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Voyagers are immense non-sentient space-bourne geovore organisms capable of making interstellar jumps and/or travelling at sublight speeds between star systems.

Description / Specifications[edit]

Most Voyagers seem to follow a generally elliptical body form, though no two are the same, and some are very different indeed. Voyagers are truly massive: in starship terms, the biggest “Mother” Voyagers mass hundreds of millions of displacement tons.


The species have a voracious appetite for rare minerals and can launch “harvesters” to gather resources. A single mother Voyager is able to launch many millions of harvesters.

Harvesters are self-contained units able to gather, extract, separate and ingest minerals and metals. Most mass a few tens of displacement tons and rely on their launch velocity (basically gotten from being 'spat' from a mother voyager) to reach their target. They are rugged, have a limited awareness of their surroundings, and are capable of minor course corrections whilst travelling in space.

For the most part, Voyagers appear to prefer to "graze" within planetoid belts.


Records indicate that Mother Voyagers were generally reluctuant to approach significant gravity wells, though harvesters did so in pursuit of significant targets.

  • There are reports of “Lifters”, a specialised form of Voyager able to descend to a world’s surface, gather up gorged harvesters, and “spit” them back into orbit.

History & Background[edit]

Voyagers arrived in the Distant Fringe around 3730AD and utterly ravaged the region, bringing on an 800-year technological Dark Age. They departed during the 46th century for reasons that are still not fully understood but seemingly connected to the events of Slaver Year (4498AD).

  • The species are mysterious and considered extremely dangerous, if not outright hostile.

The last verifiable sighting of a Voyager was by an optical observation in the Mengo system, in Shadow Rift Sector, in 4570AD.

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