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C-class Cruisers are military starships capable of independent operations and of support of the main line of battle.

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Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

Please refer to the following AAB Library Data for more information:

  • Speed of Travel

  • Description (Specifications)[edit]

    Cruisers: Cruisers are more lightly armored and less heavily armed than battleships. To unarmed, unarmored ships, this difference is negligible, since a cruiser can easily attack and destroy any noncombatant ships. Cruisers are assigned to support battleships and carry combat to areas where a battleship is not considered necessary. [1]

    • Cruisers are intended to fulfill two diverse missions. In battle, they support and reinforce the larger capital ships (... either battleships or battle rider squadrons) which are present and which form the main line of battle, generally from the flanks. They also perform independent operations, often forming the center of task forces which have no capital ships. Cruisers are also put to use as independent ships. [2]
    • Cruisers are often multi-mission capable vessels defined by their higher maneuver capability and/or longer independent cruising range (... normally defined as higher jump capability and/or fuel capacity) than what is normally considered standard for fleet mobility parameters. Nevertheless there are some vessels that are called cruisers that do not quite match the high-mobility standards typical of the supra-class, most of which tend to suffer reassignment or reclassification of their mission descriptor at some subsequent point in their operational history. [3]
    • Battlecruisers are the largest cruisers, meant to dominate the spaceways and go head to head with equivalent weight warships. There is very little difference between a smaller battleship and a battlecruiser. However, while the two supraclasses of vessels carry similar firepower, battlecruisers strongly tend to be less armored and screened than an equivalent battleship.

    Image Repository[edit]

    This image repository contains a selection of cruiser images:

    Type CA Armored Cruiser:

    1. No image yet available.

    Type CB Battlecruiser:

    1. No image yet available.

    Type CF Frontier Cruiser / Colonial Cruiser / Vanguard Cruiser:

    1. A Nemesis class Intruder Cruiser patrolling in front of a moon lit up by a nearby star.
      Nemesis-Intruder-Cruiser-MT-RESIZE-SS-Crompton-TTD11 06-Sept-2019b.png
    2. A line drawing of a Kinunir class Vanguard Cruiser.

    Type CGM Missile Cruiser:

    1. A Vrysonu class Missile Cruiser waiting for prey to enter its missile engagement envelope.
      Vyysonu-CGM-T20-RESIZE-BG-FS-pg-22 06-Oct-2019b.jpg

    Type CH Heavy Cruiser:

    1. An Atlantic class Heavy Cruiser on patrol.
      Atlantic Heavy-Cruiser-CT-RESIZE-Supp-9-pg-33 16-Sept-2019b.jpg
    2. A side schematic with a USP and basic performance data for the Regal class Battlecruiser.
      Regal-Battlecruiser-CT-RESIZE-Fugate-TD7-pg-28 29-Sept-2019b.jpg

    Type CL Light Cruiser:

    1. A Foghoks class Heavy Cruiser under high velocity in deep space.
      Foghoks-Hvy-Cruiser-MT-RESIZE-T-Peters-Rebellion-pg-79 10-Sept-2019b.jpg
    2. An Iroieah class Light Cruiser on clan missions in Hierate Space.
      Iroieah-CT-RESIZE-Mike-Jackson-TI-02-pg-18 16-Oct-2019b.jpg

    Type CM Medium Cruiser:

    1. The Aek Naz class Battlecruiser is a sturdy, utilitarian design built by the Vargr for hard combat.
      Aek-Naz-Battlecruiser-MT-RESIZE-T-Peters-Rebellion-pg-78 10-Sept-2019b.jpg
    2. A lethal Eviscerator class Remote Offensive Unit intercepting enemy warships.
      Eviscerator-Hiver-Warship-T5RESIZE-Matti-Laakso 05-Oct-2019b.jpg

    Type CS Strike Cruiser:

    1. A Zhodani Vlezhdatl strike formation in high guard position.
      Vlezhdatl-class-FASA-CT-Cover 15-July-2019a.jpg
    2. An Arakoine class Strike Cruiser on route to bombard an enemy mainworld into submission.
      Arakoine-Strike-Cruiser-CT-RESIZE-P-Jaquays-pg-29 12-Sept-2019b.jpg
    3. A schematic side view and basic performance data for a Aenoegrr class Strike Cruiser.
      Aenogr-class-2019-09-15 040046.jpg

