Language Translator

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Language Translator
Type Communications Gear
Tech Level TL–12
Cost Cr2,000
Size 1.0 liter
Weight 0.5 kg

Computer Language Translators (CLTs) have become a fundamental element of interstellar trade and communication and are vitally needed with the incredible diversity of cultures and languages found throughout the Imperium and neighboring regions,

Dozens of models of various abilities, complexity, and price can be purchased on worlds throughout the Third Imperium of TL–9 or better. CLT's are often paired with Vodors. Most CLT's are smaller personal electronics devices capable of fitting in a belt pouch or integrated into a personal computer or other kind of electronic device.

The basis of all portable CLTs is a program package called a MemClip. Each memclip contains programming for one language. Typically, these clips can be purchased with preloaded language programs for between Cr100 and Cr150. Blank memclip can be bought for Cr10 and programmed by duplicating a preloaded program.

More than 700 languages are on memclips. Programs even exist for non-aural languages. The CLT can be carried in a hip pouch or by hand. CLTs have two to eight receptacles for memclips, plus the remote speaker.

All CLTs work in the same manner. Two entities, each with a CLT and memclips for both his own and the other’s language, adjust their units until they share a common radio frequency. Each speaks in his own language and his words are translated by the other’s CLT and relayed to a detachable remote speaker worn in the receiving entity’s ear. With practice, anyone can learn to follow the translation as the other individual speaks.

A standard CLT can be purchased for Cr2,000. More expensive units have program correction features, more complete handling of idiomatic phrases, smaller size, bone implant speakers, greater durability, and a large capacity for multi-language conversations.