller Wiki uses specific colors in several places to show or signify special items.

Article topic colors[edit]

The article topic colors and the associated colored Imperial Sunburst should be used in specific articles. This allows the wiki to show, and users discern the different categories of articles.

The colors are also used in the Infoboxes for sub-groups. For example, the template SophontData uses the green color and sunburst as the primary color. But the section of the template covering the sophont cultures has a heading in the Orange.

Allegiance standard colors[edit]

The Traveller wiki has a set of standard colors to be use for backgrounds when representing the larger empires in Charted Space. These colors match the colors used by the Traveller Map for the same empires. They are as follows:

UWP Planetary trade code colors[edit]

In the world articles, the infobox (UWP template) sets the background color of the title bar for the world name based on the planetary Trade classifications.

Colors Table Spectrum[edit]

Colour Table Blue = 00
00 20 40 60 80 A0 C0 E0 FF
Red 00 000000 002000 004000 006000 008000 00a000 00c000 00e000 00ff00
20 200000 202000 204000 206000 208000 20a000 20c000 20e000 20ff00
40 400000 402000 404000 406000 408000 40a000 40c000 40e000 40ff00
60 600000 602000 604000 606000 608000 60a000 60c000 60e000 60ff00
80 800000 802000 804000 806000 808000 80a000 80c000 80e000 80ff00
A0 a00000 a02000 a04000 a06000 a08000 a0a000 a0c000 a0e000 a0ff00
C0 c00000 c02000 c04000 c06000 c08000 c0a000 c0c000 c0e000 c0ff00
E0 e00000 e02000 e04000 e06000 e08000 e0a000 e0c000 e0e000 e0ff00
FF ff0000 ff2000 ff4000 ff6000 ff8000 ffa000 ffc000 ffe000 ffff00
Colour Table Blue = 20
00 20 40 60 80 A0 C0 E0 FF
Red 00 000020 002020 004020 006020 008020 00a020 00c020 00e020 00ff20
20 200020 202020 204020 206020 208020 20a020 20c020 20e020 20ff20
40 400020 402020 404020 406020 408020 40a020 40c020 40e020 40ff20
60 600020 602020 604020 606020 608020 60a020 60c020 60e020 60ff20
80 800020 802020 804020 806020 808020 80a020 80c020 80e020 80ff20
A0 a00020 a02020 a04020 a06020 a08020 a0a020 a0c020 a0e020 a0ff20
C0 c00020 c02020 c04020 c06020 c08020 c0a020 c0c020 c0e020 c0ff20
E0 e00020 e02020 e04020 e06020 e08020 e0a020 e0c020 e0e020 e0ff20
FF ff0020 ff2020 ff4020 ff6020 ff8020 ffa020 ffc020 ffe020 ffff20
Colour Table Blue = 40
00 20 40 60 80 A0 C0 E0 FF
Red 00 000040 002040 004040 006040 008040 00a040 00c040 00e040 00ff40
20 200040 202040 204040 206040 208040 20a040 20c040 20e040 20ff40
40 400040 402040 404040 406040 408040 40a040 40c040 40e040 40ff40
60 600040 602040 604040 606040 608040 60a040 60c040 60e040 60ff40
80 800040 802040 804040 806040 808040 80a040 80c040 80e040 80ff40
A0 a00040 a02040 a04040 a06040 a08040 a0a040 a0c040 a0e040 a0ff40
C0 c00040 c02040 c04040 c06040 c08040 c0a040 c0c040 c0e040 c0ff40
E0 e00040 e02040 e04040 e06040 e08040 e0a040 e0c040 e0e040 e0ff40
FF ff0040 ff2040 ff4040 ff6040 ff8040 ffa040 ffc040 ffe040 ffff40
Colour Table Blue = 60
00 20 40 60 80 A0 C0 E0 FF
Red 00 000060 002060 004060 006060 008060 00a060 00c060 00e060 00ff60
20 200060 202060 204060 206060 208060 20a060 20c060 20e060 20ff60
40 400060 402060 404060 406060 408060 40a060 40c060 40e060 40ff60
60 600060 602060 604060 606060 608060 60a060 60c060 60e060 60ff60
80 800060 802060 804060 806060 808060 80a060 80c060 80e060 80ff60
A0 a00060 a02060 a04060 a06060 a08060 a0a060 a0c060 a0e060 a0ff60
C0 c00060 c02060 c04060 c06060 c08060 c0a060 c0c060 c0e060 c0ff60
E0 e00060 e02060 e04060 e06060 e08060 e0a060 e0c060 e0e060 e0ff60
FF ff0060 ff2060 ff4060 ff6060 ff8060 ffa060 ffc060 ffe060 ffff60
