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O-class Ortillery Ships bombard the surfaces of planets and moons.

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Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

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  • Description (Specifications)[edit]

    Planetary bombardment is a vital mission in assault fleets, and such fire often requires a different class of weapon than line combatants possess. Precision KEW and GUW weapons are preferred for many missions over DEW weaponry. While a spinal mount weapon can be effective in almost any mission, bombardment ships are often equipped with bays of weaponry that can be more effective at planetary bombardment. Many ships are equipped with makertech factories capable of creating bombardment munitions only limited by the local supply of a planetoid ring.

    Image Repository[edit]

    Type OB Bombardment Vessel:

    1. A Huron class Bombardment Cruiser preparing to bombard a mainworld into submission.
      Heron-Bombard-Cruiser-T20-RESIZE-B-Gibson-TA7-Ftng. Ships.pg-30 11-Sept-2019b.jpg

    Type OS Ortillery Strike Ship:

    1. An image of an Ortillerist-class off an older workstation screen.
      Ortillerist-class-A-Stewart 03-June-2019a.jpg

    Strategy & Tactics (Doctrine)[edit]

    Ortillery Ships have one primary mission: to bombard the enemy's non-naval assets into submission, and if they will not submit, obliterate them. Most often, this means destroying the enemies ground forces, armies, and more specifically COACC forces. This includes enemy facilities, resources, Artillery, MBTs, AFVs, and infantry among other targets. Sometimes, it enough to obliterate prestige targets such as an enemy's capital or other non-military high value targets. The use of Thunderballs should be avoided except under conditions of umlimited war, which itself should be avoided at all costs.

    Sometimes, the obliteration mission will lead to a complete planetary scrubbing, utter destruction of a planet's life-supporting qualities, destruction of the biome down to the bedrock, and in some cases even worse, to break a planet apart into an asteroid belt. TL-15 technology faces large challenges in trying to break a planet apart into rubble, but it can be done. TL-15 technology is perfectly capable of scrubbing a planet of life down to the bedrock.

    Supraclass Roles[edit]

    Ortillery Ships typically serve the following roles:
    Largecraft & Bigcraft:

    O-class Ortillery Ship Supraclass Archetypes
    Archetype Type Code
    Arsenal Ship (OB)
    Bombardment Cruiser (OB)
    Bombardment Ship (OB)
    Orbital Bombardment Ship (OB)
    Ortillery Cruiser (OB)
    Ortillery Ship (O) (Namesake)
    Ortillery Vessel (O)
    Siege Engine (O)
    Siege Ship (O)
    Strike Ortillery Ship (OS)
    Torpedo Ship (OS)

    Size-Class Roles for Transport Vessels[edit]

    1. Utility Craft (U) (1 to 99 tons)
    2. Very Light Ortillery Ship (OVL) (100 to 2,499 tons)
    3. Light Ortillery Ship (OL) (2,500 to 99,999 tons)
    4. Medium Ortillery Ship (OM) (100,000 to 249,999 tons)
    5. Heavy Ortillery Ship (OH) (250,000 to 499,999 tons)
    6. Superheavy Ortillery Ship (OS) (500,000 to 999,999 tons)
    7. Ultraheavy Ortillery Ship (OU) (1,000,000 or more tons)

    Military Subcraft[edit]

    Military subcraft (...both smallcraft and bigcraft) are carried by some of these vessels:

    1. Battle Rider (BR)
    2. Combat Barge (WBG)
    3. Combat Transport Smallcraft (UI)
    4. Fighters (F)
    5. Militarized Utility Craft (UQ)

    Supraclass Archetypal Roles[edit]

    These vessels typically serve the following archetypal roles:

    O-class Ortillery Ship Supraclass Archetypes
    Archetype Type Code Exemplar Remarks
    Ortillery Ship
    O-class Huron class Bombardment Cruiser The general orty ship classification.
    • O = Ortillery
    Strike Ortillery Ship OS-class Ortillerist class Torpedo Ship A Strike Ortillery Ship is an Ortillery Ship optimized for hit-and-fade operations, unleashing a payload then fleeing (usually jumping) before retaliation can reach it.
    • S = Strike
    NOTES: There is semantic overlap between many of the classes and codes. Some codes organize by mission or capability, others by size and tonnage, and yet others by other characteristics.

    History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

    Early generation naval weaponry had difficulty penetrating atmospheres. Lasers and DEW energy weapons dissipated, many projectile weapons ablated under atmospheres and, in general, what worked against starships in the vacuum didn't work nearly so well in a planetary bombardment role. So, ortillery bombardment ships were created; vessels specialized to destroy infrastructure and planetside targets of opportunity. The first few generations were very limited, but the most contemporary technology is very capable. [1]

    A dedicated ortillery ship can still outperform the typical cruiser or battleship in their specialized role, making them a valued asset in almost any fleet. [2]

    Bombardment Ships[edit]

    Planetary bombardment is one of those missions that no one likes to think about doing, but has to be done, and the bombardment cruiser is ideally suited to the mission. A bombardment cruiser is more than capable of reducing entire cities to rubble if the need arises. [3]

    While it is rare for true planetary bombardment to take place, it is relatively common for ground troops to need orbital fire support. Any AssaultRon that is tasked with invading enemy territory will have one, if not more, of these cruisers riding overhead. With adequate intelligence, the bombardment cruiser is able to take out enemy formations, destroy facilities and supply dumps, and even use its meson cannons to take out underground bunkers and fortifications. Any ground trooper is aware of the destruction that can be rained down from the skies. [4]

    Not the largest cruisers in the navy, the bombardment cruiser is generally in the 30,000 to 60,000 ton range. They do not generally employ spinal mounts as they are too difficult to train on a planet bound target, instead using rows or large weapons bays to create a very powerful secondary armament. [5]

    Weapons are usually meson guns, missile launchers and laser weaponry. A few bombardment cruisers also come with the facility to attach drives to any asteroids within a system and use them as area effect weapons upon the unsuspecting populace, though they are inaccurate and the environmental damage caused by such an attack makes this an option that is rarely exercised. Experiments have been conducted with mass-driver armed bombardment cruisers, capable of launching any suitable projectile (typically asteroidal matter but possibly the wrecks of the planetary defense fleet!) at ground or static orbital targets. Such weapons are of little use in ship-to-ship combat, so the Imperium prefers to mount weapons that can also be used in self-defense. [6]

    Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

    Military Ship - Warship - Ortillery Ship:

    1. Type OB class Bombardment Vessel
      1. Armageddon class Bombardment Cruiser
      2. Huron class Bombardment Cruiser
      3. Huy Braseal class Bombardment Cruiser
      4. Overlord class Bombardment Cruiser
      5. Righteous Might class Ortillery Cruiser

    Military Ship - Warship - Ortillery Ship:

    1. Type OS class Orbital Strike Ship
      1. Ortillerist class Torpedo Ship

    Ship Summary List[edit]

    Some of the most commonly used vessels in this role or these roles include:

    0 Representative Ortillery Ship (O) Classes
    No results

    0 Representative Bombardment Vessel (OB) Classes
    No results

    0 Representative Ortillery Strike Ship (OS) Classes
    No results

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