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Wayne H. Underkoffler is a Traveller contributor and fan.

Description (Biography)[edit]

Wayne is one of Traveller's biggest fans and has been an active participant in numerous Traveller projects over the years. He has a science background and loves astronomy, physics, and history having written or edited many of the wikis articles on such.

His study of the original maps / star charts of Charted Space correlated to the Real World have been the foundation of much of Traveller astrography.

He also maintains lists of Imperial Nobility.

(Original GoogleDoc Spreadsheet Creator: Bloo @ CotI)

External Link/s[edit]

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Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]


  1. Agent of the Imperium
  2. Alasdair Morgan Gunn
  3. Beyond Sector
  4. Imperial Nobility
  5. Merchant Service
  6. Paranoia Press
  7. Richard Elruinn Ilendrick Rhovanion
  8. Rule of Man
  9. Vanguard Reaches Sector
  10. Yarnell Ervin

A Letter[edit]

Aslan Hierate:

  1. Aslan Military


  1. Black Hole
  2. Deadspace
  3. Galaxy
  4. Latin
  5. Light Speed
  6. Nebula
  7. Star
  8. Terra
  9. Universe

D Letter[edit]

Darrian Confederation:

  1. Darrian Navy
  2. Darrian Navy Special Arm


  1. Meritorious Conduct Under Fire
  2. Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry
  3. Starburst for Extreme Heroism
  4. Wound Badge

I Letter[edit]

  1. Imperial Sunburst

S Letter[edit]

Solomani Confederation:

  1. Solomani Army
  2. Solomani Home Guard
  3. Solomani Marines
  4. Solomani Navy


  1. Addaxur
  2. Clotho
  3. Essaray
  4. Primordial

Sword Worlds Confederation:

  1. Sword World Confederate Army
  2. Sword World Confederate Navy
  3. Sword Worlds Confederation Patrol

T Letter[edit]


  1. Angin-wafer
  2. Ship Equipment
  3. Transpex

Third Imperium:

  1. Emperors of the Third Imperium
  2. Imperial Army
  3. Imperial Cultural Region
  4. Imperial Encyclopediopolis
  5. Imperial Interstellar Scout Service
  6. Imperial Moot
  7. Imperial Navy
  8. Imperial Nobility
  9. Imperial Marines
  10. Merchant Service
  11. Priority Classification
  12. Secret Imperial Archives
  13. Trellian Nerst

V Letter[edit]

Vargr Extents:

  1. Vargr Army & Milita
  2. Vargr Forces
  3. Vargr Navy, Corsairs & Raiders


  1. Aasha Ziru Sirka
  2. Gisadia Ziru Sirka
  3. Shigniid Dia Ugkin
  4. Ziru Sirka

Z Letter[edit]

Zhodani Consulate:

  1. Consular Guard
  2. Qlomdlabr
  3. SORAG
  4. Tavrchedl'
  5. Zhodani Consulate Army
  6. Zhodani Consulate Combined Interstellar Forces
  7. Zhodani Naval Special Landing Force
  8. Zhodani Navy

Image Repository[edit]

No information yet available.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

This person has been involved with Traveller in the following ways:

  • Author
  • Master wiki editor
  • Science consultant
  • Super fan

Traveller RPG Wiki Participation[edit]

This person regularly participates at the wiki.

Bibliography-Ludography (Published Products)[edit]

This person has authored, contributed, playtested, or otherwise participated in the publication of the following products:

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No Listed works

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