    Type CVL Very Light Cruiser / Escort Cruiser:

    1. A Type C class Cruiser, a mass-produced very light cruiser or escort cruiser used to patrol the star lanes.
      Cruiser-T5-Core-Rules-Pg-359 25-July-2018a.jpg

    Type CY Mercenary Cruiser:

    1. An Aositaoh class Mercenary Cruiser cruising through space with a deadly load of Aslan warriors.
      Aositaoh-Merc-Cruiser-MGT-1-RESIZE-Aslan-pg-95 12-Sept-2019b.jpg
    2. A landed Broadsword class deploying troops.
      Broadsword class Mercenary Cruiser.jpg
    3. A Coeus class Assault Pinnace approaching a Tethys class Mercenary Transport and preparing to dock.
      Tethys-CT-RESIZE-Keith-FASA 19-Oct-2019b.jpg

    Heavyweight Cruiser vs Speedy Cruiser?[edit]

    CONFUSING TERMINOLOGY: The term Cruiser can often be misleading. Defined namesake cruisers are large, heavyweight vessels that can support the line-of-battle, and are meant to slug it out in main fleet engagements. They are large, well armed ships, that can even overwhelm dreadnoughts and super-heavy vessels in sufficient numbers. Vessels such as the Arakoine class Strike Cruiser or Aek Naz class Battlecruiser represent these large vessels which can have displacements in the range of multiple tens of thousands of tons. Obsolescent members of the Cruiser classification (... such as the Lightning class Fleet Intruder, now reclassified as the Lightning class Frontier Cruiser) are often sold off to the IISS, to Colonial or Provincial Subsector Navies, or are put into strategic reserve for reactivation and reassignment to Subsector Navies in time of war.

    There are also vessels called "Cruisers" which lack the size and hitting power of the aforementioned Imperial Navy cruisers, but typically possess speed and endurance. They cruise or move speedily compared to larger capital ships. These are often small, speedy vessels that hit over weight for their size class, but would stand next to no chance against a naval-fleet sized slugger of a combatant. Vessels such as these are generally referred to as "Colonial Cruisers" and are typically found in Subsector and/or Planetary Naval forces as heavy patrol vessels. Vessels massing in the 800-3000 ton range (... such as the Sydkai class Colonial Cruiser or Broadsword class Mercenary Cruiser) are representative of this smaller latter type. By Imperial Navy standards, they are cruisers in name only.

    Strategy & Tactics (Doctrine)[edit]

    Cruisers are more lightly armored and less heavily armed than battleships. To unarmed, unarmored ships, this difference is negligible since a cruiser can easily attack and destroy any noncombatant ships. Cruisers are assigned to support battleships and carry combat to areas where a battleship is not considered necessary.

    Supraclass Roles[edit]

    Cruisers typically serve the following roles:
    Largecraft & Bigcraft:

    C-class Cruiser Supraclass Archetypes
    Archetype Type Code
    Armored Cruiser (CA)
    Assault Cruiser (CS)
    Asteroid Cruiser (C)
    Attack Cruiser (CS)
    Battle Cruiser (CB)
    Bombardment Cruiser (O)
    Colonial Cruiser (CF)
    Command Cruiser (CC)
    Control Cruiser (CF)
    Cruiser Rider (BR)
    Defense Cruiser (C)
    Escort Cruiser (CVL)
    Exploratory Cruiser (L)
    Fast Cruiser (CF)
    Fleet Intruder (CF)
    Flotilla Leader (CC)
    Frontier Cruiser (CF)
    Gunned Cruiser (CG)
    Heavy Cruiser (CH) (...old CA)
    Intelligence Cruiser (CF)
    Intruder Cruiser (CF)
    Light Cruiser (CL)
    Medium Cruiser (CM)
    Mercenary Cruiser (CY)
    Mercenary Transport (CY)
    Merchant Cruiser (A, M, R, T)
    Missile Cruiser (CGM)
    Patrol Cruiser (HP)
    Provincial Cruiser (CF)
    Rift Cruiser (CFJ)
    Scout Cruiser (CF)
    Screening Cruiser (CS)
    Strike Cruiser (CS)
    Support Cruiser (C)
    Vanguard Cruiser (CF)
    Very Light Cruiser (CVL)
    War Cruiser (CS)

