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The Empty Quarter has had a long and florid history.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Empty Quarter is particularly noted for its many civilizations and diverse population of sophont species. Conquerors have come and gone, but civilization endures.

Vargr Historical Overview[edit]

The Empty Quarter is Vargr Space and any story of the astrographic region is one of Vargr civilization. However, there are other NILs across the area, a large human empire, the Yleans, and a number of others. The First Imperium also colonized and fought through the region at one time as well.

Vilani Historical Overview[edit]

The First Imperium extensively colonized the region at one time and exposed the Vargr to the socioeconomic culture of the Bureaux.

Terran Historical Overview[edit]

When the Terran Confederation fought the Ziru Sirka to defeat over the Interstellar Wars, Terrans reached this area and eventually established the Rule of Man, which regarded this area as a frontier.

Imperial Historical Overview[edit]

The Third Imperium has had quite a conflict with the numerous young nations of the Vargr Extents... There is a relative peace and flourishing trade relationship at this time in 1105.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Local historians, primarily Vargr, Bwap, and Humans have come to favor the following period designations:

Pre-History (Ancients period)[edit]

Date Event Remarks
c. -300,000 While the Ancients flourished during this era, the Empty Quarter is notable for its lack of Ancient activity. None
c. -49,000 Evidence suggests that Mikhail was inhabited by sophonts at this time. None
c. -39,000 The Monoliths of Thisuel are made by an unknown species. None
-11,011 Space exploration begins on Vland. None
c. -10,200 The Event strikes Ikon, cracking the planet. Terraforming begun by an unknown species. None
-9235 Jump-1 technology is achieved on Vland. Effectively at TL-9. None
c. -9050 Terraforming of Ikon ends abruptly, without lifeforms. None
c. -5400 The Consolidation Wars begin None
c. -5430 Vilani develop jump2 drives. Core worlds at TL-11. None
c. -5000 The Vilani begin scouting what Gushgus Sector (later known as the Empty Quarter). None
c. -5000 The Vilani make First Contact with the Bwaps, who are at TL-5. None
-4914 Ababat is the first world colonized by humans. None
c. -4900 The Bwaps rise from TL-5 to TL-9. None
c. -4500 The reclusive Pikii (later Surogotans) are discovered by Vilani scouts. None
c. -4400 Vilani-Yilean First Contact on Gashikan: Yileans at TL-1. None
c. -4200 Gashikan is a successful Vilani-run world, at TL-9. None
c. -4000 Senior Vilani Nobles and bureaucrats make it a point to always have a few Bwaps in their retinue. This preference for Bwap bureaucrats spreads across the Ziru Sirka (a.k.a. the First Imperium). None
-4045 After 1,400 years, the Consolidation Wars end. All cultures contacted by the Vilani are subjugated under the Ziru Sirka. None
-4089 Space exploration begins on Lair, the Vargr homeworld None
-3815 Vargr Colonial Rebellion begins None
-3790 Vargr Colonial Rebellion ends. Vargr begin to spread across the stars None
c. -3800 Height of Ziru Sirka, covering 27 sectors and 15,000 star systems None
-3810 Jump-1 technology is achieved on Lair None
c. -3170 The Bwaps are permitted to build Jump-1 starships None
c. -3000 Within the Empty Quarter, only Beta Quadrant remains substantially unsettled. None
-3005 Wesaswek is colonized by the Bwap. Additional worlds are colonized. None
-2800 The Vilani make first contact with the Vargr, in Gvurrdon Sector. None
c. -2800 The borders of the Ziru Sirka begins to fray. None
c. -2800 The Bwaps are permitted to build jump2 starships, by special permission from the Ishimkarun (Shadow Emperor). None
c. -2700 Vilani-Vargr First Contact. None
c. -2700 First Vargr Diaspora begins None
c. -2450 A limited Vilani terraforming project begins on Reshiigani None
-2559 Space exploration begins on Terra. Lunar landing eight years later None
-2576 Reshiigani was finally terraformed at this year – 70 years behind schedule. Kickbacks and corruption are the primary reasons for the delay. None
c. -2500 Bwap colonization ceases None
c. -2400 Second Vargr Diaspora begins. They begin the infamous Vargr Pillaging None
-2408 Terrans at TL-10. First Interstellar War begins. None
-2422 Vilani-Terran First Contact. None
-2398 Terrans develop Jump-2 drives: TL-11. None
-2360 Terrans match Vilani technology at all levels (at TL-11), surpassing it in medicine and computers None
c. -2285 Terrans develop Jump-3 drives: TL-12 None
-2219 Nth Interstellar War ends with the fall of the Ziru Sirka None
-2219 Empty|Gushgus is ungoverned. Interstellar chaos reigns. None
-2218 The first Terrans, a trading party, enter the sector. None
-2210 The Terran Navy established a regional military government at Uubisuu (...renamed Nulinad). None

Rebirth: Rule of Man[edit]

Rule of Man (Rule of Man to -2000)[edit]

Rebirth: Rule of Man
Date Event Remarks
-2204 Rule of Man founded None
-2203 First K’kree crossing of the Lesser Rift None
-2198 The Terran Navy established a regional military government at Gulimizuurkush (Ikon). None
-2196 Pugaash is colonized, as a Vilani religious retreat. None
-2180 Hiroshi II, Emperor of the Rule of Man, assigns Asimikigir to the Menderes trading family None
-2170 Many Terrans settle throughout the old Vilani territories. Many Vilani abandon Vilani cultural mores to take up Terran ways of life, partially or completely. None
c. -2150? Scorpion Company recruits settlers to Antares, Mendan, Gashikan, and Trenchans sectors. None
-2120s to -2100s Muslim Arab settlers arrive in Gushgus Sector. Some Persians follow, largely restricted to Sashar system. None
-2100 K’kree-Vargr First Contact None
-2074 Duke Mus’ad renamed “Gushgus Sector” to “The Empty Quarter.” None
-2050 to -2030 The first wave of East Indian settlers arrives in the Empty Quarter. None
-2045 K’kree-Hiver First Contact None
-2036 The Vilani mining colony on Pamushgar is founded. None
-2029 K’kree-Hiver War begins. None
-2013 K’kree-Hiver War ends None
-2008 K’kree-Terran First Contact. Terran scouts skirmish with the K’kree during their exploration. None
-2005 to -1997 The world of Shikua, previously named Iisule (world), was inhabited by Arabs at this time. None

Rule of Man (-2000 to Long Night)[edit]

Rebirth: Rule of Man
Date Event Remarks
c. -1900 It becomes obvious that the Rule of Man is slowly failing None
-1955 The Rule of Man abolishes the remnants of the Vilani caste system. None
c. -1850 The Bwap Tap-a-wewaka-atapas are able to shield four Bwap worlds from Vargr raiders and pirates. None
-1830s A wave of American Indian settlers arrive to settle within the Empty Quarter. None
c. -1800 Vland begins her fall from her TL-12 technology peak. None
-1799 Several Rule of Man border worlds refuse to accept off-world currency. None
-1784 The Empire of Gashikan is founded, as a result of the Rule of Man’s inability to defend Amdukan and Gashikan Sectors from Vargr incursions. None

