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The Sath Alliance is an interstellar polity located in the rimward/trailing quadrant of Far Home Sector and dominated by the Sath, a sophont species native to Ch'kaahi (2836 Far Home).

Description / Specifications[edit]

The largest state in the Distant Fringe. The Alliance is a loose confederation riven by Factional politicking and petty rivalries.

  • The current head of state is A’cha, Issh’t’ka of the Sath and Issha of the Infinite Heavens. The Issh’t’ka controls Chaiik and rules from the Fastness of Green Spires, a fortified mountain complex located on the world.

The Sath Alliance is made up of territory controlled by rival groups. The three main Factions are:

The Ka’sa Faction, dominating the main part of the Sha’a cluster.
The Khas'ahi Faction, controlling the trailing edge of the Sha’a cluster.
The Shikh’aa Faction, controlling the whole of the K’shek cluster.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

Founding Era[edit]

The earliest known human-Sath contact occurred around 2350AD, when a human vessel performing a low level survey of Ch'kaahi's surface was intercepted by aircraft before accelerating out of the atmosphere. Contact came as a surprise to the Sath, who lived in an industrial-era society that had only recently begun to develop the sciences and technologies necessary to study and understand the nature of the universe.

The humans too were surprised by the Sath - they were the single most advanced species that they had encountered since the Last Armada had chanced across the Angels of the Rift. Humans had been aware of the Sath since at least 2325AD, when the earliest human pioneers in the region had detected radio signals originating from within the Ch'kaahi system. Human observers had reckoned the Sath to be around TL 4. The use of high altitude aircraft indicated that they were on the cusp of advancing to TL 6.

Suddenly the universe was open to them, a seemingly limitless frontier ripe for the plucking. The Sath rapidly advanced their technological base, first becoming spacefaring and then developing their own jump capable starships utilising technology derived from human developments. Their first interstellar jump was around 2525AD, to Kach'k (2835 Far Home), a system with a similar primary star to their own homeworld.

They continued to build and expand during the self-imposed isolation of the Second Confederation, when human activity in the rimward half of the Distant Fringe was at a low ebb. During this time they settled the worlds of the K’shek cluster and then the worlds of the Sha’a cluster. The Sath were desperately short of starships and progress was painfully slow. The furthest expansion of Sath explorers of the period was to the Pador-Aredian Cluster, where they made contact with The Haven. It was also their first encounter with another non-human intelligent sophont species, the Temelik of Iasanu (2224 Far Home).

The first starfaring Sath polities collapsed with the arrival of the Voyagers in 3730AD and the beginning of the Dark Age.

Expansion Era[edit]

During the Renaissance the Sath rebuilt their technological base and had restarted a space program (and ultimately interstellar travel) by the late 49th century. The systems of the K’shek cluster, under the dominance of the newly dominant Shikh’aa Faction, were at the forefront of the reemergence. By around 5550AD the Sath technological and industrial base had advanced to the point where they were able to construct their own jump-2 drives.

Throughout the period humans remained extremely reluctant to provide any jump-2 drives, even for massively inflated prices, and the few jump-2 ships that the Sath possessed were captured or sequestered vessels. Such ships tended to be used as couriers, able to carry messages almost twice as fast as normal trade.

Present Day[edit]

The Sath continue to work on the jump bridge. Their ardent hope is to expand into the region known as the Hell Worlds. They trust that the Sath Alliance Military Forces will enable them to achieve their goals.

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