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Domain of Colonnade Province





Capital TBD
Majority Control Zhodani Consulate
Other Control

The Colonnade Province is a Zhodani frontier province in the Vanguard Reaches Sector, known as "Driantia Steblenzhtia" (Zh. "Vanguard Consulate") among the Zhodani.

This polity has been variously called:

  • The Colonnade Administrative District (CAD)
  • The Colonade Administration District (CAD)
  • The Province of Colonnade
  • Driantia Steblenzhtia (Zd. "Vanguard Consulate")

Description (Specifications)[edit]

No information curretly available.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In 626 the Vanguard Consulate, or Driantia Steblenzhtia, was created after the First Frontier War to provide information and a buffer state to rimward of the Zhodani Consulate. The Zhodani word "steblenzh" is loosely translated as "vanguard", and the name "Vanguard Reaches" was later adopted by most races as the name for the sector. The Zhodani use of the word "vanguard" is clearly a reference to the rimward frontier from a Zhodani perspective, although from an Imperial point of view "vanguard" can refer to the most distant reaches of its spinward frontier. The original capital world was renamed Chyia Nedlkel after the political radical and exploratory pioneer who advocated the abolition of the nobility in favor of widespread psionic testing of all citizens. The reforms of High Councillor Nedlkel were installed in the Imperial year 666.

The Vanguard Consulate was reorganized after the Third Frontier War in 996, at which time its capital moved from Chyia Nedlkel (Vanguard Reaches 0701) to the world of Colonnade and the polity took on its current Anglic name, the Colonnade Province. The Province is patterned quite closely after the workings of the home government in the Zhodani Consulate.

The current district seat and four regional capitals of the Colonnade Province consist of the following worlds:

This Colonnade Province maintains good diplomatic relations with the Altarean Confederation and the Eslyat. Negotiations with the Trelyn Domain and the Aslan colonies have been, at best, neutral. No significant wars have been fought by the Colonnade Province, although a sizable military force has always been maintained.

As of Imperial date 1120, the Colonnade Province governed worlds in 80 systems with a total population of over 36 billion sophonts.

Chief Provincial Consul Listing: 1116[edit]

No information currently available.

Worlds & Cosmology (Astrography)[edit]

No information curretly available.

Sector Listing: 1116[edit]

This province encompasses locations from the following sectors:

  • TBD

World Listing: 1116[edit]

The following systems and worlds can be found within this province:

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