Fall: Long Night[edit]

Long Night (Long Night to -1,000)[edit]

Fall: Long Night
Date Event Remarks
-1776 Hub/Ershur, capital of the Rule of Man, refuses to recognize money issued from the branch bank at Antares. The collapse of trade and the Rule of Man follow soon after. None
-1776 The Syleans successfully ride out the fall of the Rule of Man: their technology does not decline below TL-10, and maintain some interstellar trade throughout the Long Night. None
-1770 Twelve systems, the Glorious Twelve, continue to resist the Vargr even as other human systems fall to the endless assaults and raids. None
-1762 Charlie Base, on Nulinad, is destroyed in a local civil war. None
c. -1750 Four of the Glorious Twelve have their human populations killed off. None
c. -1750 Rakadan culture is reshaped to maintain a permanent war footing. In the process, the system’s name is changed to Arakaad. None
c. -1725 to -1700 Mikik’s naval forces are slowly ground down to powder by an endless stream of Vargr assaults. The world itself is raided unmercifully throughout the Long Night. None
c. -1740 Ssilnthis is conquered piecemeal by the Vargr. None
-1743 Dumkashga, one of the Glorious Twelve, has her high-tech industries destroyed. None
-1730 Sibikliir Gimushi, the “Twin Pillars of Heaven”, repulses a Vargr invasion, at high cost. None
-1713 The Twins of Heaven repulses a second Vargr invasion, again at high cost. None
-1711 Ikon finally falls to the Vargr packs of the Loi Kungkeisoleoeksknusin. Alpha Base is destroyed resisting the Vargr. The status of humans is initially as ‘chasing prey’, ‘livestock’, or ‘slaves.’ None
(363-)-1705 In the Battle of Sibikliir, Sibikliir is sterilized, but much of the population is successfully transferred to Gimushi. The Vargr raiding fleets within the Empty Quarter are destroyed. None
c. -1700 The Vargr Pillaging ends. None
c. -1700 The Vargr occupation of Udusis begins. None
-1700 Only Gudina, Pamushgar and Bravo Base of the Golden Twelve survive the Vargr Pillaging intact. None
-1658 The Sack of Gashikan: Vargr corsairs nuke and loot Gashikan, gutting the garden world. None
-1634 The Second Empire of Gashikan is founded. None
-1629 First STL ramscoop mission sent from Hebrin. None
c. -1600 Marhaban and Wesaswek’s technological decline hits bottom at TL-9. None
c. -1500 Anti-Vargr purges end within the rimward Empty Quarter. None
c. -1500 Anti-Bwap purges begin in the rimward Empty Quarter. None
c. -1500 The status of the Vilani under Vargr rule on Ikon improves to ‘valuable slaves.’ The sport hunting of humans on Ikon comes to an end around the same time. None
c. -1550 Vland’s technological powers hits bottom at TL-9. None
-1500s The Vargr occupation of Udusis ends in a ferocious uprising. None
c. -1500 to -800 The slow dieoff of Bwaps continues on many human majority worlds within the Empty Quarter. A fair-sized percentage are transported to save worlds by Bwap military units. None
-1469 The ramscoop al-Iskandriyah is launched from Hebrin. None
-1443 After the last human uprising is crushed on Ikon, the Loi Kungkeisoleoeksknusin is again dissolved. It is never reconstituted. None
-1427 The Wolvesbane Project is released by the Second Empire of Gashikan. None
c. -1300 The Bwap homeworld of Marhaban re-attains TL-10. None
c. -1300 The Grand Council of Creches decides to contact as many of the scattered Bwap creches as possible. None
-1300 The status of the Vilani under Vargr rule on Ikon improves to trusted servants and pets. None
-1281 Last ramscoop mission sent from Hebrin. None
-1257 The ramscoop al-Iskandriyah arrives in orbit around Lazisar. None
c. -1250 Bwap scouts are sent on recontact missions. None
c. -1200? The Second Empire of Gashikan reaches its greatest extent, covering most of Gashikan Sector, half of Trenchan and Mendan sector, and small portions of Meshan and Gzaekfueg sectors. None
c. -1200 The Vargr of Ikon rebuild an old shipyard begin to dominate local space. None
-1173 The Kikhushegi sect arises on Lazisar. None
-1163 to -1141 The legendary journey of the Bwap scout Watwapebpepaeb, from Marhaban to the Old Expanses and back, is made. None
-1128 The Bwap Tap-a-wewaka-atapas lose two battalions on Hebrin. None
c. -1100 The Darrians, in the Spinward Marches Sector, reach TL-14. None

Long Night (-1,000 to 0)[edit]

