Vanguard Reaches

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Note: This article is about the Vanguard Reaches publication by Paranoia Press. For the sector of the same name, see Vanguard Reaches Sector.

Vanguard Reaches
VanguardReaches s.jpg
Vanguard Reaches
Author Chuck Kallenbach
Publisher Paranoia Press
Version Classic Traveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Digest)
Language English
Pages 28
Year Published 1981
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG

Vanguard Reaches is an early Classic Traveller background book.

  • The sector of the Vanguard Reaches is apart from the Imperium, and relatively far from the Aslan and Zhodani zones of influence. It is thus a whole area of isolated planets and various small interstellar governments, often clients of the great remote empires.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

After the table of contents and the credits, an introduction briefly presents the context. One also finds there explanations of the vocabulary, signs, and abbreviations employed in the following pages.

The sixteen pages which follow each describe a subsector of the Vanguard Reaches Sector: Issoudun, Andwella, Coos, Trelyn, Chapra, Haldensleben, Pandemonium, Eslyat, Eckmann Schrift, Four Corners, Diadem, Kajaani, Helix, Hyperion, Old Colonies and Jarnac. Each subsector is described by the standard table including a line by world giving its name, its political alignment, its location, its Universal World Profile, various notes (bases, gas giants, etc), and trade classifications. Certain subsectors profit from an explanatory paragraph summarizing the local context, in particular from a political point of view. The page dedicated to the subsector of Helix contains the description of an extremely dangerous space zone, a nebula, and rules for running travel into this ionized hydrogen cloud.

The chapter "Vanguard Reaches Library Data" is a succession of thorough articles describing certain elements of the sector, like the various political entities and several political and governmental organizations. Two new local minor races are also presented: the watery Eslyat and the Murian.

The booklet is concluded by a very detailed index. The chart included presents a general plan of the sector. The position of the worlds is presented, as well as the trade routes. The symbols used to represent the various worlds are appreciably different from that used by GDW: for instance, circles represent the ordinary worlds and stars represent the capitals. The color of each sign indicates the presence (black) or the absence (white) of gas giants. The capitals of the interstellar governments are sometimes surrounded by a blazon. The chart does not give the names of the worlds; these are in the text of the booklet.

Table of Contents[edit]

Vanguard Reaches
Section Page/s
Introduction 1
Tables 2
Issoudun Subsector 3
Andwella Subsector 4
Coos Subsector 5
Trelyn Subsector 6
Chapra Subsector 7
Haldensleben Subsector 8
Pandemonium Subsector 9
Eslyat Subsector 10
Eckmann Schrift Subsector 11
Four Corners Subsector 12
Sector Map Looseleaf
Diadem Subsector 13
Kajaani Subsector 14
Helix Subsector 15
Hyperion Subsector 16
Old Colonies Subsector 17
Jarnac Subsector 18
Library Data 19
Alphabetical Index 23

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Paranoia Press editor developed two sectors for Traveller: Beyond (The Beyond) and the Vanguard Reaches (Vanguard Reaches). Later on, these developments were considered non-canonical by Game Designers' Workshop, official descriptions of these zones being entrusted to the editor of Digest Group Publications.

  • As opposed to what happened with the four sectors from Judges Guild, the canonical and non-canonical versions of The Beyond and the Vanguard Reaches differ only superficially.
  • In 1997, Chuck Kallenbach published the text of this book, along with some updates, on the Paranoia Press web site (no longer available). He also allowed the information to be copied into the Galactic distribution.
  • The original description is available in French.

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Design Chuck Kallenbach
Advisors Donald P. Rapp and Marc W. Miller

References & Contributions (Sources)[edit]

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