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This template defines the table "Sophonts". View table.

Base Information
Body Form
Social Structure
Technological Epoch
Psionic potential Standard
Origin World
Homeworld location
StarportX No Starport
Size0 Asteroid/Planetoid Belt
Atmosphere0 Vacuum
Hydrographics0 Desert World 0%
Population0 Barren (0)
Government0 No Government structure
Law0 No Law
Tech Level0 Pre-Industrial (primitive)
Primary Star
Off-world presence
Zoetic individuals
Canon No
Also see

Template:SophontData/doc This template is used for articles about races or alien creatures who are considered Sophonts.

SophontData Infobox Parameters
Base Information
Parameter Remarks Recommended Values
name Name of sophont creature.
image Example image for the sophont. Just the image name without formatting or the File: namespace. DEFAULT: Imperial-Sunburst-Green-wiki.png
caption Caption for the image. A short explanation to describe the image as shown. Has been used as a holder for the typoid, but could be used for almost anything.
type Animal Classification giving the dietary preferences of the race.
  • Carnivore
    • Carnivore/chaser
    • Carnivore/killer
    • Carnivore/pouncer
    • Carnivore/siren
    • Carnivore/trapper
  • Ergivore
    • Ergivore/parasite
  • Herbivore
    • Herbivore/filter
    • Herbivore/grazer
    • Herbivore/intermittent
  • Omnivore
    • Omnivore/eater
    • Omnivore/gather
    • Omnivore/hunter
    • Omnivore/hunter-gatherer
  • Producer
    • Producer/phototroph
    • Producer/chemotroph
    • Producer/plasmosynthetic-autotroph
    • Producer/radiosynthetic-autotroph
  • Scavenger
    • Scavenger/carrion-eater
    • Scavenger/hijacker
    • Scavenger/intimidator
    • Scavenger/reducer
status Sophont ranking and origin within the larger interstellar society.
terrain The primary terrain used by the creature the sophont evolved from. The terrain the beast was part of informs the physiology and psychology of the sophont. This is a historical note about the source beast and preference for the sophont for living conditions. One of the key characteristics of sophonts is their tool use, enabling them to inhabit any and all of the environments.
  • Clear
  • Desert
  • Exotic (include note)
  • Forest
  • Mountains
  • Ocean
  • Ocean Depths
  • Rough
  • Waterways
  • Wetlands
locomotion Mode of movement for the sophont or creature
  • Amphibian
  • Aquatic
  • Brachiator
  • Diver
  • Drifter
  • Floater
  • Flyer
  • Flyphibian
  • Roller
  • Static
  • Swimmer
  • Triphibian
  • Walker
code Not Displayed. The internal code used for this sophont creature. This is the first four characters of their name with any non-alphabetic characters replaced with a 'X'.
  • The code for Humaniti is "Huma"
  • The code for K'kree is "KXkr".
  • The code for Mon Kalamari is "MonX"
Body Form
Parameter Remarks Recommended Values
confluence The relationship of the creatures appearance as compared to human normal standards.
  • Human = Head, 2 arms, 2 legs, torso, abdomen, etc.
  • Humanoid = (...minor deviation from humans)
  • Semi-humanoid (...major deviation from humans)
  • Non-humanoid (...radically different from humans)
typoid Rough creature or lifeform categorization One of the defined Bio-Identenoid types.
size Average or mean length or height of the sophont. Use the longest dimension in meters. Most sizes are in meters, but sometimes other metrics are appropriate.
weight Average or mean mass in kilograms. Most sizes are in kilograms, but sometimes other metrics are appropriate.
Parameter Remarks Recommended Values
languages The most commonly used language or languages. Comma separated list of the languages. Do not add any formatting to the names.
government The primary social and government organization of the sophont's culture. Do not add any formatting to the name.
epoch A grouping of three Technology Levels representing an extended development period. The Sophont epoch is the general range of technological development they have achieved and is available to their population. This impacts their economy and their interaction with the larger interstellar society. This value is being reverted to TLepoch.
  • It has been left as is for now to benefit a user.
psi Psionic potential demonstrated by the members of the race. Does not include any cultural attraction or aversion to the use of psionics.
  • None
  • Psi-Null
  • Low
  • Standard
  • High
Origin world
Parameter Remarks Recommended Values
home Location of the world where the sophont evolved. Please use the Template:WorldS to format the location: {{WorldS|<world>|<sector>|<hex>}}.
uwp The Universal World Profile for the planet. Use canonical format of: PSAHPGL-T, with no formatting. There is an popup to display the interpretation of the values
pop Not Displayed. Population multiplier for the Universal World Profile. Used as part of the UWP display. Number between 0 and 9
primary The primary star or stars in the system where the sophont evolved. Use the standard stellar data format. The standard layout for stellar types: <size><modifier> <type>. E.g. G2 V
atmo Atmosphere of the homeworld for the sophont. The "specific description" column for the Atmosphere code from Atmosphere#World_Atmosphere_Classification_Codes_Table.
multi Does the sophont have significant populations on worlds other than their home world? Yes or No
existing Does the sophont still have any members living in the Traveller common eras?
  • Being reverted to extinct, the old placeholder. Left in place as a courtesy to a user.
Yes or No. Extant or Extinct.
Parameter Remarks Recommended Values
ref Single definitive source of information from the source entries. Use {{Ludography ref|name=xxx|page=yy}}
canon Is the sophont considered to be part of the Traveller Canon? Yes or No
alsosee An additional reference article. Include links. Used to refer to a strongly linked or related article in most cases.
footnote A footnote for any extra information that might be relevant. Usually not used. Might include special notes or product numbers.
Hidden parameters
Parameter Remarks Recommended Values
author Authors of the original published materials. Comma separated list of author names. Do not add any formatting to the names.
era Era of the information. Some information in the template and article are specific to a given era. Otherwise the default era (Milieu 1116, 1105) is assumed.
  • Please see: Timeline for the standard ten choices.
  • Other choices may be available as nonstandard options.
gravity Range of Gravity of the home world.
  • No Gravity
  • Microgravity: 0.01 G or less
  • Very Low Gravity: 0.02 to 0.10 G
  • Low Gravity: 0.011 to 0.49 G
  • Standard or Average Gravity: 0.50 to 1.49 G
  • High Gravity: 1.5 to 1.89 G
  • Very High Gravity: 1.90 to 2.00 G
  • Macrogravity: 2.01 G or higher (2.01-G+)
limbs Total number of limbs used by a sophont: Arms, legs, or otherwise. Tails not included unless used for locomotion or manipulation. Non-permanent pseudopods not included. Proper notation is three part: 1. Number 2. Dash 3. "Ped". E.g. 4-Ped
symmetry Physiological layout of the creature's limbs and external features.
  • 0-ial = Asymmetrical (not solid ...blob, amoeba, etc.}
  • 2-ial = Bilateral symmetry
  • 3-ial = Trilateral symmetry
  • 4-ial = Quadrilateral symmetry
  • 5-ial = Pentilateral symmetry
  • A-ial = Asymmetrical (solid, e.g. Asym)
  • R-ial = Radial symmetry
  • S-ial = Spherical symmetry
TL The highest Technology Level achieved and maintained by the sophonts. Use the Template:TL