Fall: Long Night
Date Event Remarks
c. -1000 Vargr Race Wars ends: Gashikan Navy remains within Imperial borders. None
c. -1000 Intrepid Vargr explorers enter K’kree Space. None
c. -1000 to -300 The increasingly wealthy Ovaghoun Vargr establishes multiple colonies throughout the Meshan and Provence Sectors. None
-924 Darrian, in the Spinward Marshes, reaches TL-16. None
-924 Darrians’ sun destabilizes, destroying Darrian civilization. None
c. -990 The Tap-a-wewaka-atapas request permission to nuke human cities on Hebrin. After numerous arguments, the Grant Council decided against the proposal. None
-840 The local Vargr colonize Uzola as a production factory base. None
(122-)-836 Beta Niobe (in hex 2825 of the Empty Quarter) goes nova. This sparks major controversy within the widespread Church of the Stellar Divinity. None
-804 The four dominant governments on Lazisar all declare Kikhushegi the state religion. None
-800 The tenets of Kikhushegi are radioed to Hebrin. None
-800 Uzola peaks at TL-10. None
c. -800 The anti-Bwap purges in the rimward Empty Quarter comes to an end. None
-792 The Lazisar World Directorate is created None
-779 The tenets of Kikhushegi are received by Hebrin. Jihad is declared against Lazisar. None
-726 The Vargr vandalize and plunder several cities on Mikik. None
c. -700 Current limits of the Vargr Extents are reached. None
-700 The Second Vargr Diaspora peters out. None
-700 Vargr-K’kree trade begins. None
-650 The Sylea Federation is founded, at TL-11. None
-612 The Legion of Breskain, an anti-Vargr order of knights, is founded on Gashikan. None
c. -600 Two or three dozen Bwap starships visit Marhaban every year. None
c. -600 The sophonts of Ikon begin ethnically cleansing the surrounding worlds of non-Ovaghoun Vargr. None
-593 New Bwap colonies are planted by Bwap crèches. None
c. -530 The Vargr are forced to abandon Uzola, their main production base. None
c. -500 K’kree traders, under Vargr escort, first enter the Empty Quarter. None
c. -500 The top tech level among the Sparks is TL-7. None
c. -500 The Shushaginin, Pugaashi’s interstellar intelligence service, was created. None
-495 First Contact between Sylean Federation scouts and the Vilani core worlds in Vland Sector. The Scouts are expelled. None
-484 Bwap members of the Sylean Federation Scouts first visit Marhaban, the Bwap homeworld, and are welcomed as long-lost kin. None
-480 The return of the Bwap Sylean Scouts is celebrated by Sylean media. None
-489 Vilani Bureaux reformed. They begin expanding into Vilani-dominant areas in Vland Sector, a.k.a. the Vilani Cultural Region. None
-480 A corridor of trade is established between Vland and Sylea. None
-300 The Ikonaz Sphere – the Ovaghoun settlement zone - included parts or most of the following sectors: The Windhorn, Meshan, Mendan, Amdukan, Vland, Lishun, Antares, and the Empty Quarter. None
-372 The jihad between Hebrin and Lazisar ends in a truce. None
late -300s Both Hebrin and Lazisar gain jump drive technology from Bwap delegations, in return for permitting Bwap resettlement on their worlds. None
-300 Colonization efforts from Ikon comes to an end. Ikonaz society turns inward. None
-277 Ongour’k Gatzua of Ssilnthis discovers the use of concessions in managing slaves. None
-240 Gatzua, now Master Boss, has his refined and productive techniques put to print. None
-243 Traders from the Sylean Federation first visit Ikon. None
-202 The Caliphate of Hebrin is founded. None
c. -200 The original colony on Khollok, founded during the late Rule of Man, dies off. None
c. -200 The Ikonaz Sphere, cleared of all non-Ovaghoun Vargr, was established. Unemployed Ikonaz warships, corsairs, and mercenaries roam the starlanes. None
c. -200 Leaders on Ikon remain (wilfully?) unaware of any interstellar state except their own. None
c. -200 The Lazisar System Directorate works to increase their economic and technological strength from TL-9. None
-199 A decade-long civil war tears apart Pugaash’s government. None
-198 The Absaba-waketh we-bapaaes, a Bwap-Federation trading venture – begins a regular trade route between Sylea and Marhaban. None
-195 Corporate scouts from the Menderes Corporation first visit Ikon. None
-187 Business speculators from Antares first visit Ikon. None
-177 The Tativia Plunder strikes Mikik. Xenophobic attitudes become comprehensive None
c. -150 The Sylean Federation is at TL-12. None
-150 to -130 The Ovaghoun societies in Vland Sector were forcibly brought under Vilani rule. None
-110 to -70 Logaksu-Ovaghoun conflicts, fought on military, cultural and propaganda levels, surge throughout the Windhorn and Lishun sectors. None
-106 Native Americans and Vargr are exiled from Hebrin, via STL ramjet starships. None
-100 A larger Sylean Federation establishes formal trade ties with the Vilani Cultural Region. None
c. -100 The top tech level among the Spark Worlds, excluding Ssilnthis, hits the floor at TL-5. A limited rise begins on several worlds as Ssilnthis culture spreads. None
-84 Traders from Vland visit Ikon. Dawn becomes obvious locally. None
-55 The Mmoannikh Accords, declaring the Logaksu and Ovaghoun Vargr cultures to be of equal worth, are signed on Lair None
-53 The Mmoannikh Accords are rejected by the central Ikonaz government on Ikon None
c. -50 A new Ikonaz government was in control of the Ikonaz Sphere, but Ikonaz territories in the Windhorn and most of Lishun were lost for good None
-43 The Kr’rig Aounorg Report is released, disclosing how far behind the Ikonaz Sphere has fallen behind other competing interstellar states None
-36 The Ikonaz abandon Outpost and Tokitre, bombing and gassing much of the population before withdrawing None
-30 Vland and the majority of the Vilani Cultural Region joins the Sylean Federation. None
-20 While the Caliphate of Hebrin meets a variety of her goals, Hebrin colonization proves to be a waste of resources None
-10 Outpost and Tokitre end their genocide/expulsion of any remaining Vargr or Mixed- or Pure-blooded Vilani, as there are none left to slay. These two systems continue to rebound demographically and technologically from their orbital pounding. None

Growth: Imperial Era[edit]

The Imperial Era (0 to 200s)[edit]

