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The Haven was a minor state of Far Home Sector, ca 3000AD, centered on the world of Pador (2325 Far Home).

Description / Specifications[edit]

The Haven was a secretive refuge for those fleeing the repressive policies of the Second Confederation. It included Iasanu (2224 Far Home), the homeworld of the Temelik – at the time the Temelik were primitive and backward but were able to provide food and supplies to the new arrivals. What began as a network of camps at the end of a dangerous “underground railroad” eventually became a functioning state in its own right.

  • The Haven was in effect an Oligarchy, ruled by a shadowy Executive. This was made up of a few individuals who controlled considerable wealth and power, and involved complex alliances that often brought factions into conflict. Members of the Executive included Warlords with their own private armies and petty flotillas of starships.
  • In the later years of its existence the Executive became a far more hereditary institution, with a few ruling families holding power.
  • State business was largely conducted through "Favors". During the early part of its existence these were grants of land, supplies and materials to newly-arrived refugees from the Second Confederation - these Favors were repaid by physical toil or an appropriate financial settlement, usually in cash but occasionally in other goods. In later years the granting of Favors became a formalised process, in effect making substantial bribes to controlling interests and governmental authorities in order to get the goods or services required.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

The systems of The Haven became more isolationist and independent following the civil wars, and by 3450AD the state had ceased to exist in all but name. Around 3650AD its former territory became part of the Padoran Assembly.

The Haven was never ‘officially’ discovered by either the Second or Third Confederations, though evidence suggests that both Confederations knew of The Haven’s existence, actively monitored it, and maintained a network of agents within its borders.

Sath explorers pushing to coreward made contact with The Haven, the first human state that they encountered. It was also the Sath's first encounter with another non-human Sophont, the Temelik of Iasanu.

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