Julian War

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(175 to 191): Julian War

Description (Specifications)[edit]

After nine years of negotiation and diplomatic maneuvering with the many confederations of the area (each a member of a larger confederation), Martin mobilized the Imperial Navy against these states.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In the first three years of the war, Imperial fleets pushed deep into Llendan sector, capturing the capital world of Lasla and several important industrial worlds. In 178, however, a minor bureaucrat in the government of the capital of a confederation in Amdukan sector had risen to power there and gathered around himself an alliance of neighboring confederations. This bureaucrat then proposed a defensive confederation encompassing all three sectors under attack.

  • This state, the Julian Protectorate (named for its founder), fought sporadic battles, doing its best to push back the Imperial fleets. Then, in 185, concentrated Protectorate fleets crossed the Lesser Rift in an end run against Antares, and with deep raids against the Imperial Depots in Antares and Ley sectors. With two local depots destroyed, the Imperium withdrew its fleets to protect its internal communication lines. The Protectorate fleets then concentrated on the Antares cluster, a lightly defended group of worlds, which fell easily to their advances. Using these worlds as a base, the forces of the Protectorate carried the war into the Imperium. In 190 the Imperium lost several battles in attempting to retake the Antares cluster, and Martin I became convinced that the Protectorate could not be pressed into the Imperium, and gave up the fight. However, the war did not end there, as the Protectorate insisted on keeping a hand in the Antares cluster.
  • The peace treaty included the establishment of the League of Antares as a compromise, ending the war in 191 on the Protectorate’s terms.

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