Growth: The Imperial Era
Date Event Remarks
0 The Sylean Federation issues the Warrant of Restoration, establishing the Third Imperium as the legitimate successor of the previous two interstellar Imperia. The Grand Senate – now reformed as the Imperial Moot - enthrones Cleon Zhunastu as the first Emperor of the new Third Imperium. None
c. 0 Marhaban is a minor trade nexus, with Sylean, Vargr, Vilani, and Menderes traders routinely stopping over. None
c. 0 Ikon’s freedom of action is increasingly restricted. None
c. 0 Ikon arrives at TL-11, after immense effort. None
2 The Caliphate of Hebrin cuts off several colonies, keeping only two colonial systems. None
2 Imperial Interstellar Sylean Scouts, unaware of the replacement of the Federation with the Third Imperium, contact Caliph Ahmed of Hebrin. Soon after, the decision to roll back the Caliphate’s borders to an easily-defendable reach was made. None
5 Most of the Caliphate’s fifteen colonies begin to be abandoned. None
20 The Third Imperium includes most of Core and Vland, and much of Massilia, Antares, Dagudashaag, Fornast, and Ilelish Sector None
20 The Caliphate’s territory is reduced to three systems, excluding Hebrin herself. None
27 The Pikii are rediscovered by Imperial Scouts. They are renamed Surogotans, and their world Sugota. None
30 Sugota is Red Zoned, and interdicted by the Navy. None
32 Gudina’s hostility to starfarers ends with a visit by an Imperial naval fleet. Negotiations eventually permit her admittance into the Imperium that same year. None
77-034 Gagukam is the first world in the Empty Quarter to join the Third Imperium. None
35 Caliph Ahmed received his fiefs, Noble insignia and regalia from Emperor Cleon on Sylea, now renamed Capital. None
208-035 Marhaban and the nearby Bwap-dominated systems join the Third Imperium. None
44 Pamushgar hosts the first Imperial Naval base in the sector. None
47 Imperial diplomats set up a group of power-sharing agreements that heads off a major civil war between humans and Vargr on Udusis. None
50 The isolated system of Enola is settled, in an amazing journey across six void parsecs. None
51 The interdiction order on Surogota is lifted, and the system Green Zoned immediately. None
54 Artemsus is chosen as Emperor of the Third Imperium. None
60 Sector Duke Gamal orders that only Hebrinese could serve in the Sector Navy This order is countermanded by Archduke Charles of Antares, and eventually causes the Sector Duke title to be stripped from Duke Gamal. None
62 Imperial diplomats contact Irash and Yashodhan. Irash joins the Imperium. None
63 Yashodhan creates the interstellar Yashodani Democracy, and declares war against the Imperium to free Irash from Imperial control. None
64 A weak Imperial force is destroyed by the Yashodhani. A blockade is established around Irash. None
67 The Imperium sues for peace. Irash remains Imperial, but the Yashodhani democracy is recognized as a sovereign government. Special contact rights are given to Yashodhani traders in regard to Irash. None
68 Bravo System is Red Zoned. None
69 A monastery of the Church of the Stellar Divinity is set up in hex 2825, within the Beta Niobe Nebula. None
70 The Third Imperium renounces her claim on [Enola (world)|Enola]]. None
c. 70 Gudina attitude shifts to being largely supportive of the Third Imperium. None
76 The Pacification Campaigns start. None
86 Visiting asteroid miners in Exile system are attacked. None
89 The Antarean Pacification Campaign begins. The Antares Cluster is annexed in the initial year of the campaign . None
89 Rebels and refugees, fleeing the Imperium, shape public opinion in the Vargr Extents into a strongly anti-Imperial form. None
94 to 97 Span of the Ematan Campaigns, the most forceful attempt to pacify Mikik by the Third Imperium. None
c. 100 On Vargr starships within the Empty Quarter, the Red Sparks serve only as muscle. None
c. 100 Outpost and Tokitre (world)Tokitre completely rebound from their assault by the Ikonaz military. None
100s Ikon works hard to gain TL-12 levels of wealth and know-how, clearly succeeding only at the end of the century. None
101 The Third Imperium and the residents of Exile come to an agreement regarding visitors and sovereignty. Exile is Red Zoned. None
114 The Third Imperium declares war against the Steel Bond of Ethou, the then-current government of the Ikonaz Sphere. None
117 The Imperial-Ethou war ends, with the Steel Bond seeding to the Imperium all Ovaghoun territory in Antares and Lishun Sectors. Outpost, Tokitre (world)Tokitre, and several worlds close to the Ikonaz border become Imperial Client States. None
117 A major civil war is fought within the Ikonaz Sphere. None
119 The Ikonaz civil war ends: all Ovaghoun territory in Mendan and most of Mendan are freed from Ikonaz rule. In what remains of the Ikonaz Sphere, laws and taxes increase in an attempt to rebuild. The Falsemen cyborg slave caste is created by the new Uekfavgrovbr’ Syndarchy. None
120 The Pacification Campaigns are brought to an end. None
123 Armed far traders visit Ssilnthis. This marked the first Imperial visit to the Sparks. None
125 The Menderes Corporation works to frustrate Imperial diplomacy in the Domain of Antares. None
175 The Julian War starts. None
175 The Oatheingthue Starnet, the government of Ikonaz Space at the time, collapses as soon as news of Imperial war arrives. The sophonts of the sphere continue to fight. None
175 to 176 The Imperium conquers various minor Ikonaz worlds. None
277-176 to 284-176 The First Battle of Ikon is fought: Ikonaz victory. None
178 The Julian Protectorate is created. None
310-178 to 347-178 The Second Battle of Ikon is fought: Ikonaz victory. None
359-180 The Third Battle of Ikon is fought: Ikonaz victory. None
late 182 Imperial forces flooded the Ikonaz Sphere. None
25-183 The Fourth Battle of Ikon is fought: Ikonaz victory. None
185 Strong Protectorate fleets cross the Lesser Rift, and takes Antares. None
365-189 The Fifth Battle of Ikon is fought. The heavily defended mainworld is left alone by the Tokitre Colonial squadrons, but all other worlds in-system are sterilized: Imperial victory. None
190 to 191 A major Ikonaz offensive pushes into the Imperium, quickly degenerating into a rampage. Large amounts of booty and slaves are shipped back to Ikon. An Ikonaz attack on Tokitre (world)Tokitre is annihilated. None
190 to 191 Peace talks between the Julian Protectorate and the Imperium are held in Stellar Divinity monastery within Beta Niobe Nebula. None
190 The Imperium loses several battles in an attempt to retake Antares. None
191 The Julian War ends. None
c. 190 to 210 Many Ikonaz military and corsair units ignore orders and refuse to return home, causing headaches for the Imperium. Several return home with slaves, forming the basis of the “Impservers” population on Ikon. None
195 The Ikonaz finally take the time to formally create a new interstellar government, the Thali A’okfonkum. None

The Imperial Era (200s to 400s)[edit]

Growth: The Imperial Era
Date Event Remarks
c. 200 The False Dawn of the Imperial Empty Quarter begins. None
c. 200 to 240 Substantial numbers of lower-class Vargr from Antares Sector are brought into the Empty Quarter as cheap labor. None
c. 200 to 250 Yogesh’s robotics industry blossoms. None
c. 200 to 250 Lazisar rises from TL-9 to TL-10, and increased her population by a factor of ten. None
c. 200 to 240 Eninsish rises from TL-8 to TL-12. None
c. 240 to c.700 Irilitok Vargr are encouraged to relocate from Amdukan Sector to the Ikonaz Sphere. None
c. 200 to 370 The Red Sparks take only the physical, preferably violent work on the worlds they control, leaving all non-physical non-violent work to their slaves. None
c. 230 to 280 Pamushgar increases her industry and population, but her atmosphere is tainted in the process. None
c. 200 to 300 Wesaswek rises from TL-9 to TL-11. None
225 Al Kufrah is purchased from the Duke of Hebrin, and renamed Cooke. None
226 The forced transporting of Ovaghoun Vargr to depopulated worlds begins. None
238 The Imperial Depot at Lazisar is commissioned. None
c. 230 Master Boss Ongour’k Gatzua’s ‘human-slave management techniques’ are put to print on Ssilnthis. None
c. 240 Gobi undergoes a major influx in investment. None
c. 240 to 280 Nulinad undergoes a major growth in infrastructure. None
240 The forced transporting of Ovaghoun Vargr ends. Irilitok Vargr from Amdukan Sector are invited to reside in Ikonaz Space. None
240 Ergiinkhu is renamed Mugama, and resettled by colonists from Dahomey (Fornast 1613). None
241 Northwind is renamed Rommel. None
246 Ashgiirkis is purchased by East Indian Jews, and renamed Mordekai. None
248 The last attempt to establish a starport on Mikik ends in disaster. None
c. 250 Ssilnthis reaches TL-9. Local Vargr Packs. None
259 The Caunotaucarius Imperial Finishing School, a prestigious educational establishment for young Nobles and scions, is founded on Aleshanee. None
266 Ushmigad is settled by Vilani members of the Ashi Gurlagili cult. None
277 The Administrative Academy of Ka-aswa is founded. None
c. 280 The era of the Ssilnthis conquistador begins, as pirates, would-be conquerors and freebooters leave Ssilnthis for new worlds. None
c. 280 to 320 Educating humans became popular among the leading Vargr of the Spark Worlds. None
c. 300 The Third Imperium is at TL-13. None
c. 300 Vland is at TL-11. None
c. 300 Ikon is at TL-13. None
c. 300 The False Dawn of the Imperial Empty Quarter ends: the Breakup begins. None
c. 300 Awareness of massive human empires spreads among the subservient men of Beta Quadrant. None
Early 300s Vargr refugees from Arzul Sector arrive at the Spark Worlds. They begin to economically compete with the local Vargr. None
Early 300s Ssilnthis dominance hits its apogee, and goes into decline. None
c. 300 A Sydite colony ship misjumped, and emerged a sector away in Iisdirrii. None
300s Eninsish, Sashar, Kenrasda, Zukhisa, Dorado, Dharmendra and Askaath suffer the most during the Breakup. None
300 Empress Porfiria commissions the First Survey. None
c. 310s End of the spread of Ssilnthis culture, as several Vargr worlds vigorously struggle to dispose of their Ssilnthis overlords. None
311 Justince is the first to totally break free of Ssilnthis. None
314 Northwind is settled by the New Man Circle, an eugenically-minded Solomani society. None
c. 315 to 330 Ssilnthis and Arzul Vargr fight amongst themselves for a piece of the economic pie. None
325 Al Kufrah is purchased from the Duke Hebrin, and renamed Cooke. None
330 to 342 Various Imperial groups and organizations engage in gunrunning to Spark Worlds humanity. None
330s Ssilnthis conquistadors lose authority over all worlds, except those where they make up the majority population. None
331 The Vargr colonists of Tsahrroek overthrow the local governor. They create a new government, the Interstellar Brinkoegzi Hierarchy. None
332 The Hierarchy is destroyed by the United Parliaments of Ikon. The world’s capital city of Mnosa’oudz is vaporized. Political instability grows across the Ikonaz Sphere. None
335 The United Parliaments of Ikon gradually grows more oppressive. None
c. 338 A backlash against leniency towards humans begins among the Vargr. None
Early 350s A brief survey of the Imperial Empty Quarter was made, in preparation for the visit of Emperor Anguistus. None
349 The Parliamental Navy of Ikon fragments. None
351 The United Parliaments of Ikon is reduced to the world of Ikon. The government fragments and dissolves. None
357 Emperor [[[Anguistus]] tours the Empty Quarter, including a notable visit to Dagemi V. None
358 The ‘Three Block War’ is fought on Hebrin. None
359 The first successful human uprising within the Sparks occurs, on Ufhoerrr (soon renamed Nisaga). This marks the start of the War of Man. None
360 Exiles from Hebrin arrive at the 378-936 system. The garden world is renamed Chimalis. None
364 The Legion of Breskain, from Gashikan, destroy the Vargr settlement on Kherriz, rename it Pramas, and settle the world themselves. None
375 At this point, nine Spark worlds are ruled by mankind. None
390 Acting on Yashodhani weakness and internal strife, Imperial forces strike at Yashodhan, destroying most of the Democratic Navy. The Yashodhani Democracy is dissolved. None

