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Base Information
Status Minor Race
Locomotion Walker
Body Form
Confluence Non-humanoid
Bio-Identenoid Alien
Social Structure
Technological Epoch TL:10-12
Psionic potential Standard
Origin World
Homeworld location Ketial (Fornast 1933)
StarportA Excellent: Starship Construction, Overhaul, Refined fuel
Size6 Medium (9,600 km, 0.60g - 0.81g)
Atmosphere8 Dense
Hydrographics5 Wet World 50%
Population7 Moderate (70 million)
Government8 Civil Service Bureaucracy
LawA Extreme Law (no weapons)
Tech LevelC Average Stellar (robots)
Primary Star G5 V
Atmosphere Dense
Off-world presence Yes
Zoetic individuals Yes
Reference T5 Second Survey - [T]
Canon Yes
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The Bhunj of Ketial (Fornast 1933) are a Minor Non-Human Race with a Non-humanoid appearance and technologically sophisticated sophonts.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

No information yet available.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Bhunj were primitive and planet-bound when first contacted by the Vilani. Initially a minor trading partner in the region, the Bhunj proved to be receptive to Vilani technology. Their perceived loyalty to the Vilani led to local governors deciding to use the Bhunj as a foil to the expanding and persistent presence of the Geonee. As with other examples of Vilani technology, the Bhunj rapidly adopted ship building technology and the Vilani jump drive.

Their expansion and blockade across the middle of the sector, known as the Bhunj Exclusion, caught both the Vilani and the Geonee by surprise. This would lead to the Vilani slapping down the Bhunj during the Consolidation Wars, and suppressing their travel and expansion during the Ziru Sirka. A deeply competitive race as a rule, the Bhunj chafed under the Ziru Sirka and embraced its fall and the new oversight of the Rule of Man a thousand years later. The Terrans, while not as oppressive as the Vilani, were still non-plussed by the rapid expansion of the Bhunj mercantile companies. Tensions remained local long enough for the Rule of Man to collapse.

The power void left as the Rule of Man retracted toward Core led to the formation of the Second Bhunj Exclusion, which would persist in some form through nearly half of the Long Night before its light guttered and went out, leaving Bhunj communities on a number of worlds. Their presence would help Shumduur rise to prominence in the later Long Night, setting that world up to become a significant power once the Third Imperium swept across the sector.

In the Third Imperium the mercantile drive of the Bhunj is appreciated, but does not lack for Human competition. The Bhunj have no problem with this state of affairs, and have allowed their region of influence to blend into the cacophony of the Imperium around them.


This race is primarily located in the following areas:

Homeworld: 1105[edit]

The homeworld of this race is:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

Significant communities of this race are known to exist within the following systems and worlds:

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