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Z-class Special Mission Ships are special research or test craft used for very specialized missions.

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Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

Please refer to the following AAB Library Data for more information:

  • Speed of Travel

  • Description (Specifications)[edit]

    This supraclass also includes unique ships (...such as one-off prototypes and ships from unknown or vanished civilizations), which consist of a "class" of just one, where there is not a better classification. For instance, the message pod found in Ognar system, containing the only record of their long lost civilization, qualifies as Z-class rather than a W-class station due to its uniqueness, its archaeological importance, and its utter lack of commercial, military, or (aside from the data it serves as an archive for) scientific capability. [1]

    Image Repository[edit]

    No information yet available.

    Strategy & Tactics (Doctrine)[edit]

    It is almost impossible to state a common doctrine for this disparate class as a whole, beyond generalized notes that apply to all ships, as each Z class ship tends to be unique with very specialized mission profiles. [2]

    Supraclass Roles[edit]

    Special Mission Ships typically serve the following roles:
    Largecraft, Smallcraft & Bigcraft:

    1. Alien Artifact Ship (ZA)
    2. Carrier Prototype (ZP)
    3. Decoy (ZD)
    4. Decoy Vessel (ZD)
    5. Drone (ZD)
    6. Experimental Craft (ZE)
    7. Experimental Far Trader (ZE)
    8. Experimental Gunboat (ZE)
    9. Experimental Vessel (ZE)
    10. Experimental Transport (ZE)
    11. Hybrid Experimental Craft (ZE)
    12. Hybrid Test Ship (ZE)
    13. Prototype (ZP)
    14. Prototype Carrier (ZP)
    15. Prototype Ship (ZP)
    16. Prototype Vessel (ZP)
    17. Special Mission Ship (Z) (Namesake)
    18. Special Mission Smallcraft (UZ)
    19. Test Ship (ZE)
    20. Unclassified Ship (ZU)
    21. Unique Ship (ZU)
    22. Special Mission Ship (Z) (Namesake)

    Military Subcraft[edit]

    Military subcraft (...both smallcraft and bigcraft) are carried by some of these vessels:

    1. Battle Rider (BR)
    2. Combat Barge (WBG)
    3. Combat Transport Smallcraft (UI)
    4. Fighters (F)
    5. Militarized Utility Craft (UQ)

    Supraclass Archetypal Roles[edit]

    These vessels typically serve the following archetypal roles:

    Z-class Special Mission Ship Supraclass Archetypes
    Archetype Type Code Exemplar Remarks
    Special Mission Ship Z (Namesake) Exatar class Ramscoop Jumpship Special mission ships include a variety of very specialized and low manufacturing run vessels that don't fit well into the fleets of Charted Space.
    • Z = Special (...last letter of Anglic alphabet, a catchall category)
    Alien Artifact Ship ZA Annic Nova class Far Trader Alien artifact ships are ships with recovered alien technology often that didn't prove reverse-engineerable, but is very useful to have in service, even if it isn't fully understood. These vessels are very useful and unique treasures and have often been reproduced with conventional technologies that lack the original technology's capabilities.
    • Z = Special (...last letter of Anglic alphabet, a catchall category)
    • A = Alien
    Decoy Vessel ZD No recorded examples. Decoy vessels are typically converted from retired or mothballed warship hulls and can be used for deception practices, as fireships, for live fire exercises, or for other unconventional tactics. They are expensive in relationship to their uses, but sometimes perform an irreplaceable function.
    • Z = Special (...last letter of Anglic alphabet, a catchall category)
    • D = Decoy, Drone Bigcraft, etc.
    Experimental Vessel ZE Star Rider class Experimental Transport Experimental vessels often function as testbeds for prototype technologies or tactics. Battle riders were originally classified as experimental vessels until they became widely accepted throughout several major navies.
    • Z = Special (...last letter of Anglic alphabet, a catchall category)
    • E = Experimental
    Prototype Vessel ZP Grey Ghost class Fast Intruder Experimental vessels lead to prototypes, a testbed evaluator for mature or maturing technology much further along in the development process than an earlier and often yet unproven experimental tech. They often use new ideas, techniques, or theories that have reached a point of pre-operational activity in which designs are probed for flaws and shortcomings.
    • Z = Special (...last letter of Anglic alphabet, a catchall category)
    • P = Prototype
    Unclassified Ship or
    Unique Ship
    ZU The Green Hornet Unclassified or unique ships are often specially converted as one-offs or are outright produced by a wealthy party as a unique vessel. They forego the cost savings of mass production and economies of scale so they must serve a demanding role that other mainstream vessels could not.
    • Z = Special (...last letter of Anglic alphabet, a catchall category)
    • U = Unique or Unclassified
    Drone Smallcraft UD Mint class Mining Drone Drone smallcraft are multi-ton drones that displace less than a 100 tons, and are often used in space where the distances are vast. Smaller vehicular drones simply wouldn't have the endurance and thrust to function efficiently considering the environment.
    • U = Utility
    • D = Drone Smallcraft
    Special Mission Smallcraft UZ No recorded examples. Special mission smallcraft perform a wide variety of very specialized smallcraft missions as alien technology demonstrators, prototypes, experimental craft, test ships, and a variety of very small run craft.
    • U = Utility
    • Z = Special (...last letter of Anglic alphabet, a catchall category)
    NOTES: There is semantic overlap between many of the classes and codes. Some codes organize by mission or capability, others by size and tonnage, and yet others by other characteristics.

    History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

    No information yet available.

    Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

    Military Ship - Special Mission Ship:

    1. No exemplar yet available.

    Ship Summary List[edit]

    Some of the most commonly used vessels in this role include:

    3 Representative Special Mission Ship (Z) Classes

    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Governor class Yacht ZYK 13 900 4 2 Council of Heads No. Unpublished, non-canon fan design.
    Hood class Heavy Cruiser ZCA 14 74,000 5 1 Solomani Confederation No. Unpublished, non-canon fan design.
    The Green Hornet ZUSC 15 100 2 2 Third Imperium ZUSC-AL22

    0 Representative Alien Artifact Ship (ZA) Classes
    No results

    0 Representative Decoy Vessel (ZD) Classes
    No results

    0 Representative Experimental Vessel (ZE) Classes
    No results

    0 Representative Prototype Vessel (ZP) Classes
    No results

    1 Representative Unique Ship (ZU) Classes

    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    The Green Hornet ZUSC 15 100 2 2 Third Imperium ZUSC-AL22

    0 Representative Drone Smallcraft (UD) Classes
    No results

    0 Representative Special Mission Smallcraft (UZ) Classes
    No results

    References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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    1. An unpublished factoid written by Adrian Tymes
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