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For the general study of Languages see Linguistics

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Languages of Major Human Races[edit]

Terran Languages[edit]

All these languages ultimately derive from Terra.


Vilani Languages[edit]


Zhodani Languages[edit]

Languages of interstellar Minor Human Races[edit]

Note: These are often just described as Native Language in the IISS standard Sophont descriptions.

Answerin Languages[edit]

Azhanti Languages[edit]

Cassilldan Languages[edit]

Bye-Ren Languages[edit]

Darmine Languages[edit]

Darrian Languages[edit]

Dynchian Languages[edit]

Floriani/Halka Languages[edit]


Forlorn Languages[edit]

Halka Languages[edit]


Geonee Languages[edit]

Iltharan Languages[edit]

Kargol Languages[edit]

Kedepu Languages[edit]

Liberts Languages[edit]

Luriani Languages[edit]

Mal'Gnar Languages[edit]

Murrissi Languages[edit]


Developed on Atuakhtea (Hlakhoi 2008)

Ne Kraeda ren Kelvan Languages[edit]

From Tildeh (Far Frontiers 2218)

Pirian Languages[edit]

Suerrat Languages[edit]

Sydite Languages[edit]

Sylean Languages[edit]

Tapazmal Languages[edit]

Tekundu Languages[edit]

Traltar Languages[edit]

Vlazhdumecta Languages[edit]

Yaskoydri Languages[edit]

Zaris Languages[edit]

Languages of isolated Minor Human Races[edit]

Cafadan Languages[edit]

Isolate on Cafad

Happirhvan Languages[edit]

Isolate on Rejhappur

Irhadren Languages[edit]

Isolate on Chanad (Lishun 0935)

Issuguri Languages[edit]

Isolate on Parthinia (Foreven 3018))

Thaggeshi Languages[edit]

Isolate on Thaggesh (Vland 2530)

Trexen Languages[edit]

Isolate on 769-422 (Spinward Marches 0240)

Urunishani Languages[edit]

Isolate on Gashagi (Antares 0727)

Vanejenese Languages[edit]

Isolate on Vanejen (Spinward Marches 3119)

Vexxian Languages[edit]

Isolate on Condyole (Spinward Marches 0901)

Yileans Languages[edit]

Isolate on Gashikan (Gashikan 2732)

Ziaddian Languages[edit]

Isolate on Zeda (Dagudashaag 0721)

Languages of Extinct Minor Human Races[edit]

Khulan Languages[edit]

Isolate from Khula (Vland 1919)

Loeskalth Languages[edit]

Isolate from Sagal (Gushemege 0339). Conjectured to still exist within Sky-Raider cultures[1].

Menetha Languages[edit]

Multiple Language Families on worlds across the Kilong Sector. All extinct.

Miyavine Languages[edit]

Spread to multiple Worlds from Medurma (Dagudashaag 2124)

Ostrovniki Languages[edit]

Once found on 971-852 (Trojan Reach 2814) 504 but extinct by 852. Various languages recorded by IISS between 504 and 520.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Human Languages have been developed on their homeworlds, dragged into space, mixed and intermingled, influenced by other races and isolated on new worlds...before the whole process started again. Key interstellar languages have, for Humans, been Zdetl, Vilani and Anglic. Loan words appear from the languages of Aslan and Vargr cultures as well as many others.

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