The Imperial Era (400s to 600s)[edit]

Growth: The Imperial Era
Date Event Remarks
c. 400 The Breakup ends within the Imperial Empty Quarter. None
c. 400 The Vilani begin to gain more wealth within the Ikonaz Sphere. None
c. 400 Ikon’s atmosphere is tainted. None
Early 400s The Department of Gas Giant Colonization, Imperial Ministry of Colonization, is closed. None
c. 400 to 420 The IISS surveys the Julian Protectorate. Various confrontations, some armed, occur between the IISS and Protectorate forces. Rumors of a new war between the Imperium and the Protectorate circulate. Within chaotic Ikonaz Space, the Lucky Paws Pirate Fleet leads the only successful resistance to IISS surveyors. None
401 The first Vargr assault on Pramas is repulsed. None
402 The War of Man ends. Sixteen Spark Worlds are ruled by men. None
402 to 409 Numerous worlds in Beta Quadrant are renamed in human tongues. None
414 The Lucky Paws Generosity Commission establish a more-or-less stable interstellar government across the Ikonaz Sphere. None
415 The second Vargr assault on Pramas is repulsed, but at greater cost. The Legion of Breskain abandoned the world. None
416 to 417 The Vargr briefly occupy Pramas. None
c. 420 to 620 The Bengali Lions and the Stellar Sheiks clash in innumerable actions, violent and non-violent. None
420 The First Survey is closed out, and the data collected is published the same year. None
428 A-estaka-sespa of the Sathwawafa clan is selected by Emperor Martin III to rule Marhaban subsector. He is the first Bwap to be raised up to Ducal status, and one of the very few non-human Dukes of the pre-Civil War era. None
432 At the request of the new Duke, Emperor Martin III changes the name of Marhaban Subsector to Lentuli Subsector, the name of the dynasty Martin III currently leads. None
c. 440 More Beta Quadrant starships are crewed by humans than by Vargr. None
c. 450 The start of the Bright Age among the Spark Worlds. None
452 The interstellar polity of The Nisaga Commission is founded among the Spark Worlds. None
442 Vgrofhiighollouksesh Ar, Defender of Ikon, dies. His government, The Lucky Paws Generosity Commission, dies with him, but is quickly replaced by a similar state. None
462 The interstellar polity of The PeaceSphere is founded in Beta Quadrant. None
474 The interstellar polity of the Stellar Republic of Cotan is founded among the Spark Worlds. None
476 Morth Sawng, the sole famous female Red Spark philosopher, is killed. None
476 The interstellar polity of The Bond of Rit-kik is founded among the Spark Worlds. None
481 The interstellar polity of Kulloerr Nation is founded among the Spark Worlds. None
483 The interstellar polity of Abuish is founded among the Spark Worlds. None
487 The interstellar polity of Lili Dynasty is founded among the Spark Worlds. None
490 The interstellar polity of Gangas is founded among the Spark Worlds. None
492 The interstellar polity of Taabe Imperium is founded among the Spark Worlds. None
c. 500 Vland is at TL-13. None
c. 500 Two Beta Quadrant systems reach TL-10. None
c. 500 The hunting and eating of humans in Beta Quadrant is increasingly restricted and banned, following the teachings of Morth Sawng. None
502 The interstellar polity of The Preca Republic is founded among the Spark Worlds. None
509 The interstellar polity of the Kingdom of Uenkakh is founded among the Spark Worlds. None
509 The interstellar polity of the StarCommand is founded among the Spark Worlds. None
510 The Great Chain of Battles starts in Beta Quadrant. The Third Imperium and three Protectorate governments provide limited military assistance to their allies in the conflict. None
516 The Damlaer Union is founded, in Amdukan Sector. She holds four systems in the Empty Quarters’ Tsosoe Subsector, Beta Quadrant. None
540 The Third Imperium and the other outside powers withdraw their assets from the Great Chain of Battles among the Sparks. None
c. 550 Ikon is at TL-14. None
556 The Layamon family arrived on Udusis. They attempt to build up their planetary (not Imperial) fief, Kasainá, using various means. Their much smaller Imperial fief is urbanized into the Free City of Layamon. None
575 The great Chain of Battles ends in Beta Quadrant. None
c. 580 Ikon’s overall law and taxation level is lowered. None
c. 580 The system of Bravo Base dissolved into civil war. None
587 The Sheik-backed faction in the Bravo Base civil war is relocated to Corsabren. None
589 The (First) Frontier War starts. None
592 New rules regulating warfare are established among the worlds of Beta Quadrant. None
594 The undersea megalopolis of Thertziraakh suffers a catastrophic failure on Ikon. About 19.9 billion sophonts die from flooding and imploding pressures. None
596 The Imperial Navy builds a naval base in Corsabren system, now an Imperial Client State. None
599 Ikon’s political elites follow Omaloekha’ous’ lead, and decide to rebuilt the undersea megalopolis according to the A’grangrigk Plan. None

The Imperial Era (600s to Arbellatra)[edit]