Alphabetized template layout[edit]

|name        = TBD
|alsosee     = 
|atmo        = Standard
|author      = 
|canon       = No
|caption     = 
|code        = TBD
|confluence  = Non-humanoid
|epoch       = 
|era         = 1105
|existing    = Yes
|footnote    = 
|government  = Unidentified
|gravity     = Standard
|home        = TBD
|image       = Imperial-Sunburst-Green-wiki.png
|languages   = Unknown Native Language
|limbs       = #-ped
|locomotion  = Walker
|multi       = No
|pop         = 1
|primary     = 
|psi         = Standard
|ref         = 
|size        = TBD cm
|status      = Minor Race
|symmetry    = #-ial
|terrain     = TBD
|TL          = TL-?
|type        = TBD
|typoid      = Alien
|uwp         = 
|weight      = TBD kg

Template order layout[edit]

|name        = 
|image       = Imperial-Sunburst-Green-wiki.png
|caption     = 
|type        = 
|status      = Minor Race
|terrain     =
|locomotion  = Walker
|code        =
|confluence  = Non-humanoid
|typoid      = Alien
|size        =
|weight      =
|languages   = 
|government  = 
|epoch       =
|psi         = Standard
|home        = 
|uwp         =  
|pop         = 0
|primary     =
|atmo        = 
|multi       = No
|existing    =  
|ref         = 
|canon       = No
|alsosee     = 
|footnote    = 
|author      = 
|era         = 1105
|gravity     = Standard
|limbs       = #-ped
|symmetry    = #-ial
|TL          = TL-?