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Fib indicates the presence of a fiber optic computer, which is better hardened to survive cosmic radiation and combat damage.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Ship’s Computer also transmits control impulses for maneuver and jump drives, and conducts the routine operation of all ship systems. What the computer actually does is based on the programs actually installed and operating at any one time. [1]

Selected Ship's Computer Types[edit]

  1. Model/1 Computer
  2. Model/2 Computer
  3. Model/3 Computer
  4. Model/4 Computer
  5. Model/5 Computer
  6. Model/6 Computer
  7. Model/7 Computer
  8. Model/8 Computer
  9. Model/9 Computer

Selected Ship's Computer Modifiers[edit]

  • bis - From the old Terran French word bis, which translates as "again".
    • It is functionally an enhanced computer.
  • fib - A contraction of Fibre Optic Computer.
    • It is functionally a computer protected against EMP or excess radiation.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Ship’s Computers within Charted Space are intentionally built to work under a number of different operating systems, different technology levels of computers, and to be extensively toughened for use under hard vacuum and heavy exposure to cosmic radiation if necessary. [2]

Computer Overview[edit]

One overall computer for the ship must be specified; the basic requirement for this computer is based on the tonnage of the ship. The catalogued computer models indicate the model number, price, tonnage, CPU, and storage minimum ship size, energy point requirement, and tech level. [3]

  • Model number is the relative size of the computer, and corresponds to the computer model numbers in earlier ship catalogues.
  • Prices are given in megacredits.
  • Tonnage is the number of interior tons required for the installation of the computer.
  • CPU and storage capacity are included for use regarding computer programming.
  • Ship size shows the hull tonnage code which requires a certain computer as a minimum. For instance, a 10,000 ton ship has hull code K, and requires at least a Model/4 computer to be installed.
  • Tech level shows the minimum expected tech level required to build the indicated computer.
  • Energy point requirement is the number of energy points which must be committed to powering the computer.

Computer model also indicates the size of the jump which the computer can safely control.[4]

  • A Model/1 computer is required on a ship which makes a Jump-1 trip, a Model/5 computer is required on a ship which makes a Jump-5 trip.
  • Computer models greater than Model/6 do not allow greater jumps, and in any case, the ship would require the appropriate jump drive.
  • The Bis models are capable of controlling a jump one higher than their model numbers. Model/1 bis is capable of controlling a Jump-2 trip.
  • Models bis and fib are often notated with a letter in parentheses after the model number. This letter is the Universal Ship Profile code for the computer. Thus, the USP code for a Model/5 fib is E.

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