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Welcome to the Between the Cracks Traveller campaign. This page serves as the home page for all the campaign information. From here are linked all the information specific to this campaign.

The campaign is being run by BackworldTraveller.

Should you wish to join the campaign, please contact BackworldTraveller via COTI private message or by adding an entry to the User talk:BackworldTraveller page


The year is 1138 and the Regency has Abandoned the Million Subsector. But not everyone went. And refugees from Khouth Cluster (and further afield) keep on coming.

The Abandonment has left a power vacuum.

What will fill this?
The Vargr States? A local alliance of Worlds?
Of Ships?
Or will Virus wipe out the lot?
Can you make a difference to the outcome?
Can you survive?
With style?

Meta History[edit]

The Traveller Universe as described in the Wiki and various publications has much data for the Million Subsector for the early 1100s and 1110s, and some for the 1120s. The background to Peter Gray's campaigns as added into the Wiki exists in outline for the 1130s and 1140s but leaves much to the imagination. And the Official Traveller Universe restarts in the 1200s. This is the gap in which this game was aimed to fall.

The campaign started in 2019 when a ship (ISS Fireworm) miss-jumped from another setting (Five Sisters Subsector in the 1120s) and end up in Antra Subsector in 1138 facing the oncoming Virus (Mozasannani in this case).

This then extended during the lockdown of 2020 and other parties joined as PBEM players.

Pages in Campaign:BTC are based firmly on background data in the Imperial Encyclopedia (Argushiigi Admegulasha Bilanidin) (i.e. This Wiki) with additional information giving details to worlds and describing characters and NPCs that are not part of the official universe in any way.

The Campaign has been developed mostly using the Mongoose Traveller rules set with modifications per the Modified Rules section below and a few nods towards New Traveller.


Those personalities that form part of the campaign setting - Including the player character(s) and their associates

Modified Rules[edit]

Where the rules are altered from standard Traveller, this page lists those alterations

Background Information[edit]

Information that is contrary to that given elsewhere in this wiki, or of a style or type not pertinent to the general wiki.

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