Growth: The Imperial Era
Date Event Remarks
600 Corsabren base is handed over to the Corsabren government. None
c. 600 to c.720 Massive Irilitok immigration into the Ikonaz Sphere, supporting reconstruction projects. None
604 The (First) Frontier War ends. None
606 Imperial Civil War begins – Empress Jacqueline assassinated by Grand Admiral hault-Plankwell. None
606 to 622 Occasional renegade fleets and Ikonaz pirate packs would squeeze Imperial worlds and ships for ‘tribute’ and ‘protection fees’. None
c. 610 The hunting, killing and eating any human is progressively criminalized within Beta Quadrant. Most of the surviving exceptions to this prohibition use the Hunt as a punishment for particularly nasty capital crimes. None
612 Destructive Red Spark pirate raids into the Empty Quarter begin. None
613 Destructive Red Spark pirate raids are challenged by Ikonaz pirates. Year of Butchery begins. None
353-613 The destruction of the last Red Spark fuel dump ends the Year of Butchery. Low-level Suedzuk/Ovaghoun hostility endures to the present day. None
c. 613 Major fleets abandon the Imperial Empty Quarter. None
614 Daruka is settled by Sir Kaadu Karlikar, as a stronghold of the then/prominent Zinta family. None
615 The Second Frontier War starts. None
615 to 625 Ikon acts as a major center of pirate raids, striking into the unstable Imperium. None
620 The Second Frontier War ends. None
c. 620 Clashes between the Bengali Lions and the Stellar Sheiks fade into insignificance. None
622 Imperial Civil War ends – Grand Admiral Arbellatra defeats Emperor Gustus in the Second Battle of Zhimaway. None
c. 622 to 629 Sharp skirmishes between local powers are commonplace among the Spark Worlds. None
622 Admiral Soegz executes Archduke Glazdon Deirdin of Antares for treason. None
622 Corsabren system is reclassified as a non-aligned system. She retains her Imperial Navy Base. None
early 625 Preparations for the effective reconquest of the Empty Quarter are laid. None
mid-626 Resident pirates within the Irash Cluster are destroyed. None
c.265-626 The Battle of Pamushgar is fought: partial Imperial victory. None
late 626 Drago’s Belt is cleared of pirates. None
072-627 The Battle of Udusis is fought: complete Imperial victory. None
122-627 The Battle of Gasadim is fought: partial Imperial victory. None
175-628 The Battle of Pamushgar is fought: complete Imperial victory. None
628 Admiral Soegz raised to Archduke of Antares. None
175-628 All pirate forces broken on Pamushgar. None

Stability: Alkhalikoi Era[edit]

The Alkhalikoi Era (Arbellatra to 800's)[edit]

Stability: The Alkhalikoi Era (600's to 800's)
Date Event Remarks
629 Regent Arbellatra raised to Empress. None
629 A Spark military skirmish grows into a fight, and then bursts into the Nishhingh War. None
c. 629 The Bright Age among the Spark Worlds comes to an end. None
c. 630 Archduke Soegz of Antares labored to improve Imperial-Protectorate relations. None
631 Zinta assets are withdrawn from the Daruka. Hindus from Irash take over the abandoned installations. None
636 Kulloer Nation drops out of the Nishhingh War. None
640 Tsosoe surrenders to the BloodUnion. None
645 Trshkuda is taken by the BloodUnion. Uenkakh surrenders and the Kingdom of Uenkakh is dissolved, ending the Nishhingh War. None
645 to 648 The Treaty of Cotan is signed, banning attacks on various forms of infrastructure life-support the Spark conflicts are largely internal affairs within the various governments, late 700s rather than external wars with other powers. None
c. 650 The Ikonaz Vilani have disproportionately more land and business influence than their supposed Ovaghoun Vargr overlords. None
671 The Kalin/Vaento Classic, an annual starship sporting event, is started in Eninsish system. None
Late 600s Ikon is at TL-15. None
683 to 697 A wave of terrorist incidents spark a major increase of law levels and government centralization among the Sparks. None
292-672 Emperor Zhakirov and the Vilani Antiama Shiishuginsa are married. Solomani power is broken within the Imperial Court. None
690 Zhakirov gives the uninhabited world of Sabtah (renamed Woswaab) to the Bwaps, as a gesture of thanks for their Imperial support during the Civil War. Many Imperial Gushgusi disapprove. None
78-693 Datros, capital city of StarCommand, is destroyed by a suitcase nuke. StarCommand collapses. None
c. 700s The Spark economy declines. None
c. 700s Private Vargr interests help pay for the cleanup of Sibikliir. None
c. 700 The Third Imperium is at TL-14. None
c. 700 The economic decline of the Imperial Empty Quarter bottoms out. None
704 Empress Margaret I created the Solomani Autonomous Region. None
705 The interstellar polity of the Flange Democratic Zone is founded in Beta Quadrant. None
714 The Nisaga Commission collapses, and is replaced by two states: the Regency of Nisaga and New Pallavas. None
716 The Archduchy of Sol lapses: all possible heirs of the recently deceased Archduke are members of the Solomani Party. Party members are not permitted to gain a Noble patent. None
c. 720 Ikon hits her most populated point – 300 billion sophonts, living at TL-15. Both the number of residents (at their level of consumption) and the technology level are unsustainable. Her semi-planned economy comes under severe strain. None
723 The Association of Good Wolves rises to power in the Ikonaz Sphere. None
c. 725 to 770 The first Great Migration begins, from Ikon to other Ikonaz communities in Province, the Windhorn and Meshan sectors. Few settle in the Ikonaz Sphere. None
732 Various Vargr governments on Justince simultaneously disintegrate. The PeaceSphere partially collapses. None
mid-730s The Impservers of Ikon are gradually freed from slavery. None
734 The Vargr Lili Dynasty is replaced by the human StarCrown government. None
737 Mentor Layamon is the last clan member to visit their fief on Udusis. None
740 The Falsemen, the last slave caste in the Ikonaz Sphere, is freed. None
742 The PeaceSphere is reconstituted. None
750 Rrekoth is settled by colonist from Ssilnthis. None
mid-700s Unable to sustain TL-15, Ikon is recategorized as a TL-14 society. None
c. 760 The institution of Imperial nobility effectively ends within the Solomani Autonomous Region. None
c. 770 Psionic research is at its Imperial high point. None
c. 770 Ikon’s first Great Migration ends. None
771 Tsosoe joins the Hegemony. None
777 A series of scandals involving the Psionic Institutes has a drastic impact on public opinion. None
781 The Taabe Imperium joins the Hegemony of Lorean. None
784 The Regency of Nisaga joins the Hegemony of Lorean. None
784 The PeaceSphere joins the Hegemony of Lorean. None
786 New Pallavas joins the Hegemony of Lorean. None
789 The Stellar Republic of Cotan is attacked, invaded, occupied and annexed by the Hegemony of Lorean. None
c. 790 Additional scandals are revealed, destroying what remains of the reputation of the Psionic Institutes. None
796 The Hegemony of Lorean attacks Ssilnthis and the Flange Democratic Zone. Both attacks are repelled. As part of the peace, the Flange Democratic Zone is dissolved. None
799 The StarCrown of Dharo joins the Hegemony of Lorean. None

