Fringian Renaissance

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The period immediately following the Dark Age.

  • It is a historical period within Fringian history.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The primary players were Corolis (1008 Halcyon, now Sedulan), Scybria (2012 Halcyon), Tal Varisa (0911 Far Home), Pador (2325 Far Home), and Ch’kaahi (2836 Far Home). Each of these systems had burgeoning populations, a stable economy, a firm industrial base, and retained a repository of technical knowledge. All of those worlds were also able to overcome the ingrained fear, despite strong domestic opposition, of drawing the attention of the Voyagers.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Historical Eras[edit]

Those first steps were difficult and included the retooling of industry and relearning forgotten skills. Scybria was the first to achieve spaceflight, in 4567AD, and also the first to achieve an interstellar jump, in 4576AD. Other worlds soon followed, most notably Tal Varisa, which launched more than a dozen interstellar missions in 4580AD alone. During the early decades of the 47th century space travel became commonplace and most inhabited worlds within the Distant Fringe had been recontacted. By 4650AD the Renaissance had become the so-called Scavenger Season.

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