Richard Elruinn Ilendrick Rhovanion

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Lord Richard Elruinn Ilendrick Rhovanion of Rhylanor is a high-ranking member of the Imperial Nobility in the Third Imperium.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Knight (Military Division)
Order of Deneb

Non-Canon (PC):

Lord Richard Elruinn Ilendrick Rhovanion of Rhylanor, Bt., Bt.D., KIT, KTI, KD, MCUF

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Age: 49 (in 1110) [ Anagathics: Appears 38 ]


- {Lord of Rhuthven Glen - Rhimono /Dirli}
- {Lord of Rhovanion Manor - Rhoviwich-Llancair /Rhylanor}
- Knighted: Order of Deneb - {Lord of Byrlinn Ayr Manor - Khin'owr /Jae Tellona}
- {Lord of Khiirilion /Poroszlo}
- {Lord of Khin'owr /Jae Tellona}
- {Lord of Cerrig Bruig - Corvinwr /Kegena}
- {Baron of the Third Imperium - Landholdings on Powaza}
- {Lord Marquis - Lord of Rhiilin Nova}
- {Count Rhovanion of Rhylanor}


(3rd Class)

Travelling History[edit]

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