Richard Elruinn Ilendrick Rhovanion

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Lord Richard Elruinn Ilendrick Rhovanion of Rhylanor is a high-ranking member of the Imperial Nobility in the Third Imperium.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Knight (Military Division)
Order of Deneb

Non-Canon (PC):

Lord Richard Elruinn Ilendrick Rhovanion of Rhylanor, Bart., KIT, KTI, KD, MCUF

Comital Landholdings & Submerged (Subordinate) Subsidiary Titles:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Age: 49 (in 1110) [ Anagathics: Appears 38 ]


- {Lords of Rhuthven Glen - Rhimono /Dirli}
- {Baronial Lords of Rhovanion Manor - Rhoviwich-Llancair /Rhylanor}
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Vicecomital Landholdings & Submerged (Subordinate) Subsidiary Titles:
- {Lord of Khiirilion /Poroszlo}
- {Lord of Cerrig Bruig - Corvinwr /Kegena}
- {Baron of the Third Imperium - Landholdings on Powaza}
- {Landholdings on Rhylanor}
- {Baronet - Lord of Khin'owr /Jae Tellona}
- Knighted: Order of Deneb - {Lord of Byrlinn Ayr Manor - Khin'owr /Jae Tellona}
- {Lord Marquis of the Realm (honor.)}
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Additional Comital Landholdings & Submerged (Subordinate) Subsidiary Titles:
- {Lord Marquis - Lord of Rhiilin Nova}
- {Count Rhovanion - Landholdings on Rhylanor}
§ == ( Classified Service Record: Security Clearance Level needed to view ) == §
  • Served in still-extant Ship Operations branch ("Black Berets" - "The Imperial Corsairs") of former Rhylennor Taoiseach during tenure as "Imperial Noble" above. Imperial-Sunburst-Imp-Family-Traveller 02-June-2019a.jpg
  • Training:
- Ship's Gunnery/Troops
- Ship Tactics
- Pilot/Nav
- Engineering
  • Missions:
- Covert Surveillance / Special OPS / Commerce Raiding (Privateer)


(3rd Class)

Travelling History[edit]

Travelling History / Travellogue

Travellogue (1107 - 1111):

--- Catastrophic misjump & crash ---
--- Encountered Anselm Jotphar thru an ISM contact for a covert Imperial operation on-world against an anti-Imperial corporation ---
--- Encountered & rescued Princess The Lady Glorinna Viviane Fiorella of Rabwhar/Lunion (Spinward Marches 1822) ---
--- (I.Y. 1108) ---
--- Sabotage mission and misjump aboard damaged prototype/disguised Zhodani destroyer ---
--- Highliner hijacked en route to Talos/District 268 ---
--- (I.Y. 1109) ---
--- Imperial Sunburst Marines Small.png Reserve Marine Officer Commission activated (single mission - Fifth Frontier War) ---
--- (Mercenary Striker Mission against militant religious cult on Daena (orbit #2/world #3) in Shirene System) ---
--- (Acquired Long Range Excursion Vessel [Gunned/Armoured Fast Packet/Clipper]: Laid up for refitting @ Shirene) ---
--- (Graduate Hypergravity/Engineering coursework - IASM Campus @ Lunion - during LR Excursion Vessel refit) ---
--- (I.Y. 1110) ---
--- Encountered spatio-temporal anomaly (?) along Trailing Abyss Rift (Lanth Subsector) @ La'Belle ---
--- Debriefing with Imperial authorities concerning anomaly and journey
  • Ehridan Subsector (Subsector E) of Darkling Hold Sector

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