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Name: Michael Gonzalez

I am a fan and player of Traveller since it came out in. My interest in contributing to the Imperial Encyclopedia is to extrapolate information based on existing canon. I am not a good writer per se, but like to consolidate conflicting information into a more seemless whole. In extrapolating information, I try to use existing canon information to derive new information.

As an example, it is clearly stated in the 1248 book Out of Darkness that the Empress Wave has advanced to Hex 1212 of Spinward Marches sector. It is also stated that it is advancing at light speed. Based on that minutiae, I can extrapolate previous and future years the wave enters sectors. Things like that. I hope my observations and contributions will be appreciated by all.

I self identify am a supporter of the OTU and canon. Despite that, I incorporate non-canon information as (DGP information, pre-116 ATU history, older products) as it does not interfere or conflict with canon.


  • Census Data
  • Now that I have data loaded from T5SS, I will be loading in population counts from known sources and adding to various entries.