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  • Trade language
  • Lingua franca
  • Languages used to bridge the gaps between two communicative mediums

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

When Humaniti expanded to the stars and made First Contact, it became necessary to develop ways of communicating with other sophont species and the first Interlingua was born, artificial or constructed languages designed to bridge the cultural differences between multiple sophont species.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Imperial Interstellar Language Society of the Ziru Sirka developed some of the first successful Interlinguata, then known by Vilani terms before the Rule of Man standardized the term Interlingua.

After those early First Contact experiences, Exolinguists came into regular demand, sophonts who could study the languages and cultures of two distinct sophont species and synthesize a new bridging Interlingua to connect the two peoples.

Exolinguists & Telepathy[edit]

Trained telepaths hold distinct advantages in this field although Imperial prejudices have made it possible for non-psions to also make a good living in this field.

Old Terran "Interlingua"[edit]

  • Historically "Interlingua" was the name of a Terran artificial language created in an effort to unify the balkanized area of Terran Europe. Was never adopteded on a widespread level.
  • It superseded Esperanto on Terra, never approaching the runaway linguistic dominance of Anglic.

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