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Energy point calculation from TNE[edit]

Alternatively, Table 218 in T4’s FF&S says that a TL-15 power plant fusing liquid hydrogen will yield 6 MW/m^3. If a ton in Traveller is about 14.11433m^3 [based on the volume required for one metric ton (1000kg) of liquid hydrogen at 70.85g/L=70.85kg/m^3], a one-ton TL-15 fusion power plant yielding 1 EP should in T4’s FF&S yield 6x14.11433MW or around 84.686MW. If, however, a ton is defined as 14m^3, then 1 EP = 84 megawatts. User:Jimv (User talk:Jimv) 06:49, 23 September 2021 (EDT)