The Alkhalikoi Era (800's to 1,000's)[edit]

Stability: The Alkhalikoi Era (800's to 1,000's)
Date Event Remarks
800 Empress Paula II issues the first of many Psionics Suppressions orders. None
c. 800 The Solomani Movement takes control of Vegan Space. None
c. 800 to 870 The Stellar Sheiks use psionics to tar the Bengali Lions, and work to insure Sheik (...instead of Bwap) domination of the bureaucracy. None
c. 800 Vland is at TL-14. None
806 Religious charities from the Imperial Core establish medical institutions on Charity. None
807 Ikon’s atmosphere is certified to be taint-free by the Protectorate Science Committee. None
808 The Third Imperium and the Hegemony of Lorean sign a trade friendship agreement. None
810 The world of Nisaga establishes a colony in the Khollok belt. None
814 The Third Imperium and the Hegemony of Lorean forge a trading agreement, leading to the creation of the Deep Space Stations of the Saeghvung/Turley/Exile Run. These stations connect the two governments across the Lesser Rift. None
c. 820 A second wave of Ikonaz emigrants leave Ikon. A few billion of these emigrants choose to settle within the Ikonaz Sphere. None
822 The Psionic Institute on Irash is closed: related worldwide riots result in 2.2 million dead. None
826 The Psionic Suppressions end with all Psionic Institutes closed. In the eyes most of the Imperial public, Psions = Zhodani = Evil. None
826 The Koevae Tour, a major gambling tournament on Oloe, is started as a military tradition. As of 993, it is a quadrennial event with a six/month duration, famed across Alpha Quadrant, as well as the entirety of the Rukadukaz Republic. None
c. 830 to 930 The Iper’mar, a culture of star/travelling nomads and technologists, spread from their home in Fornast into the Empty Quarter, Ley, and recently the Spinward Marches. None
835 to 870 The Blighted War is fought by the Hegemony of Lorean, in Arzul Sector. None
845 The costs of the Blighted War begins to bite Hegemon subjects within the Empty Quarter. None
845 The Imperial Science Union is founded by a group of smaller academic associations, led by the Imperial Academy of Science and Medicine. None
c. 850 The Solomani Movement grows increasingly supremist vis-à-vis non-Solomani humans, and especially in regard to nonhumans. Restrictions on non-Solomani multiply. None
859 The Ikonaz world of Daalii undergoes a devastating nuclear war between local Superpowers over the issue of immigrants from Ikon. None
c. 860 The second of Ikon’s Great Migration ends. None
c. 860 The Solomani Movement controls nearly every world within the Solomani Sphere. None
c. 860 Even the wealthiest worlds within the Hegemony were going without food once a week. The situation for the Hegemony worlds within the Empty Quarter is a lot worse: several systems endure widespread famine. Poverty is endemic, as is hyperinflation. None
866 The Order of One, inspired by the Legion of Breskain, established their center on Pramas. None
226-868 The Bwap appeal regarding Sheik domination of the sector reaches Empress Tomutova II. None
308-868 Empress Tomutova II does not proclaim her ruling, but (via courier) hands it to Archduke Sago to proclaim. A special grant of authority is also provided. None
869 Scattered rebellions begin across the Hegemony. The Time of Madness begins. None
869 to 870 The repressive methods of the Hegemony, and the refusal of the resistance to buckle, shifts to the Era of Horror as the Hegemony responds with undue cruelty against her enemies. None
125-869 Archduke Sago receives Her Majesty’s ruling, but decides to issue it on Nulinad, in person – accompanied by several thousand troops and a substantial Naval presence. None
265-869 Archduke Sago, with a large number of heavily-armed friends, arrives at Nulinad. None
284-869 Empress Tomutova II’s ruling, declaring the Stellar Sheiks and the Bengali Lions ‘essentially corrupt’, is proclaimed. Archduke Sago takes action to rectify this. None
869 The last titled Zinta, once a prominent family within the Imperial Empty Quarter, dies. Soon afterwards, the clan fades into obscurity. None
115-870 An attempt is made to assassinate Archduke Sago. Harsh reprisals are made, putting an end to such resistance. None
165-870 Hegemony withdrawal is complete: the Blighted War comes to an end. None
871 The Solomani Autonomous Region is reorganized as the Solomani Confederation. None
c. 900 The Church of the Chosen Ones proclaim the doctrine of Vargr supremacy, justified by their uplift by the Ancients. None
107-871 The last organized resistance to the Hegemon is snuffed out on Justince. None
873 The Sago Settlement is issued within the Imperial Empty Quarter. None
873 The Vargr take the lead in the recovery of the Hegemony of Lorean. None
872 Two subsectors successfully secede from the Hegemony in Arzul Sector. None
307-872 The reigning Hegemon commits suicide. His successor immediately enacts legislation that allows the Hegemonio (sophonts of the Hegemony) to get back on their feet again. None
873 The Time of Madness recedes across the Hegemony of Lorean. None
873 The Vargr take a leading role in the rebuilding of the Hegemony. None
877 Archduke Sago and his Court returns to Antares. None
mid-890s Abadani ideology arises on Indara. None
897 Baha’i missionaries arrive on Pramas. None
900 Reports of Solomani treatment of others persuade Grand Princess Margaret to begin reassessing the Solomani Autonomous Region. None
c. 900 The Red Spark Revolution takes hold of Beta Quadrant. None
c. 900 Imperial Nobles within the Sashar-Pamushgar Cluster work to suppress Abadanism. None
908 Margaret II ascends to the Iridium Throne. None
909 Margaret II grants exceptions from Solomani rule to several worlds in the Old Expanses. None
c. 910 The Hegemony of Lorean’s economy recovered to old levels – except within the Empty Quarter. None
913 Most of the requirements of the Sago Settlement lapse. None
914 The Protectorate Science Committee determines Ikon’s biosphere as ‘strong.’ None
915 The Hegemon of Lorean sends emissaries to the leaders of the Damlaer Union. None
920 Margaret II, acting on Imperial appeals from various worlds, excludes them from Solomani rule and orders the Imperial Navy to enforce her orders. None
920s to 950s Abadani and Abadani-influenced parties rise to power on several worlds of the Sashar-Pamushgar Cluster. None
929 ‘Liberty Conscience’ legislation provides for extensive (but not absolute) religious liberty within the Hegemony-ruled worlds of Beta Quadrant. None
c. 930s An attempt to include Vargr into the human/dominated Lorean Rangers is judged a disaster, and the experiment ended. None
236-933 The Damlaer Union leaves the Julian Protectorate, and joins the Hegemony of Lorean. None
933 to 936 The Protectorate launches the Lorean Strikes into the Hegemony. Military forces from the Fellowship of Nobles from Ikon spearheaded these assaults. None
119-936 Protectorate forces jump into Damlaer system, and take the world. None
127-936 The main Hegemony fleet jumps into Damlaer. The Protectorate is handed its’ greatest military defeat in history. None
Early 937 The Fellowship of Nobles on Ikon is dissolved. None
c. 938 Imperial Solomani naval units skirmish frequently in Daibei, Diaspora and the Old Expanses. The Solomani avoid open war. More rimward systems seek Imperial protection from the Solomani. None
100-940 The Solomani Confederation formally complains that the Third Imperium is interfering in their internal affairs, in violation of the 704 treaty. None
292-940 Empress Margaret II, in response, dissolves the Solomani Autonomous Region and orders their reintegration into the Third Imperium. None
940 The Rukadukaz Republic, the Ikonaz successor state to the Fellowship of Nobles, is founded. The creation of the Republic rings in official equality between Ovaghoun Vargr and Ikonaz Vilani. More accurately, the Vilani are raised from trusted servants to trusted allies, which can act independently of the Ovaghoun. None
942 The Treaty of Var-Inaka is signed, restricting naval bases in the Empty Quarter. None
942 The Hegemony of Loran joins the Julian Protectorate as an Associated State. Damlaer’s incorporation into the Hegemony is recognized by the Protectorate. The ‘Liberty Conscience’ laws of the Hegemony’s Beta Quadrant are extended to cover the entire Hegemony. None
c. 950 Abadanism falls from favour among the intelligentsia, not because of their lawlessness or their cruelty, but because they demonstrably fail to increase the wealth of their supporters. None
953 Baron Emil Kantuun takes control of the government of Pamushgar. None
955 The religious groups on Charity, unable to fund their operations, sell the world to the Iper’mar. The new Charity leadership, headed by Baroness Yasmin Mignonne Mai – a.k.a. the Fatima of Charity – shifts operations into a highly profit/oriented operation. None
958 With the ruling line of the lightly inhabited world of Kazipet extinct, a Bwap creche successfully petitions the subsector Duke to support their bit to rule the world, in return for financing starport improvements. None
960 Flange petitions to join the Hegemony of Lorean. None
963 Flange joins the Hegemony of Lorean. None
968 Hadiya Interstellar, Ltd., a starship construction firm, takes control of the Imperial system of Hadiya starsystem. They do not request Imperial membership, the Imperium does not press the matter, and the system is considered non-aligned. None
969 The Order of One is expelled from Pramas, and Hegemony Space. None
970 Emperor Styryx orders senior naval personnel to plan out the re-conquest of the Solomani Autonomous Region. None
971 Emperor Styryx gives Kazipet to a powerful Bwap crèche, who rename the world Wapeka Wapeka is a Cherokee Indian name, so the world has been re-assigned to them. None
972 Hegemony plans to initiate a series of pro-Lorean coups on Ssilnthis end in disaster. None
c. 973 Thisuel, originally a scientific research outpost of Zuerouk, declares independence. None
c. 975 Emperor Styryx starts planning on the Vegan Autonomous District. None
c. 975 Emperor Styryx weakens the Imperial Army and Marines by slashing budgets. The resulting monies, and more, are routed to the Imperial Navy. None
978 The ancient Solomani ruling house on Akiar is extinct. None
49-979 Archduke Gvueneghz is assassinated while on a tour of the Julian Protectorate. War between the Imperium and the Protectorate becomes likely. None
979 Third Frontier War starts. None
979 Emperor Styryx alters the Imperial uniform code, removing all signs of ancient Terran/Solomani insignia. None
981 The Justince War of Unification starts. None
981 The execution of Archduke Gvueneghz’s attackers, along with the apologies of the Regent of the Julian Protectorate, persuades the Imperium to cancel preparations for the invasion of the Protectorate. None
985 The Justince war of Unification destroys the local starport. None
986 Third Frontier War ends. None
986 Vargr are again admitted into the ‘first response’ Lorean Rangers. None
987 The Justince War of Unification ends with the Vargr Aekuedza Roetsaeng creating an oppressive worldwide state. Imperials, who see the world as unstable, place an Amber Zone on the system. None
988 Johann Kramm publishes “The Authentic Experience.” A very influential Imperial work, it encourages the revival of past mores and cultures. None
989 The unnecessary losses of the Third Frontier War leads the Imperial Guard and various Nobles to dethrone Emperor Styryx at gunpoint. His son, Gavin, is proclaimed Emperor by the Moot. None
Holiday-988 Duke Dethwabtakebwebwakawa of Lentuli becomes the first nonhuman to become Sector Duke. None
990 The Solomani Confederation again claims control of the entire Solomani sphere, including portions retaken by the Imperial administration. None
990 The Solomani Rim War starts as Imperial fleets enter to forcibly retake the sphere. These fleets are destroyed/repulsed by massed Solomani warships. None
990 Emperor Gavin commissions the Second Survey. None
990 Solomani Party members are held in internment camps across Imperial Space. None
990 The Imperial Interstellar Scout Service announces that the Red Zone on Corcoran will be lifted gradually. None
991 Low-ranking casual members of the Solomani Party are released in the Empty Quarter. None
992 Financial scandals, rocking the business establishments of Nulinad and Gimushi subsectors, are linked to psionic activity. Emperor Gavin directly intervenes to support the enforcement of the Psionics Suppressions Orders. None
993 Two trade missions, backed by various Imperial worlds within the Empty Quarter, are dispatched: one to Vland, and another to Capital. None
993 A major Solomani invasion force into the Old Expanses meets unremitting resistance from local Vilani, and is driven out with heavy casualties. None
993 The deployed Empty Quarter Sector Fleet is part of the Imperial resistance in the Old Expanses. None
120-993 The Sinkiaan Robotics Conference, on Yogesh, is set to begin at this time. It is to run throughout 994 Imperial. None
996 Corcoran Red Zone is shifted to Amber. None
998 Corcoran’s Amber Zone is shifted to Green. None

