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S-class Scout Vessels are a starship supraclass used to investigate uncontrolled astrographic areas.

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Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

Please refer to the following AAB Library Data for more information:

  • Speed of Travel

  • Description (Specifications)[edit]

    Scout vessels serve a wide variety of missions from civilian to paramilitary to military taskings. The scout ship is traditionally considered a paramilitary vessel. Scouts often serve survey functions for a private or commercial entity, and military reconnaissance missions for military owners. The difference between such hulls is typically minimal. It's the mission that differs, not the craft. [1]

    Scouts: Scouts are survey and exploration ships normally employed in the scout service. They are transferred to naval duty in time of war or when otherwise necessary. Many scout ships are couriers for the navy. [2]

    Image Repository[edit]

    This image repository contains a selection of scout vessel images:

    Type SC Scout/Courier:

    1. A typical Type S class Scout/Courier scout ship preparing to enter jumpspace.
      Jump-FTL-WH-Keith-CT-Starter-Trav-Pg-28 03-July-2018a.jpg
    2. A Gibson class with winglets and a top end sensor suite.
      Trav-Gibson-class-Scout-BG 26-April-2019a.jpg
    3. A Henrick Krueden class Scout/Courier in orbit around a gas giant.
      Henrick-Krueden-class-Scout-Courier Ade-Stewart 31-Oct-2019.jpeg
    4. A Marcus class Scout monitoring a rogue brown dwarf system.
      Marcus Class Scout BD.jpg
    5. A Type-S in front of a nebula.
      Type-S-class-Thomas-Peters-Challenge-28-Part-1 13-May-2019a.jpg
    6. A Sulieman class Scout/Courier under spaceflight orbiting a yellow star.
      Trav-Suleiman-Ian-Stead 27-Apr-2019c.jpg
    7. An Inchworm class Scout/Courier landed upon a barren vacuum world.
      Inchworm-class-Scout-Courier-Type-S-CT-01b-Leo-Knight 06-Aug-2019a.jpg

    Type SF Fleet Scout:

    1. Ship computer image of a stock Vraktagh 6H-class before being reengineered at Lunion (world).
      Sixth-Horizon-Scout-Pakkrat 07-June-2019a.png

    Type SG Gunned Scout / Military Scout:

    1. Two Ninz class Scouts approaching target on a strike mission.
      Ninz-Scout-CT-RESIZE-Keith-ACS-1 29-Oct-2019c.jpg

    Type SI Surveillance Scout / Intelligence Vessel:

    1. A Lauritson class Picket Ship deploying MOLRASP class Sensor Drones.
      Lauritson-UPS-T20-B-McDev-Chall-76-pg-36 06-Oct-2019b.png

    Type SL Survey Scout:

    1. The cobbled together but highly functional Telemon class Survey Scout.
      Telemon-1248-Brian-Gibson 01-May-2019a.jpg

    Type SP Asteroid Scout:

    1. No image yet available.

    Type SX Aerodynamic Scout:

    1. A Serpent class Scout/Courier landed on the surface of a planet.
      Serpent-Class-Image 10-July-2019c.jpg

    Strategy & Tactics (Doctrine)[edit]

    Scout Vessels are not intended for combatant roles. The role of a scout is to reconnoiter star systems, deep space, and the enemy's movements, relaying vital intelligence back to combat fleets, thus enhancing their combat effectiveness. While many scout vessels are armed, such armament is mostly to discourage piracy, raiders, and other vessels from taking advantage of small, lightly armed vessels. Many scouts fulfill a variety of other roles including small team insertion, exploratory functions, communications functions, courier duties, and many other functions. [3]

    However, the basic tactic for a scout vessel is to avoid, evade, and escape combatant exchanges. [4]

    Supraclass Roles[edit]

    Scout Vessels typically serve the following roles:
    Largecraft & Bigcraft:

    A-class Tramp Supraclass Archetypes
    Archetype Type Code
    Aerodynamic Scout (SX)
    Armed Scout (SG)
    Armored Scout (SG)
    Asteroid Scout (SP)
    Attack Scout (SG)
    Combat Scout (SG)
    Command Scout (SI)
    Covert Surveillance Scout (SIS)
    Deep Space Scout (SF)
    Early Warning Scout (SI)
    Espionage Vessel (SIS)
    Far Scout (SF)
    Fast Far Scout (SF)
    Fast Scout (SF)
    Fleet Scout (SF)
    Frontier Scout (SF)
    Gunned Scout (SG)
    Heavy Scout Vessel (S)
    Intelligence Vessel (SI)
    Intruder Scout (SG)
    Intruder Vessel (SG)
    Leader Scout (SG)
    Heavy Scout (SH)
    Light Scout (SL)
    Long-Range Scout (SF)
    Long Range Survey Ship (S)
    Medium Scout (SM)
    Military Scout (SG)
    Observatory Ship (SI)
    Picket Boat (SI)
    Planetoid Scout (SP)
    Reconnaissance Ship (SI)
    Scout/Courier (SC)
    Scout Cruiser (SC)
    Scout Leader (SI)
    Scout Raider (SR)
    Scoutship (S)
    Scout Tender (XS)
    Scout Vessel (S) (Namesake)
    Skirmisher Vessel (SG)
    Spy Ship (SIS)
    Stealth Scout (SIS)
    Super Heavy Scout (SS)
    Surveillance Scout (SI)
    Surveillance Ship (SI)
    Surveillance Vessel (SI)
    Unsupported Picket Ship (SI)
    Vargr Scout (SV)
    War Scout (SG)

    Size-Class Roles for Scout Vessels[edit]

    1. Utility Craft (U) (1 to 99 tons)
    2. Recon Smallcraft (UQS) (1 to 99 tons)
    3. Light Scout (SL) (100 to 999 tons)
    4. Medium Scout (SM) (1,000 to 1,499 tons)
    5. Heavy Scout (SH) (1,500 to 2,499 tons)
    6. Super Heavy Scout (SS) (2,500 or more tons)
    7. Destroyer (D) (2,500 to 99,999 tons)
    8. Capital Ship (Various) (100,000 or larger tons)

    Military Subcraft[edit]

    Military subcraft (...both smallcraft and bigcraft) are carried by some of these vessels:

    1. Battle Rider (BR)
    2. Combat Barge (WBG)
    3. Combat Transport Smallcraft (UI)
    4. Fighters (F)
    5. Militarized Utility Craft (UQ)

    Supraclass Archetypal Roles[edit]

    These vessels typically serve the following archetypal roles:

    S-class Scout Vessel Supraclass Archetypes
    Archetype Type Code Exemplar Remarks
    Scout Vessel S (Namesake) Serpent class Scout Generic scout vessels serve across a variety of riles focusing on reconnaissance, exploration, survey, and communications roles.
    • S = Scout
    Scout/Courier SC Sulieman class Scout/Courier Scout/Couriers focus on fulfilling intelligence and communications roles.
    • S = Scout
    • C = Courier
    Fleet Scout SF Dewclaw class Fleet Scout Fleet Scouts tend to focus on endurance, speed, and range. They may travel many parsecs ahead of a fleet, convoy, or trade group confirming that the way is clear. Many serve frontier roles, fast roles, or far distance, endurance roles.
    • S = Scout
    • F = Fleet, Far, Fast, Frontier, etc.
    Military Scout SG Hunter class Armored Scout Armed and armored scout meant for exclusively military duty, often acting in a light skirmisher / intruder / raider combatant role. Such vessels are too small to significantly threaten larger vessels, but they can harass effectively.
    • S = Scout
    • G = Gunned, Armored, Combat, Military, War, etc.
    Surveillance Scout / Intelligence Vessel SI Gishiash class Stealth Scout Surveillance Ships generally are focused on monitoring less-friendly areas - border regions, semi-denied and occasionally denied territory. Their primary "weapon" is a comprehensive sensor and computer fit; their primary defense is stealth and passive defense. Surveillance scouts often serve intelligence roles, picket roles, and observation roles, monitoring certain parts of space or certain groups and places of interest.
    Asteroid Scout SP Pallad class Asteroid Scout It's far more common for larger vessels to make use of planetoid hulls than smaller ones. Asteroid scouts are an application where the planetoid hull can be very effective, hiding in plain sight and covertly observing the spaceways.
    • S = Scout
    • P = Planetoid, Asteroid, Rock, etc.
    Aerodynamic Scout SX Wind class Scout/Courier Aerodynamic scouts are technically spaceplanes. They are specialized to act as capable aircraft in addition to their roles as spacecraft or starcraft. They are optimized to take closer looks at atmospheric worlds than many other kinds of scout vessels.
    • S = Scout
    • X = Exosphere, Atmosphere, Planetary, Spaceplane, etc.
    NOTES: There is semantic overlap between many of the classes and codes. Some codes organize by mission or capability, others by size and tonnage, and yet others by other characteristics.

    History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

    Several thousand years ago, interstellar pioneers had hoped to break the FTL barrier to communications technology. Tachyons, mesons, jumpspace were all explored hoping to create Charted Space's first ansible. It never happened... [5]

    In an environment where communication only moves at the pace of travel, scout vessels remain incredibly important. They are typically light, fast, and practically disposable ships. They can monitor, reconnoiter, explore, survey, carry couriers, and otherwise maintain intelligence and observation networks. Vessels very flexibly serve across many mission roles from communications to combat operations, but ...the focus of most scouts is the collection and dissemination of intelligence data. [6]

    Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

    Paramilitary Vessel - Scout Vessel - Scout/Courier:

    1. Type S class Scout/Courier
      1. Aegis class Scout
      2. Afterthought class Scout
      3. Asia class Scout
      4. Explorer class Scoutship
      5. Gibson class Scout/Courier
      6. Henrick Krueden class Scout/Courier
      7. Hive class Scout
      8. Ihateisho class Scout
      9. Inchworm class Scout/Courier
      10. Kach'k class Scout
      11. Lance Marcus class Scout
      12. Last Armada class Scout
      13. Magash class Heavy Scout
      14. Pathway class Scout
      15. Scybria class Scout
      16. Serpent class Scout AKA Serpent class Scout/Courier
      17. Starfarer class Scout
      18. Sulieman class Scout/Courier
      19. TC3 Perx class Scout
      20. Unity class Scout
      21. Valtos Niagra class Scout/Courier
      22. Wanderer class Scout/Courier
      23. Xero class Scout
      24. Yono class Scout
      25. Zydmnar class Scout

    Paramilitary Vessel - Scout Vessel - Fleet Scout:

    1. Type SF class Fleet Scout
      1. Dart class Scoutship
      2. Dewclaw class Fleet Scout
      3. Duke class Fleet Scout
      4. Dunkle class Fleet Scout
      5. Inquiring Mind class Fleet Scout
      6. Logos Minos class Fleet Scout
      7. Pathfinder class Fleet Scout
      8. Pukharra class Fast Scout
      9. SH02A class Fleet Scout
      10. Void Camera class Deep Space Scout
      11. Wasp class Fleet Scout

    Paramilitary Vessel - Scout Vessel - Military Scout:

    1. Type SG class Gunned Scout
      1. Chatl class Leader Scout
      2. Hunter class Armored Scout
      3. KE2 Zerp class Battle Scout
      4. Militia class Military Scout
      5. Ninz class Scout
      6. Prata class Attack Scout
      7. Protective class Scout
      8. Skela class Attack Scout
      9. Stayaow class Combat Scout
      10. Switch Black class Intruder Scout
      11. Vanguard class Attack Scout
      12. Wiesbaden class Military Scout
      13. Wrathful class War Scout

