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The Shikh'aa are a powerful Sath mercantile Faction of Far Home Sector in the Distant Fringe and a major power in the Sath Alliance.

Description / Specifications[edit]

The Factions power base lies within the K’shek cluster and includes Ch'kaahi, the Sath Homeworld. The main spoken language is Asath.

The Shikh'aa are considered to be the most moderate of the Sath Factions.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

The current head of the Faction is Kai’iak Ka, Issha of the Shikh’aa.


The Shikh'aa Faction controls the six worlds that make up the K'shek Cluster:

Jump Bridges[edit]

The Shikh'aa Faction control the Waypoints located at:

Hak'tha Spread[edit]

The Shikh'aa Faction claims and controls all of the systems of the Hak'tha Spread. Four of its worlds have permanent settlements, though the total population remains less than 40,000. The highest technological level is 9, at Saa Kaa (3239 Far Home).

References & Contributors / Sources[edit]

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