Alahir class Heavy Scout

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Alahir class Heavy Scout
Type: B Fleet
Category ACS
Size 1,000 Tons
Hull Configuration Close Structure Hull
Streamlining Partly Streamlined Hll
Tech Level TL–15
Computer Model 5/fib
Jump J-4
Maneuver 5 G
Fuel Treatment Purifier
Hardpoints 10
Offensive 1 50t PA Bay, 2 double beam laser turrets, 2 double pulse laser turrets, 2 double turrets w/ missile launcher & sandcaster
Staterooms 20
Crew 36
    Pilots 6
    Marines 12
High/Mid Passengers 0
Cargo 88 Tons
Fuel tank 484 Tons
Carried craft 3 10t fighters, 1 50t cutter, 5t probe drone hanger
Origin Third Imperium
Cost MCr550.76
Maintenance cost Cr50,677
Quick Ship Profile B-KS54
Blueprint Yes
Illustration No
Canon Published, canon design
Designer Gareth Hanrahan
Design System Mongoose 1st
Era 1105
Reference No results

The Alahir class Heavy Scout is a TL–15 reconnaissance Scout.


It is a vessel with 5-G and J-4 performance with a streamlined cone hull.

According to the registry of Imperial Scout Ships, the Alahir is officially a ‘heavy scout’ designed for extended missions into perilous regions of space, mapping pirate sectors, performing observations of hazardous stellar phenomena and other tasks that a basic scout ship could not accomplish. There are only two other ships of this design in the Marches.

The Alahir is a thousand-ton Jump-4 ship, capable of 5g acceleration. She carries four smaller craft – a modular cutter for fuel scooping and cargo transfer, and three Light Fighters (on some scouting missions, these ten-ton fighters are replaced with more probe drones or a 50-ton surveyor in a docking cradle). The prow-mounted particle bay gives her surprising punch for a scout ship, while the six turrets give ample protection. Her armour is augmented with radiation shielding, and her computer systems and sensors are hardened.

On board, the ship carries enough fuel for more than a month of standard operations and a single Jump-4, as well as extra fuel for the fighters and cutter. The Alahir has twenty staterooms; her usual crew includes six pilots, one navigator, six engineers, ten gunners, twelve marines and six scientists along with other deckhands and specialists.

Image Repository[edit]

  1. Deck Plans for the middle deck of the Alahir class Heavy Scout.
    Alahir-Hvy-Scout-MGT-DECK-PLANS-Secret-Ancients-pg-21 06-Oct-2019a.jpg

History & Background[edit]

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