    Size-Class Roles for Cruiser Vessels[edit]

    1. Utility Craft (U) (1 to 99 tons)
    2. Escort (E) (100 to 2,499 tons)
    3. Escort Cruiser or Very Light Cruiser (CE) (100 to 2,499 tons)
    4. Mercenary Cruiser (CY) (100 to 2,499 tons)
    5. Light Cruiser (CL) (2,500 to 24,999 tons)
    6. Medium Cruiser (CM) (25,000 to 49,999 tons)
    7. Heavy Cruiser (CH) (50,000 to 99,999 tons)
    8. Battlecruiser (CS) (100,000 or larger tons)

    Military Subcraft[edit]

    Military subcraft (...both smallcraft and bigcraft) are carried by some of these vessels:

    1. Battle Rider (BR)
    2. Combat Barge (WBG)
    3. Combat Transport Smallcraft (UI)
    4. Fighters (F)
    5. Militarized Utility Craft (UQ)

    Supraclass Archetypal Roles[edit]

    These vessels typically serve the following archetypal roles:

    C-class Cruiser Supraclass Archetypes
    Archetype Type Code/s Exemplar Remarks
    Cruiser C Kinunir class Vanguard Cruiser The overarching cruiser designation covers a variety of lone combatants with less combat ability than a battleship, but more than a destroyer or escort. However, like all designations, craft across vast many technology epochs are still in service, so there is a vast overlaps of many vessels definitions and types.
    • C = Cruiser
    Armored Cruiser CA Ghalalk class Armored Cruiser Armored Cruisers are designed to combine long range, high speed, and heavy weapons. Their spinal mounted armament is the same size or only slightly smaller than that of ships of line, like their larger cousins the battleships and dreadnoughts. It is difficult to strike and perfect balance between mobility, protection and weapons. Imperial armored cruisers typically fall in the 50,000-75,000 ton range, larger cruisers often slip into the battle cruiser range. Armored cruisers usually carry armor and screens sufficient to protect them from any hits from turret mounted weapons. Only the largest missile bays and spinal mounts have any hope of seriously wounding them. These ships are often called upon for long range patrol and raiding. They might be tasked as a flag ship for a group of smaller ships. They often protect large fleet assets, such as carriers and assault transports. Their copious missile armament means they can provide devastating artillery barrages. Many commanders look upon their heavy cruisers as versatile survivors, ships capable of a wide variety of roles and tasks.
    • C = Cruiser
    • A = Armored
    Battlecruiser CB Vlezhdatl class Strike Cruiser Battle Cruisers combine the spinal mounted meson or particle accelerator firepower of battleships and the armor and screen protection of cruisers. They tend to be fast with good strategic jump mobility. The trade off is in the realm of heavy armor plating. They are unable to sustain the punishment that battleships can deal out and absorb. Battle Cruisers' operational philosophy is to out run whatever they can not out gun. They are built to destroy and survival is of secondary importance. They often lead deep penetration raids to disrupt "secure" rear areas and terrorize merchant shipping lanes with a few fast escorts.

    Strike Cruisers involve certain trade offs. They sacrifice nearly everything for extreme jump range, they all use the maximum jump drive for their respective tech level of manufacture. As a result they carry so much jump fuel, occasionally drop tanks or dis-mountable fuel tanks, they have less space left over for weapons, maneuver drives, or armor. This is the logical extension of the hit and run design philosophy. The deep strikes behind enemy lines require a special mind set, the captain of these ships act as assassins picking off key targets, vital assets, before sprinting away.
    War Cruisers can be any type of cruiser, except a mercenary or rift cruiser, although they tend to be vessels with heavier armament. They are often known as attack cruisers.

    • (100,000 or larger tons)
    • C = Cruiser
    • B = Battle
    Frontier Cruiser CF Lightning class Frontier Cruiser Frontier Cruisers are usually mid-sized vessels with high jump capabilities assigned to frontier areas. They fill a variety of roles including frontier security, SAR, intelligence gathering, and force projection. Ships of this class may also be known as Fleet Intruders, and Scout Cruisers. These vessels are also known as Provincial Cruisers.

    Rift Cruisers are designated base on their operational area, stellar rifts. They have longer jump drive capabilities, and often have a priority on the assignment of naval personnel and replacement parts. Personnel assigned to a Rift Cruiser often get "risk" pay for duty in stellar rifts.