Colour Table Blue = 80
00 20 40 60 80 A0 C0 E0 FF
Red 00 000080 002080 004080 006080 008080 00a080 00c080 00e080 00ff80
20 200080 202080 204080 206080 208080 20a080 20c080 20e080 20ff80
40 400080 402080 404080 406080 408080 40a080 40c080 40e080 40ff80
60 600080 602080 604080 606080 608080 60a080 60c080 60e080 60ff80
80 800080 802080 804080 806080 808080 80a080 80c080 80e080 80ff80
A0 a00080 a02080 a04080 a06080 a08080 a0a080 a0c080 a0e080 a0ff80
C0 c00080 c02080 c04080 c06080 c08080 c0a080 c0c080 c0e080 c0ff80
E0 e00080 e02080 e04080 e06080 e08080 e0a080 e0c080 e0e080 e0ff80
FF ff0080 ff2080 ff4080 ff6080 ff8080 ffa080 ffc080 ffe080 ffff80
Colour Table Blue = A0
00 20 40 60 80 A0 C0 E0 FF
Red 00 0000A0 0020A0 0040A0 0060A0 0080A0 00a0A0 00c0A0 00e0A0 00ffA0
20 2000A0 2020A0 2040A0 2060A0 2080A0 20a0A0 20c0A0 20e0A0 20ffA0
40 4000A0 4020A0 4040A0 4060A0 4080A0 40a0A0 40c0A0 40e0A0 40ffA0
60 6000A0 6020A0 6040A0 6060A0 6080A0 60a0A0 60c0A0 60e0A0 60ffA0
80 8000A0 8020A0 8040A0 8060A0 8080A0 80a0A0 80c0A0 80e0A0 80ffA0
A0 a000A0 a020A0 a040A0 a060A0 a080A0 a0a0A0 a0c0A0 a0e0A0 a0ffA0
C0 c000A0 c020A0 c040A0 c060A0 c080A0 c0a0A0 c0c0A0 c0e0A0 c0ffA0
E0 e000A0 e020A0 e040A0 e060A0 e080A0 e0a0A0 e0c0A0 e0e0A0 e0ffA0
FF ff00A0 ff20A0 ff40A0 ff60A0 ff80A0 ffa0A0 ffc0A0 ffe0A0 ffffA0
Colour Table Blue = C0
00 20 40 60 80 A0 C0 E0 FF
Red 00 0000C0 0020C0 0040C0 0060C0 0080C0 00a0C0 00c0C0 00e0C0 00ffC0
20 2000C0 2020C0 2040C0 2060C0 2080C0 20a0C0 20c0C0 20e0C0 20ffC0
40 4000C0 4020C0 4040C0 4060C0 4080C0 40a0C0 40c0C0 40e0C0 40ffC0
60 6000C0 6020C0 6040C0 6060C0 6080C0 60a0C0 60c0C0 60e0C0 60ffC0
80 8000C0 8020C0 8040C0 8060C0 8080C0 80a0C0 80c0C0 80e0C0 80ffC0
A0 a000C0 a020C0 a040C0 a060C0 a080C0 a0a0C0 a0c0C0 a0e0C0 a0ffC0
C0 c000C0 c020C0 c040C0 c060C0 c080C0 c0a0C0 c0c0C0 c0e0C0 c0ffC0
E0 e000C0 e020C0 e040C0 e060C0 e080C0 e0a0C0 e0c0C0 e0e0C0 e0ffC0
FF ff00C0 ff20C0 ff40C0 ff60C0 ff80C0 ffa0C0 ffc0C0 ffe0C0 ffffC0
Colour Table Blue = E0
00 20 40 60 80 A0 C0 E0 FF
Red 00 0000E0 0020E0 0040E0 0060E0 0080E0 00a0E0 00c0E0 00e0E0 00ffE0
20 2000E0 2020E0 2040E0 2060E0 2080E0 20a0E0 20c0E0 20e0E0 20ffE0
40 4000E0 4020E0 4040E0 4060E0 4080E0 40a0E0 40c0E0 40e0E0 40ffE0
60 6000E0 6020E0 6040E0 6060E0 6080E0 60a0E0 60c0E0 60e0E0 60ffE0
80 8000E0 8020E0 8040E0 8060E0 8080E0 80a0E0 80c0E0 80e0E0 80ffE0
A0 a000E0 a020E0 a040E0 a060E0 a080E0 a0a0E0 a0c0E0 a0e0E0 a0ffE0
C0 c000E0 c020E0 c040E0 c060E0 c080E0 c0a0E0 c0c0E0 c0e0E0 c0ffE0
E0 e000E0 e020E0 e040E0 e060E0 e080E0 e0a0E0 e0c0E0 e0e0E0 e0ffE0
FF ff00E0 ff20E0 ff40E0 ff60E0 ff80E0 ffa0E0 ffc0E0 ffe0E0 ffffE0
Colour Table Blue = FF
00 20 40 60 80 A0 C0 E0 FF
Red 00 0000FF 0020FF 0040FF 0060FF 0080FF 00a0FF 00c0FF 00e0FF 00ffFF
20 2000FF 2020FF 2040FF 2060FF 2080FF 20a0FF 20c0FF 20e0FF 20ffFF
40 4000FF 4020FF 4040FF 4060FF 4080FF 40a0FF 40c0FF 40e0FF 40ffFF
60 6000FF 6020FF 6040FF 6060FF 6080FF 60a0FF 60c0FF 60e0FF 60ffFF
80 8000FF 8020FF 8040FF 8060FF 8080FF 80a0FF 80c0FF 80e0FF 80ffFF
A0 a000FF a020FF a040FF a060FF a080FF a0a0FF a0c0FF a0e0FF a0ffFF
C0 c000FF c020FF c040FF c060FF c080FF c0a0FF c0c0FF c0e0FF c0ffFF
E0 e000FF e020FF e040FF e060FF e080FF e0a0FF e0c0FF e0e0FF e0ffFF
FF ff00FF ff20FF ff40FF ff60FF ff80FF ffa0FF ffc0FF ffe0FF ffffFF

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

This list of sources was used by the Traveller Wiki Editorial Team and individual contributors to compose this article. Copyrighted material is used under license from Far Future Enterprises or by permission of the author. The page history lists all of the contributions.