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The Second Confederation was the first human state to develop within the Distant Fringe – the First Confederation was the original Terran Confederation conquered by the Vilani Imperium, resulting in the destruction of Terra.

  • It was founded in 2500AD and had its capital at Tal Varisa (0911 Far Home).

Description / Specifications[edit]

The Second Confederation saw itself as the final bastion of Terran humanity, and with the ever-present threat of the Vilani it felt compelled to defend every last Terran human. It attempted to achieve this by defining firm borders and strictly controlling both internal movement and interstellar expansion, including forcibly repatriating settlers, explorers and mercantile opportunists discovered beyond the border by Confederation patrols.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

The Second Confederation recognised the ownership of geographical territories held by that social group known as Fives. These land grants had been given to the original 55,000 crew and colonists who had been aboard the Last Armada in 2255AD. Individuals whose ancestors had been grown in GenPods lived on and generally worked for the hereditary estates of the Fives. The rapidly increasing but largely static populations (GenPods were still in common use), deteriorating social conditions, decreasing opportunity, and a strong sense of social injustice led to unrest and calls for change.

This caused internal tensions that ultimately led to the civil wars, a long and bitter series of conflicts between rival factions known as Expansionists and Traditionalists. The civil wars were ended by the Vilani Scare and the resulting collapse of Traditionalist military forces. The Second Confederation fragmented into a much reduced rump in Far Home Sector and small independent states within Halcyon Sector. Many other systems became entirely independent, shunning interstellar government altogether.

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