    • C = Cruiser
    • F = Frontier, Fleet Intruder, Intelligence, Intruder, Provincial, Rift, Scout, etc.
    Missile Cruiser CGM Vrysonu class Missile Cruiser Missile Cruisers were developed to emphasize the overall benefits of missile armaments. Missile cruiser sacrifice the spinal mount to mount additional heavy missile bays.
    • C = Cruiser
    • G = Guided
    • M - Missile
    Heavy Cruiser CH Arakoine class Strike Cruiser A Heavy Cruiser is a size-displacement category which includes vessels that weigh between 50,000 to 99,999 tons.
    • C = Cruiser
    • H = Heavy
    Light Cruiser CL Gionetti class Light Cruiser
    SEH class Light Cruiser
    A Light Cruiser is typically the smallest fleet combatant with a spinal mount. They as fast as a destroyer with the range of a heavy cruiser. They don't carry as much armor. They are not intended to last on the line of battle versus heavier ships. They are used to escort carriers, troop transports, tankers and logistical ships. They are also used to lead groups of destroyers. They scout ahead of main fleet elements and protect the flanks of large fleets. Imperial light cruisers are from 10,000 tons to just below 50,000 tons. Ships below 10,000 tons are fleet escorts, but some designs in that range are labelled light cruisers.
    • (2,500 to 24,999 tons)
    • C = Cruiser
    • L = Light
    Medium Cruiser CM Aek Naz class Battlecruiser A Medium Cruiser is a size-displacement category which includes vessels that weigh between 25,000 to 49,999 tons.
    • C = Cruiser
    • M = Medium
    Strike Cruiser or Attack Cruiser CS Vlezhdatl class Strike Cruiser Attack or Strike Cruisers emphasize a heavy offensive weapon load, typically beam weapons, at the expensive of armor and other protective equipment.
    • C = Cruiser
    • S = Strike, Attack, Combat, War, etc.
    Very Light Cruiser CVL Sydkai class Cruiser Escort Cruisers often carry powerful secondary and tertiary defenses in order to stick close to and defend high-value capital assets in a fleet formation (such as flag dreadnoughts or battle tenders) from attack or harassment by missiles and/or smaller and faster light vessels. Patrol Cruisers may fill the role of both frontier and rear area security. Although this role more properly belongs to smaller vessels, occasionally more powerful vessels are assigned. Reconnaissance Cruisers are lighter cruisers with limited armament, but high jump and maneuver, and are equipped with extensive sensor suites. Also called Intelligence Cruisers.
    • (100 to 2,499 tons)
    • C = Cruiser
    • VL = Very Light
    Mercenary Cruiser CY Broadsword class Mercenary Cruiser Mercenary Cruisers are an answer to the relative lawlessness of some regions of the Imperium that have long posed a problem to those in authority; they are torn between a need to provide protection and order to all areas under Imperial domain, and a rational understanding that cost is a continuing factor in such actions. One solution is the toleration of hired troop units within especially troublesome subsectors. Such units help maintain a basic semblance of order to the worlds and systems within, and are available (at a nominal additional cost) to those in the region desiring more action or greater attention to their own problems. The Imperial hand in such arrangements is clearly seen in their tacit approval of mercenary actions, including referrals in some cases where calls for help are received. The Imperial bureaucracy, in its efforts to provide assistance, has also taken the step of commissioning the design of a standard mercenary cruiser to carry such units throughout their areas of responsibility, and has made these ships available through the provision of low cost construction loans. The design itself is well thought out and has been used for innumerable other tasks, including some Imperial and subsector military missions, and as fleet auxiliaries to the Imperial Navy. There have been numerous arguments that such vessels should not have military designations, but they continue to do so. They constitute a naval reserve with many navies.
    • C = Cruiser
    • Y = MercenarY
    Cruiser Rider BR No exemplar yet available. Cruiser Riders are any cruiser rated vessel which lacks independent jump capability, but instead relies on another vessel to provide jump capability. Such vessels are usually called "Cruiser Tenders." Due to the lack of a jump drive and associated fuel tanks, designers reallocate tonnage to weapons, armor, and in-system maneuverability.
    • B = Battle
    • R = Rider
    Bombardment Cruiser
    O Huron class Bombardment Cruiser Bombardment Cruiser are usually a heavy or light cruiser type containing armaments focused on supporting planetary assault operations through surface bombardment.
    • O = Ortillery
    NOTES: There is semantic overlap between many of the classes and codes. Some codes organize by mission or capability, others by size and tonnage, and yet others by other characteristics.

