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Deadspace is an astrographic phenomenon curiously found throughout Charted Space and in the Gateway Domain in particular.

  • Deadspace occurs when massive gravitic fields and / or quantum gravitic fields generated by extremely massive objects, like Black Holes, overlap to form a point of multiple convergence. This has the effect of multiplying the weak gravitational effects of these waves at great distances from their origin into powerful pockets of gravity.
  • Deadspace locations move and change continuously based on the motion of their sources of gravity. They can appear and disappear as the sources move relative to one and another.
  • Deadspace is considered a form of Dark Energy.
  • Supernovae are known to cause temporary deadspace points for a short period after they occur.
  • Deadspace could theoretically occur anywhere within normal space with varying size, strength, and duration.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Primary Effects of Deadspace:

  • Causes a starship in jump space to be "precipitated" out at the point of contact with deadspace.
  • If a jump is attempted in deadspace, the result is similar to attempting a jump from within a large gravity well. It would be akin to jumping from deep within a large gas giant's atmosphere.
  • Ships with gravitic maneuver drives may experience erratic acceleration and course changes while in deadspace.

Secondary Effects - Time Dilation:

  • The size and duration of a pocket of deadspace varies continuously.
  • Size is dependent on both the number of gravitational waves converging and the distance from the mass of the source(s).
  • Location varies with the relative movement of sources.
  • The strength of a deadspace pocket will also vary but could result in the presence of massive local gravity.
  • A ship caught in deadspace may experience problems associated with it for a period of time varying from minutes to weeks, and in rare cases, possibly years.

Background Information (Dossier)[edit]

Deadspace is an understood phenomenon of physics, but one that hasn't fully been quantified.

  • Mapping deadspace has proven highly problematic as the sources of gravity and quantum gravity haven't been fully identified. Making this harder is these sources are in constant motion. The strength(s) of their fields is also not fully mapped.
  • While there are no known historical cases, it is theorized that deadspace could occur concurrent to the location of a planet or star. The confluence of a large gravitic anomaly on local gravity is unknown but theoretically could have devastating effects.
  • Theory has it that as you move closer to the galactic core, deadspace will become more commonly encountered.

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