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The Angin-wafer (named after the nickname of the Emperor Anguistus) is a special technology that imposes the personality of the individual recorded on the wafer onto a host sophont.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

It only works in a specific host once, after which the host builds an immunity. The imposed personality will fade after about thirty days in most cases.

Angin-wafer Types[edit]

There are five different Angin-wafers carried aboard Imperial warships and other high security government craft that are activated under specific types of emergencies and threats:

The Five Wafer Types
# Role Original Host Remarks
1. Admiral Unknown Imperial Navy Master Tactician
2. Advisor Unknown Expert Polymath & Jack of All Trades
3. Decider Jonathan Bland Master Political Strategist
4. Negotiator Unknown Master Crisis Negotiator
5. Warlord Peter Trevor Imperial Military Master Strategist & Tactician

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The five known Angin-wafers were originally created during the reign of Emperor Anguistus from Imperial specialists to serve as roving troubleshooters at need, Agents, whose brains were destructively scanned in the production process.

These five Angin-wafer personalities each have the authority of a very broad Imperial Warrant, as noted in Imperial Edict 97. The original wafers malfunction in non-males or in non-Humans, but it is not known whether this is simply because wafers cannot cross gender and species boundaries relative to the original personality, or whether this is an absolute restriction.

The original Angin wafer feasibility study chose an arbitrary cutoff of year 999, with ultimate wafer failure after a certain number of uses. No one is quite sure what wafer failure entails, but conjectures have included insanity, dementia, memory deterioration, catastrophic failure, shorter activation time, longer activation time, shared host consciousness, failure to evaporate, failure to impose, stupidity, and/or all of the above.

Note that this (and similar) technology can be used to record a personality and implant it permanently into a clone of the original person. This procedure is known as Relict Regeneration.

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