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An Agent is a highly trained intelligence professional serving a polity with considerable influence.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The authorized representative of a Government or powerful organization (e.g. Megacorporation). Operative. Diplomat. Emissary. Deputy. Enforcer. Paladin. Negotiator.

Agents may be directly employed by the organisation or work freelance.

Agents may work overtly (e.g. Police Officer, Bounty Hunter) or may work covertly (e.g. Spy).

Agents may work as themselves, or under a cover identity.

Agents actions may be legal, extra-legal or illegal in the jurisdiction where the agent operates, and may even be extra-legal or illegal in the jurisdiction for which the agent operates. It is not unheard of for actions to be sanctioned that the sponsor later comes to regret.

The sponsoring organisation may acknowledge the Agents existence and sanction their actions, or may deny any involvement (should the actions become public).

The greatest opponents of Agents are other Agents, Journalists and Criminals. They may also find themselves allied with all three types in undertaking their missions!

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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