The Alkhalikoi Era (1,000's to Present)[edit]

Stability: The Alkhalikoi Era (1,000's to Present)
Date Event Remarks
c. 1000 The Third Imperium is at TL-15. None
1000 An agreement to share Second Survey results is to be signed on Capital. None
1000 The Imperial Olympic Games is to be held on Capital. None
1000 Major celebrations are to be held on most worlds, to celebrate the Imperial Millennium. None
1002 The invasion of Terra is a success. However, the Solomani Confederation does not break, and a truce is drawn up between opposing forces. None
1015 The Psionic Institute of Terra is quietly re-established, under the Imperial Ministry of Defense. None
1050 The Psionic Institute on Regina is quietly re-established, under the Imperial Ministry of Defense. None
1071 The Second Empire of Gashikan is shattered by civil war. None
1071 Grand Prince Strephon becomes Emperor. None
1078 The Third Empire of Gashikan is formed around a cluster of worlds in Trenchan Sector. The name “Trenchan Empire” is occasionally used. All three Imperial confederations in Mendan choose to join the Julian Protectorate instead. None
1082 The Fourth Frontier War starts. None
1084 The Fourth Frontier War ends. None
1099 Gashikan becomes the formal capital of the Third Empire of Gashikan. None
1100 As TL-15 matures, SURD creates the first pseudo-biological robot. None
1104 Dulinor is elevated to Archduke of Ilelish, despite criticism. None
1107 The Fifth Frontier War begins. None
1110 The Fifth Frontier War ends. None
1110 Clear evidence of the relationship between the Droyne, the Chirpers, and the Ancients is uncovered in the Spinward Marches. None

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