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The Energy Point (EP) is a generic metric used for calculating energy production and capability within Charted Space.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

It has been suggested that the generic energy measure, the EP, is roughly equal to 250 megawatts.[2][3]

Naval architects calculate the energy points available to ships. The calculation uses the formula E = 0.01 x M x Pn, where E equals the energy points available, M is the tonnage of the ship, and Pn is the power plant capacity.[4] Energy points are used for four purposes:

  1. Powering weapons
  2. Powering shields
  3. For maneuver drives for (agility) and...
  4. For computers. [5]

Powering Weapons, Shields, and Computers[edit]

Various weapons, screens, and computers require energy points for operation, and these must be provided from the power plant. The weapons and screens installed on a ship may not consume more energy points than the power plant generates. Additional equipment may not be installed in reserve. The total energy point requirement for all equipment onboard ship may not exceed the energy point value of the ship.[6]

Standard Agility[edit]

Energy points remaining after weapons, screens, and computers have been installed may be applied toward the ship's agility rating. A naval architect will divide the remaining energy points 0.01 M; the result is the number of agility points the ship has. Agility is the ability of the ship to make violent maneuvers and take evasive action while engaging hostile targets. A ship's agility rating may never exceed its maneuver drive rating. Battle damage may significantly impede a ship's agility rating. [7]

Emergency Agility[edit]

A ship may voluntarily refrain from using any weapons or screens (…computers may still be used) which require energy points and receive an emergency agility rating (for a short amount of time) equal to the current maneuver drive or power plant rating capacity. [8]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The EP was first created during the time of the Vilani Imperium and became an invaluable tool for Naval Architecture. Every one of the Imperiums has made use of it as a generalized metric similar to beastpower designations known as horsepower to Terrans. Early technologists found it useful as the concept of the Technology Level and standardized ideas about sophont society development (Sophontology) began to take form.[9]

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