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A N-class Medical Vessel are specialized craft devoted to the practice of medicine and the biological sciences.

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Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

Please refer to the following AAB Library Data for more information:

  • Speed of Travel

  • Description (Specifications)[edit]

    Medical Craft cover a variety of medical and biological sciences missions including hospitalization, ambulancery, first aid, plague hunting, SAR (Search and Rescue) AKA Essandar, and others... in every size class from ACS to the largest FCS hospital ships. They are few, but vital with their specialized medical missions. Many are civilian vessels, but a dedicated few serve as military auxiliaries in the combat support ship grouping.

    Image Repository[edit]

    This image repository contains a selection of communications vessel images:

    Type NH Hospital Ship:

    1. No exemplar image yet available.

    Type NR Rescue Ship:

    1. A Blakeway class First Response Vessel underway to rescue the crew of a distressed Beowulf class Free Trader...
      Blakeway-ERV-GT-RESIZE-Best-of-JTAS-pg-15 27-Oct-2019b.jpg

    Type UE Life Boat / Escape Pod:

    1. A side view schematic of a Deliverance class Lifeboat.
      J0 50dT Lifeboat.jpg
    2. A small, sleek Marrel Veckor class Lifeboat, popular with the Distant Fringe.
      J-0 20dT Lifeboat Pinnace.jpg

    Type UN Medical Craft:

    1. The Camel class Medical Launch is a first responder smallcraft. This is a simple deck plan for the vessel.
      Camel-CT-DECK-PLAN-Poster 27-Oct-2019d.jpg
    2. An Olyora class Medevac Pinnace in orbit preparing to render first aid to wounded planetary combatants.
      Olyora-Aslan-Medevac-Pinnace-CT-RESIZE-pg-7 15-Oct-2019b.jpg

    Strategy & Tactics (Doctrine)[edit]

    Medical vessels are non-combatants and are not intended to engage in combat. Few carry significant offensive or defensive equipment suites. Their only viable tactic when facing hostiles is to run or hope that their escorts will face down the aggression.

    Medicals vessels are intended to provide medical services to star systems, space stations, or even travelling starship fleets. [1]

    Supraclass Roles[edit]

    Medical Vessels typically serve the following roles:

    Medical Ship:
    Largecraft & Bigcraft:

    1. Clinical Vessel (NH)
    2. Emergency Response Vessel (NR)
    3. First Response Vessel (NR)
    4. Hospital Ship (NH)
    5. Medical Craft (UN) (Namesake)
    6. Medical Frigate (NH)
    7. Medical/SAR Craft (NR)
    8. Medical Scout (NR)
    9. Medical Ship (N) (Namesake)
    10. Medical Vessel (N)
    11. Plague Hunter Vessel (NR)
    12. Rescue Ship (NR)

    Medical Smallcraft:

    1. Medevac Pinnace (UNR)
    2. Medical Launch (UN)
    3. Medical Shuttle (UN)
    4. Medical Smallcraft (UN) (Namesake)
    5. Rescue Smallcraft (UNR)
    6. Search & Rescue Craft (UNR)
    7. Starbourne Ambulance (UNR)

    Size-Class Roles for Medical Vessels[edit]

    1. Medical Smallcraft (UN) (1 to 99 tons)
    2. Very Light Medical Ship (NVL) (100 to 2,499 tons)
    3. Light Medical Ship (NL) (2,500 to 99,999 tons)
    4. Medium Medical Ship (NM) (100,000 to 249,999 tons)
    5. Heavy Medical Ship (NE) (250,000 to 499,999 tons)
    6. Superheavy Medical Ship (NS) (500,000 to 999,999 tons)
    7. Ultraheavy Medical Ship (NU) (1,000,000 or more tons)

    Civilian Subcraft[edit]

    Civilian subcraft (...both smallcraft and bigcraft) are carried by some of these vessels:

    1. Barge (WB)
    2. Utility Craft (U)

    Supraclass Archetypal Roles[edit]

    These vessels typically serve the following archetypal roles:

    N-class Medical Craft Supraclass Archetypes
    Archetype Type Code/s Exemplar Remarks
    Medical Vessel N (Namesake) Kurgilash class Medical Scout The namesake medical vessel class covers all sorts of vessels from the smallest 100-tonners to truly massive hospital ships that may weight hundreds of thousands of tons in displacement. Yet, despite size disparities, all vessels in this supraclass tend to the medical needs of sophonts and their societies and civilizations. These vessels bring healers, doctors, and menders to prevent or assuage hurt, damage, plague, and disease. [2]
    • N = mediciNe
    Hospital Ship NH Relief class Hospital Ship Hospital Ships are portable medical facilities, often providing beds, surgical suites, medical laboratories, and all sorts of the services that doctors, healers, and menders provide. The largest ones provide a full spectrum of healing services while the smaller ones might provide many less services in scope. [3]
    • N = mediciNe
    • H = Hospital
    Rescue Ship NR Blakeway class First Response Vessel Rescue Ships provide less service than a portable, spacefaring medical facility. They are often a beginning step in a sequence of medical care, transferring the wounded to a larger hospital ship or fixed hospital facility. Some act a plague hunters, finding and quarantining systems until more capable laboratory vessels can catch up and treat pandemics. And yet others perform a variety of medical functions. [4]
    Life Boat / Escape Pod UE SK-3 class Lifeboat It is one of the smallest spaceships in common use. They typically displace 20 tons or less. Although its primary function is to serve as a life craft in the event that evacuation is required, it can also be used to transport passengers. While many launches perform a utility role as well as life boat and/or escape pod duties, most Type-UE-class smallcraft are specialized to only perform escape pod and/or life boat duties. Any utility capabilities are an afterthought.
    Medical Craft UN Camel class Medical Launch Medical smallcraft serve as utility crafts for medical ships. They haul patients back and forth, perform first aid, rescue, and a variety of other life-saving roles and missions. Some are specialized to track down pervasive alien pathogens or hunt down and destroy plagues. At any rate, they serve medical largecraft or provide some measure of medical capability for non-medical largecraft.
    • U = Utility
    • N = mediciNe
    NOTES: There is semantic overlap between many of the classes and codes. Some codes organize by mission or capability, others by size and tonnage, and yet others by other characteristics.

    History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

    Medicine is no differ in the TL:13-15 tech epoch than it was thousands of years ago in a simpler, pre-interstellar era of TL:7-9. As the first FTL drive technology is developed by sophont societies in the TL:7-9 tech epoch, the place of medicine in society grows no less important. Space, the vacuum or void, is immensely hostile to most forms of conventional life, and the need to have biological knowledge to mitigate these dangers is just as acute. [5]

    And just as plagues and pervasive diseases often ravage TL:1-3 societies, the interstellar societies of TL:10-12 and TL:13-15 face their own dangers, specific to a world of everyday, mainstream interstellar travel, sophonce, and multiple sophont species interacting. The need for quarantine, vetting procedures, and starfaring vessels able to provide medical services remain an important part of Charted Space. [6]

    Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

    Civilian Vessel - Largecraft - Medical Vessel:

    1. Type NH class Medical Vessel
      1. Ghent class Medical Frigate
      2. Relief class Hospital Ship

    Civilian Vessel - Largecraft - Medical Vessel:

    1. Type NR class Medical Vessel
      1. Blakeway class First Reponse Vessel
      2. Kurgilash class Medical Scout
      3. Type SM class Medical/SAR Craft

    Civilian Vessel - Smallcraft - Life Boat:

    1. Type UE class Life Boat
      1. Deliverance class Lifeboat
      2. Interstellar Lifesaver class Lifeboat
      3. KSbA Model A-23 class Lifeboat
      4. Longevity class Lifeboat
      5. Marrel Veckor class Lifeboat
      6. Model 292 class Life Boat
      7. Reliant class Lifeboat
      8. Reprieve class Escape Pod
      9. SK-3 class Lifeboat

    Civilian Vessel - Smallcraft - Medical Craft:

    1. Type UN class Medical Smallcraft
      1. Camel class Medical Launch
      2. Druse class Assault Lander
      3. Mont-PC class Patrol Cutter
      4. Olyora class Medevac Pinnace

    Ship Summary List[edit]

    Some of the most commonly used vessels in this role or these roles include:

    2 Representative Medical Vessel (N) Classes

    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Mender-of-Herds class Hospital Ship NH 14 500 3 5 Two Thousand Worlds NH-ES53
    UnderWing class Hospital Ship NH 12 900 2 4 Third Imperium NH-JS42

    2 Representative Hospital Ship (NH) Classes

    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Mender-of-Herds class Hospital Ship NH 14 500 3 5 Two Thousand Worlds NH-ES53
    UnderWing class Hospital Ship NH 12 900 2 4 Third Imperium NH-JS42

    0 Representative Rescue Ship (NR) Classes
    No results

    0 Representative Lifeboat / Escape Pod (UE) Classes
    No results

    0 Representative Medical Smallcraft (UN) Classes
    No results

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