Resolute Bastion class Armored Cruiser

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Resolute Bastion class Armored Cruiser
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Type: CA Armored Cruiser
Agility 0
Also see Cruiser
Architect William Prankard
Blueprint No
Canon Yes. Published, canon starship design.
Cargo 15.5 Tons
Cost MCr16,798.5
Crew 321
Enlisted 280
Officers 41
EOS Still in active service.
Era 1105
Hardpoints 400
Hull Slab Hull
Illustration Yes
IOC Unknown
Jump J-3
Maneuver 2 G
Manufacturer Mark Cylo Shipyard
Marines X
Model Model/6 fib
Origin Third Imperium
Passengers 180 High/Med 0 Low
Reference Fighting Ships 28.
Size 40,000 Tons
Size-cat BCS
Streamlining Unstreamlined Hull
Tech Level TL–12
Starships are designed with the Classic Traveller format, using High Guard.

The Resolute Bastion class Armored Cruiser is a heavy warship.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Bastions are little more than flying bricks. Although they were designed for the Imperial fleet, the concept was not found to be particularly useful and all surviving examples are now in service with the colonial or reserve fleets, or have been converted to monitors.

The Bastion is a 40,000 ton hull with very heavy armor. Capable of Jump-3 and 2g acceleration, these lumbering blocks of metal are designed to take massive punishment and carry on fighting. Their only real problem is that they just don’t fight very well.

Armament is built around a relatively light spinal particle accelerator, backed up by missile bays and a decent tertiary armament of lasers. Fire control is adequate at best, and prone to strange glitches. However, this is overcome by switching in one of the many multiply-redundant backups.

Bastions are somewhat crew-intensive, so although they are cheap to buy for planetary navies, they are not cheap to operate. Many examples have been converted or have had part of their armament decommissioned to reduce manpower requirements, but overall the Resolute Bastion is a poor design, badly implemented, and with few redeeming features. Cynical naval personnel have said that, “the only thing that the Bastion does well is take damage. It starts off poor but at least it doesn’t get much worse.”

This appraisal pretty much sums up the Bastion class.

Image Repository[edit]

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General Description & Deck Plans[edit]

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Basic Ship Characteristics[edit]

Following the Imperial Navy and IISS Universal Ship Profile and data, additional information is presented in the format shown here. The small craft factor indicates the number of squadrons (...of ten subcraft) carried on the ship. Tonnage on the universal ship profile is shown in kilotons (...thousands of tons) where necessary. [1]

Basic Ship Characteristics [2]
No. Category Remarks
1. Tonnage / Hull TBD tons.
2. Crew xTBD crew.
3. Performance / Engineering Propulsion:
4. Main Section / Electronics Model/TBD fib ship computer.
5. Hardpoints xTBD hardpoints.
6. Armament / Weaponry The normal weapons fit-out for it is:
7. Defenses Defensive Equipment:
8. Craft / Drones TBD
9. Fuel Treatment TBD
10. Cost MCrTBD.
11. Construction Time TBD months to build, TBD months in quantity.
12. Remarks Other Equipment:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Class Naming Practice/s & Peculiarities[edit]

Vessel Peculiarities: No information yet available.

Class Naming Practice/s: No information yet available.

Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

Military Ship - Warship - Armored Cruiser:

  1. Type CA class Armored Cruiser
    1. Afteasea class Armored Cruiser
    2. Ghalalk class Armored Cruiser
    3. Kefchenzh class Armored Cruiser
    4. Last Armada class Armored Cruiser
    5. Paladin class Armored Cruiser
    6. Presidio class Armoured Cruiser
    7. Resolute Bastion class Armored Cruiser

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