    Paramilitary Vessel - Scout Vessel - Heavy Scout:

    1. Type SH class Heavy Scout
      1. Motherscout class Probe Drone Carrier

    Paramilitary Vessel - Scout Vessel - Surveillance Scout:

    1. Type SI class Surveillance Scout
      1. Alahir class Heavy Scout
      2. Bay class Surveillance Vessel
      3. Dienjzhiae class Fleet Intelligence Corvette
      4. Exocet class Intelligence Cruiser
      5. Fairmile Model G class Scout
      6. Keyhole class Observatory Ship
      7. Lauritson class Picket Ship
      8. Legion class Picket Boat
      9. Prince Asan class Scout Leader
      10. Tripwire class Early Warning Scout

    Paramilitary Vessel - Scout Vessel - Stealth Scout:

    1. Type SIS class Covert Scout
      1. Gishiash class Stealth Scout
      2. Lake class Surveillance Vessel
      3. S-223 Moon Raven class Covert Surveillance Scout
      4. Type JL class Espionage Vessel

    Paramilitary Vessel - Scout Vessel - Light Scout:

    1. Type SL class Light Scout
      1. Aurskos class Light Scout
      2. Brilliant class Scout
      3. C-7 class Scout
      4. Caliphate class Scout
      5. Collective class Scout
      6. Eiriksson class Scout
      7. Elbing class Scout
      8. Hraye class Scout
      9. Saladin class Fleet Scout
      10. SLC2 Ahouhi class Scout
      11. Talon class Scout
      12. Telemon class Survey Scout

    Paramilitary Vessel - Scout Vessel - Medium Scout:

    1. Type SM class Medium Scout
      1. Machii class Scout Cruiser
      2. Qasar class Scout Cruiser
      3. Sacred Text class Scout

    Paramilitary Vessel - Scout Vessel - Asteroid Scout:

    1. Type SP class Asteroid Scout
      1. Pallad class Asteroid Scout
      2. Silver Spur class Scout

    Paramilitary Vessel - Scout Vessel - Superheavy Scout:

    1. Type SS class Superheavy Scout
      1. No exemplar yet available.

    Paramilitary Vessel - Scout Vessel - Vargr Scout:

    1. Type SV class Vargr Scout
      1. Garr Aedz class Scout AKA Long Claw class Scout
      2. Kalpa class Scout
      3. Kanllaz class Scout
      4. Kforuzeng class Scout
      5. Sixth Horizon class Fast Far Scout
      6. Type VS class Scout
      7. Vraktagh 6H class Far Scout

    Paramilitary Vessel - Scout Vessel - Aerodynamic Scout:

    1. Type SX class Aerodynamic Scout
      1. Ithilien class Scoutship
      2. Serpent class Scout/Courier
      3. Type SX class Scout/Courier
      4. Wind class Scout/Courier

    Ship Summary List[edit]

    Some of the most commonly used vessels in this role or these roles include:

    0 Representative Scout Vessel (S) Classes

    0 Representative Scout/Courier (SC) Classes

    0 Representative Fleet Scout (SF) Classes

    0 Representative Military Scout (SG) Classes

    0 Representative Heavy Scout (SH) Classes

    0 Representative Surveillance / Intelligence Scout (SI) Classes

    0 Representative Covert Stealth Scout (SIS) Classes

    0 Representative Light Scout (SL) Classes

    0 Representative Medium Scout (SM) Classes

    0 Representative Asteroid Scout (SP) Classes

    0 Representative Superheavy Scout (SS) Classes

    0 Representative Vargr Scout (SV) Classes

    0 Representative Aerodynamic Scout (SX) Classes

    0 Representative Recon Smallcraft (UQS) Classes

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