    Caledonian Frigates[edit]

    Caledonian Frigate-Cruiser Supraclass Archetypes
    Archetype Type Code/s Exemplar Remarks
    Caledonian Frigates CL, CM, CH Sunderland class Heavy Frigate In Caledonian navy parlance, cruisers are called "frigates" (heavy and light). This is mostly for historical and traditional reasons.
    • C = Cruiser
    • H = Heavy
    • L - Light
    • M = Medium
    NOTES: There is semantic overlap between many of the classes and codes. Some codes organize by mission or capability, others by size and tonnage, and yet others by other characteristics.

    History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

    Even before the advent of spacefaring and later starfaring naval ships, in an era of oars, sails, and maritime navies, cruisers tend to form the backbone of any viable navy. Cruisers are the largest combat ships in an affordable class since battleships are prohibitively expensive and only available to the superpowers of their era. Cruisers can be built much more quickly than battleships. Many cruisers can be built in two years or less compared to some battleships which might take many years.

    Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

    Military Ship - Warship - Armored Cruiser:

    1. Type CA class Armored Cruiser
      1. Afteasea class Armored Cruiser
      2. Ghalalk class Armored Cruiser
      3. Kefchenzh class Armored Cruiser
      4. Last Armada class Armored Cruiser
      5. Paladin class Armored Cruiser
      6. Presidio class Armoured Cruiser
      7. Resolute Bastion class Armored Cruiser

    Military Ship - Warship - Battlecruiser:

    1. Type CB class Battlecruiser
      1. Akrzhdiats class Heavy Cruiser
      2. Audacious class Battlecruiser
      3. Diaspora class Battlecruiser
      4. Duneed class Battle Cruiser
      5. Exorcist class Battle Cruiser
      6. Gzong!xk class Battlecruiser
      7. Invincible class Heavy Cruiser
      8. Majestic class Battle Cruiser
      9. SH100K class Battle Cruiser
      10. Spider class Battle Cruiser
      11. Vitatus class Battlecruiser

    Military Ship - Warship - Frontier Cruiser:

    1. Type CF class Frontier Cruiser
      1. Bdaarikhar class Scout Cruiser
      2. Fulda class Scout Cruiser
      3. Kinunir class Vanguard Cruiser
      4. Lightning class Frontier Cruiser
      5. Manx class Fleet Intruder
      6. Nam Pak class Scout Cruiser
      7. Nemesis class Intruder Cruiser
      8. Pinq class Scout Cruiser
      9. TC18 Hocdef class Colonial Cruiser

    Military Ship - Warship - Missile Cruiser:

    1. Type CGM class Missile Cruiser
      1. Dalet class Asteroid Cruiser
      2. Harmal class Missile Cruiser
      3. Heng-O class Missile Cruiser
      4. Kargash class Light Cruiser
      5. Kwang class Missile Cruiser
      6. Murian Pride class Missile Cruiser
      7. Tizon class Missile Cruiser
      8. Type 095 Shang class Missile Cruiser
      9. Vrysonu class Missile Cruiser

    Military Ship - Warship - Heavy Cruiser:

    1. Type CH class Heavy Cruiser
      1. Arakoine class Strike Cruiser
      2. Atlantic class Heavy Cruiser
      3. Aubaka class Battle Cruiser
      4. Bastion class Battle Cruiser
      5. Blake class Heavy Cruiser
      6. Canton class Control Cruiser
      7. Chazhdr class Light Cruiser
      8. Conquest class Heavy Cruiser
      9. Cynical Son class Battlecruiser
      10. Dacrows Mire class Battlecruiser
      11. Dadiat class Heavy Cruiser
      12. Dauntless class Heavy Cruiser
      13. Effendi class Heavy Cruiser
      14. Elaezoe class Cruiser
      15. Elfen Lied class Heavy Cruiser
      16. Eurisko class Heavy Cruiser
      17. Fulcrum class Battlecruiser
      18. Gateway class Heavy Cruiser
      19. Gauntlet class Battlecruiser
      20. Glenaurian class Heavy Cruiser
      21. Gridlow class Heavy Cruiser
      22. Halsey Keats class Heavy Cruiser
      23. Honre class Asteroid Battle Cruiser
      24. Hu Gi Singh class Battlecruiser
      25. Iridium Vow class Battlecruiser
      26. Joker class Battle Cruiser
      27. Kagori class Battlecruiser
      28. Kalradin class Battlecruiser
      29. Kas'Drak class Strike Cruiser
      30. Kirov class Cruiser
      31. Mercury class Heavy Cruiser
      32. Minsk class Heavy Cruiser
      33. Mongol Risen class Cruiser
      34. Narmo class Heavy Cruiser
      35. Neivrdlalh class Heavy Cruiser
      36. Nightrim class Heavy Cruiser
      37. Nordica class Battlecruiser
      38. Normandy class Heavy Cruiser
      39. Panjiach class Heavy Cruiser
      40. Planet class Heavy Cruiser
      41. Pukushik class Cruiser
      42. Refined class Heavy Cruiser
      43. Regal class Battlecruiser
      44. Repulse class Heavy Cruiser
      45. Rugiceps class Light Cruiser
      46. Scapa class Heavy Frigate
      47. Sentinel class Heavy Cruiser
      48. SH70K class Heavy Cruiser
      49. Shtiaba class Light Cruiser
      50. Tash class Heavy Cruiser
      51. Tliabazhdrinzh class Heavy Cruiser
      52. Trend class Support Cruiser
      53. Umbra class Battlecruiser
      54. Viatoris class Heavy Cruiser
      55. Vieblazhdr class Heavy Cruiser
      56. Vonk class Cruiser
      57. Vrapkenchkinj class Light Battlecruiser
      58. Windhorst class Heavy Cruiser
      59. Xing!kir class Light Cruiser
      60. Xundar class Heavy Cruiser

    Military Ship - Warship - Light Cruiser:

    1. Type CL class Light Cruiser
      1. Amazone class Light Cruiser
      2. Atsah class Light Cruiser
      3. Basilos class Pocket Cruiser
      4. Blue Ridge class Command Cruiser
      5. Blunt Force class Light Cruiser
      6. Death's Head class Light Cruiser
      7. Delightful class Light Cruiser
      8. Dimin class Pocket Cruiser
      9. Foghoks class Heavy Cruiser
      10. Grinder class Light Cruiser
      11. Griswold class Light Cruiser
      12. Guanxou class Light Cruiser
      13. Gvergh class Cruiser
      14. Holy Avenger class Pursuit Cruiser
      15. Hughes class Light Cruiser
      16. Ikired*Ni class Medium Cruiser
      17. Imporis class Light Cruiser
      18. Intrepid class Cruiser
      19. Iroieah class Light Cruiser
      20. K'shek class Light Cruiser
      21. Ka'sch class Battle Cruiser
      22. Khiirshag class Light Cruiser
      23. Kilbride class Light Frigate
      24. Lenat class Light Cruiser
      25. Lon Mardos class Light Cruiser
      26. Montrose class Light Frigate
      27. Oumuamua class Light Cruiser
      28. Plizhdrint class Light Cruiser
      29. Pteron class Battle Cruiser
      30. Pugnacious class Battle Cruiser
      31. Resadiye class Light Cruiser
      32. Riavl class Light Cruiser
      33. Sabre class Light Cruiser
      34. Salazar class Light Cruiser
      35. Sanoet class Light Cruiser
      36. Sarmonocci class Light Cruiser
      37. SH20K class Light Cruiser
      38. Shizhdr class Light Cruiser
      39. Swooping Victory class Defense Cruiser
      40. Tacoolu class Light Cruiser
      41. Terminus class Light Cruiser
      42. Terrible class Light Cruiser
      43. Ticonderoga class Light Cruiser
      44. Trundi Fringe class Light Cruiser
      45. Type C31 class Cruiser
      46. Valeria class Light Cruiser
      47. Vlezdre' class Light Cruiser
      48. Vosh class Security Cruiser
      49. Warhound class Light Cruiser
      50. Weakhto class Cruiser
      51. Winston class Light Cruiser
      52. Zhdavldlits class Light Cruiser
      53. Zydar class Light Cruiser

    Military Ship - Warship - Medium Cruiser:

    1. Type CM class Medium Cruiser
      1. Addaran class Cruiser
      2. Aek Naz class Battlecruiser
      3. Alderbaran class Heavy Cruiser
      4. Antrim class Heavy Frigate
      5. Arliliushruu class Medium Cruiser
      6. Assassin class Light Cruiser
      7. Aurlikro class Light Cruiser
      8. Berserker class Light Cruiser
      9. Bullard Dempsey class Cruiser
      10. Dlevrrk class Light Cruiser
      11. Drag class Screening Cruiser
      12. Eso Ilian class Cruiser
      13. Eviscerator class Remote Offensive Unit
      14. Fearless class Medium Cruiser
      15. Forfar class Heavy Frigate
      16. Gallant class Light Cruiser
      17. Gionetti class Light Cruiser
      18. Hamidiye class Light Cruiser
      19. Harbinger class Medium Cruiser
      20. Heng-O class Small Cruiser
      21. Irloom class Light Cruiser
      22. Lord Adrian class Light Cruiser
      23. Lydia class Medium Cruiser
      24. MaKwaWo class Heavy Cruiser
      25. Moot Point class Light Cruiser
      26. Nara class Light Cruiser
      27. Nidashiajobr class Light Cruiser
      28. Rull class Light Cruiser
      29. Samuelson class Medium Cruiser
      30. SEH class Light Cruiser
      31. Starburst class Light Cruiser
      32. Sting class Medium Cruiser
      33. Sunderland class Heavy Frigate
      34. Tal Varisa class Light Cruiser
      35. Thin Red Line class Light Cruiser
      36. Tyrian Lordship class Light Cruiser
      37. Victory Complete class Cruiser
      38. Yesto class Light Cruiser
      39. Yiesieltsie class Light Cruiser

    Military Ship - Warship - Strike Cruiser:

    1. Type CS class Strike Cruiser
      1. Admiral Clarkson class Attack Cruiser
      2. Aenoegrr class Strike Cruiser
      3. Agidda class Attack Cruiser
      4. Dzen class Strike Cruiser
      5. Fitl class Strike Cruiser
      6. Flinder class War Cruiser
      7. Gauntlet class Strike Cruiser
      8. Hroilri'ea class Strike Cruiser
      9. Nibar class Strike Cruiser
      10. Rambler class Strike Cruiser
      11. Rapier class War Cruiser
      12. Sniper class Strike Cruiser
      13. Tash class War Cruiser
      14. Tempest class Attack Cruiser
      15. Titan class Strike Cruiser
      16. Vlezhdatl class Strike Cruiser
      17. Waco class Strike Cruiser

    Military Ship - Warship - Very Light Cruiser:

    1. Type CVL class Very Light Cruiser
      1. Sydkai class Cruiser
      2. TC15 Edhoda class Light Cruiser
      3. Type C class Cruiser

    Paramilitary Ship - Warship - Mercenary Cruiser:

    1. Type CY class Mercenary Cruiser
      1. Aositaoh class Mercenary Cruiser
      2. Ares Dragon class Mercenary Cruiser
      3. Broadsword class Mercenary Cruiser
      4. Byrna class Mercenary Cruiser
      5. Duke Boris class Mercenary Cruiser
      6. Longsword class Mercenary Cruiser
      7. Mauler class Mercenary Cruiser
      8. Tethys class Mercenary Transport
      9. Tleiatre class Battle Leader
      10. Type C class Mercenary Cruiser

    Ship Summary List[edit]

    Some of the most commonly used vessels in this role or these roles include:

    1 Representative Cruiser (C) Classes

    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Krait class Frigate CF 11 1,000 2 3 Distant Fringe

    0 Representative Armored Cruiser (CA) Classes
    No results

    0 Representative Battlecruiser (CB) Classes
    No results

    1 Representative Frontier Cruiser (CF) Classes

    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Class Mission Code TL Tons Jump G Origin Canon Quick ship profile
    Krait class Frigate CF 11 1,000 2 3 Distant Fringe

    0 Representative Missile Cruiser (CGM) Classes
    No results

    0 Representative Heavy Cruiser (CH) Classes
    No results

    0 Representative Light Cruiser (CL) Classes
    No results

    0 Representative Medium Cruiser (CM) Classes
    No results

    0 Representative Strike Cruiser (CS) Classes
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