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Homo Sapien Saanshakasi
Base Information
Classification Omnivore/gatherer
Status Minor Human Race
Locomotion Walker
Terrain Desert
Body Form
Confluence Humanoid
Bio-Identenoid Human
Size 1.8 meters
Weight 100 kg
Languages Native Language
Social Structure Anarchy
Technological Epoch TL:0-3
Psionic potential Standard
Origin World
Homeworld location Saanshakase (Ley 2036)
StarportE Frontier - no facilities
Size5 Medium (8,000 km, 0.40g - 0.57g)
Atmosphere5 Thin
Hydrographics0 Desert World 0%
Population5 Moderate (500 thousand)
Government8 Civil Service Bureaucracy
Law9 High Law (no weapons out of home)
Tech Level4 Industrial (combustion)
Primary Star G9 V
Atmosphere Thin
Off-world presence No
Zoetic individuals Yes
Reference Gateway to Destiny 171,172,182.
Canon Yes
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The Saanshakase of Saanshakase (Ley 2036) are a technologically primitive Minor Human Race with a humanoid appearance.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Saanshakase has a total population of 500,000, about 90% of whom are native to the world. They are desert nomads who wander the planet in small tribal groups and have a TL–3 or so society. The nomads have an intense dislike of offworlders and shun contact whenever possible. They occasionally trade, but most attempts to set up any kind of deal end in violence.

There is some evidence of natural psionic ability among the native population, and those seen with such abilities appear to be among the priestly class of the various tribes. Exactly how well developed these abilities are is unknown. The natives are naturally adapted to their environment, though they appear to be evolved from an earlier branch of Humaniti than the Vilani and other transplanted human groups elsewhere in the Imperium. There own historical records (verbal and oral) seem to indicate that indeed the presence of this branch of Humaniti has been on Saanshakase for at least 50,000 years and likely much longer.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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This race is primarily located in the following areas:
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The homeworld of this race was:

World Listing[edit]

Significant communities of this race were known to dwell within the following systems and worlds:

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