Council of the Wise

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The Council of the Wise is an interstellar, multi-system government located in the Hadji Sector.

  • A collection of thirteen planets under central rule of a Hegemony and protected by a modest fleet.


Their goals are to maintain their collection of worlds and remain free from Solomani, Hiver or Aslan influence.

History & Background[edit]

Colonized originally by far wandering elements, dissatisfied with life under Solomani rule.

Government & Politics[edit]

The Council of the Wise is an interstellar, multi-system Hegemony, characterized by a very high degree of centralization, strong policies that direct the entire sectors or states, and a strong disregard for local/planetary differences. The Council of the Wise is usually characterized as a Hegemony.

Technology & Trade[edit]

Their highest technology level available is TL–12.

Military & Intelligence[edit]

They have two ScoutRons based at Raspyn (Hadji 2526 C00078B-A) and Penner (Hadji 2727 B335587-B).

They have three "battle fleets", one stationed at each of the three Naval Bases within their territory. These squadrons are nearly uniform in composition, yet field an odd assortment of craft contributed from local ship yards at a variety of technology levels. Each planet capable of building ships or military craft of any type are commissioned and awarded defense contracts to build the best designs they can manage with their local resources and industrial-military abilities. This makes the force challenging to employ but fosters espirt de corps. The vast shipyards at Infelice (Hadji 2626 A8689DF-B) are responsible for almost all merchant marine tonnage in the cluster. The scouts, transports, tankers and couriers of the ScoutRons are all built here. Logistical support assets are attached to each battle fleet as needed, based on current operational schedules and training requirements.

Battle Fleet Alpha -- Dungfumbler (Hadji 3124 B100599-A)[edit]

Forces assigned

Battle Fleet Beta -- Rita (Hadji 2728 A310255-C)[edit]

Forces assigned

Battle Fleet Delta -- Ferrer (Hadji 2925 B5479CF-8)[edit]

Forces assigned

Battle Fleet Gamma[edit]

There are rumors that there was a Battle Fleet Gamma, destroyed in an epic battle. Legends of their heroic exploits in the face of grave odds, are used to inspire and instruct naval recruits. The propaganda is that they gave their lives to permit the formation of the Council of the Wise and that all sailors must be ready to do the same.

Sectors & Astrography[edit]

Thirteen worlds in the Hadji Sector.

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