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A Vacuum World lacks an atmosphere. And worlds without atmospheres cannot harbor conventional life without extensive technological aid.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Vacuum Worlds lack nearly all of the life-bearing protections that worlds with healthy atmospheres possess. Harmful radiation can eradicate even the hardiest of lifeforms and an unmoderated climate can be frightfully dangerous. Twilight Zone Worlds are an example of what climates taken to extremes can be like: Very dangerous or downright inhospitable.

Planetary Characteristics[edit]

A Vacuum World has no atmosphere.

TC Vacuum World Series (Inhospitable) (IISS Scout Handbook, pgs. 490-491)
Type Code Size Atm Hyd Pop Gov Law Remarks
Asteroid Belt World As 0RDS 0 0 -- -- -- Asteroid. Part of belt. MW.
Planetoid Belt None (Belt) 0RDS 0 0 -- -- -- Planetoid. Part of belt. Non-MW.
Vacuum World Va 123456789 0 -- -- -- -- Vacuum. Asteroid or planetoid belt. Usually Co or Fr.

Probably Planetary Orbit & Climate[edit]

No information yet available.

World Placement by Zone (IISS Scout Handbook, pgs. 490-491) (← starward) Habitable Zone / HZ] (staraway →)
TC Inner (-) HZ-2 HZ-1 HZ HZ+1 HZ+2 Outer (+) Remote & Far Systems Remarks
As Unlikely Belt Belt Unlikely Belt Belt Unlikely Possible A belt as a Main World.
Va Unlikely Likely Likely Possible Likely Likely Unlikely Possible A world without an atmosphere.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

How does one determine climate on a vacuum world? A number of factors can come into play, but one of the most significant is the vacuum world’s orbital position within the star system. Worlds that are starward or close to the center of a star system will have greater temperatures while worlds that are staraway, are more likely to have much lower temperatures due to the distant proximity of stellar radiation source, the star .

Vacuum worlds are often populated to take advantage of their strategic location. Many vacuum world make great base locations for defensive emplacements, centers of belter mining operations, or as research laboratories among other possibilities. In other cases, they may be taken possession of by the wealthy for their exclusive and private natures. Wealthy nobles and business-sophonts often will build out a vacuum world under such conditions and both pirates and corsairs often appreciate such worlds for the same reasons.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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