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Date: 988 Imperial
Solomani: 5,510 A.D.
Vilani: 3,836 VI
Zhodani: 3,412.2
Aslan: 6,656
K'kree: 7,611
Hiver: 1,156
Previous and Following Years
900s 980s
978 979 980 981 982 983 984 985 986 987
989 990 991 992 993 994 995 996 997 998
990s 1000s
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988 (Chronology) Synopsis[edit]


988 (Chronology) Events (Description)[edit]

988 Events (Timeline) Involving Imperial citizens or in the Third Imperium[edit]

988 Events (Timeline) Involving the Aslan or in the Aslan Hierate[edit]

  • None

988 Events (Timeline) Involving the Droyne or in Droyne Space[edit]

  • None

988 Events (Timeline) Involving the Hivers or in the Hive Federation[edit]

  • A partially completed Dyson sphere Sphere (Nooq 3201) is discovered by the Hivers.

988 Events (Timeline) Involving the Solomani or in the Solomani Confederation[edit]

  • Beginning of advances by Imperial naval forces into the heart of the Solomani Sphere along two parallel axis, with smaller task forces spread out to surround a huge pocket of Solomani territory.
  • First Solomani exiles scatter after repeated defeats in Solomani Rim.

988 Events (Timeline) Involving the K'kree or in the Two Thousand Worlds[edit]

  • None

988 Events (Timeline) Involving the Vargr or in the Vargr Extents[edit]

  • None

988 Events (Timeline) Involving the Zhodani or in the Zhodani Consulate[edit]

  • None

988 Other Events (Timeline) Outside of the Third Imperium[edit]

988 (Chronology) Births[edit]

  • None

988 (Chronology) Deaths[edit]

  • None

988 (Chronology) References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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