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Captain of the SS Fireworm and later the SS Phoenix.

Description (Character)[edit]

Name Balthazar Diaz
Species Imperial Human
Gender Male
D.O.B. Day: 014 Year: 1086
Homeworld Durendal
Residence SS Phoenix
Accumulated Dose (Grays) 5.87
Valid as at Day: 164 Year: 1138
Statistic Value DM
STR B +1
DEX B +1
END C +2
INT C +2
EDU A +1
SOC 8 +0
Characteristic Value DM
Subjective Age 42 -6
Objective Age 52
Initiative +0
Size Standard +0
Skill DM
Advocate +0
Astrogation +3
Athletics (Coordination) +1
Carouse +0
Communications +1
Computers +1
Deception +1
Drive (Tracked) +1
Engineer (Jump Drive) +2
Engineer (Manoeuver Drive) +1
Flyer (Grav) +1
Gunner (Turrets) +1
Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) +2
Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) +1
J-o-T +3
Language(Anglic) +3
Life Science (Cybernetics) +1
Mechanic +1
Medic +0
Melee (Unarmed) +2
Physical Science +0
Pilot(Smallcraft) +2
Pilot (Spacecraft) +4
Recon +1
Seafarer +0
Sensors +2
Stealth +1
Survival +0
Vacc Suit +2
Other Value DM
Companion Kyra Jinx Crew, SS Phoenix
Colleague Spyro Drax Crew, SS Phoenix
Colleague Escobar Chavez Crew, SS Phoenix
Rank Petty Officer Third Class (IN)
Award Combat Service Ribbon (Battle of Lanth (1108))
Award Combat Service Ribbon (Fifth Frontier War (1107-1110))

Character Details[edit]

See panel to right


Secretive and anti-authority. Often insubordinate. Mostly Pro-Imperial.


The location of siblings and and nieces/nephews is unknown to Balthazar.

He has no known offspring.

Balthazar is the long-term partner of Kyra Jinx.

History & Background (Biography)[edit]


Durendal/Spinward Marches/1523 is a Rich, Agricultural, Garden world with moderate stellar technology. It has a gravity of .75G and a dense atmosphere. It was a member of the Sword Worlds Confederation at the time of Balthazar's birth.

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Worlds within 3 parsecs of Durendal[1]

Parents and Legal Guardians[edit]

  • Keith Diaz
  • Aimii Diaz

Both parents were in the Imperial Bureaucracy and are now deceased.

Early Years[edit]

Balthazar spent his early years moving from posting to posting with his parents. There was little stability and education was supported by the Consular computer-based learning programme. This suited Balthazar well.

Imperial Navy[edit]

Joined the 23rd Fleet at Lanth and spent two years in general postings before becoming tied up with the Battle of Lanth (1108) in the Fifth Frontier War. During this period, he served in 11 separate small-craft squadrons, never really finding a permanent place in any. Eventually, casualties allowed Balthazar to be promoted to Petty Officer Third Class (IN). His service was rated as "average".

At the end of the war, Balthazar was transferred to 213th Fleet but hounded out of the service by an officer who thought being born on Durendal made you a Sword Worlds sympathizer.

Imperial Interstellar Scout Service[edit]

Drafted into the IISS and sent to the backwaters between the Sword Worlds Confederation and Five Sisters Subsector watching for criminal units that might be using a particular gas giant to refuel. In the four years of watching, none were seen! Still, being paid with little opportunity to spend the cash helped the finances. With his friends, Balthazar bought a scout ship captured from the Sword Worlds Confederation - The Fireworm.

Independent Service[edit]

Balthazar Diaz has had a long and varied career after leaving the services. While much is undocumented, he is known to have participated in the moving of the prospective wife of a leading Aslan from her family in the Trojan Reach Sector to her prospective husband in Foreven Sector. As a result he was presented with a hand-crafted shirt made by the bride-to-be herself.

Balthazar was suspected of being tied to an anti-Imperial terrorist group in the Border Worlds Confederation. Evidence, however has subsequently come to light that he and his ship were actually in Lunion Subsector at the time of the alleged incident.

There are rumours that Balthazar was involved in a rescue of the sister of the Duke of Iderati from a politically awkward situation - and that this rescue had the effect of getting the ongoing investigations by the MoJ shelved. (See here)

In 1128, Balthazar and his entire crew were thought to have perished in the suicidal crashing of their scout ship into an Aslan cruiser, crippling it and allowing the IN to successfully beat off the raiders. They were (posthumously) hailed as Heroes.

Recent evidence shows that Balthazar, and his ship somehow managed to drop off the radar, reappearing outside the Regency Frontier in a highly suspect, partially documented vessel filled with refugees that was only marginally space-worthy claiming to have evaded destruction by a Virus infestation. Their story is highly implausible. They may have been recruited by the RISS for extra-Regency communications work with the remaining external Imperial Consulates. No confirmation of this engagement could be gained.


John Drake: Terms of Service
Term Years Service Branch Assignment Duty Notes
Current 1138 Drifter Wanderer Fireworm
Independent Traveller Deneb Sector
? 1128 to 1138 Missing presumed dead Fireworm Trapped in Jump Space
6 1125/1126/1127/1128 Drifter Wanderer Fireworm Spinward Marches Sector
5 1121/1122/1123/1124 Drifter Wanderer Fireworm Spinward Marches Sector
4 1117/1118/1119/1120 Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Exploration Branch ISS Cepheid Drafted: Fringes of Known Space
3 1113/1114/1115/1116 Imperial Navy Flight Branch 213th Fleet Occupation of Border Worlds Confederation. Resigned.
2 1109/1110/1111/1112 Imperial Navy Flight Branch 23rd Fleet Fifth Frontier War
1 1105/1106/1107/1108 Imperial Navy Flight Branch 23rd Fleet Battle of Lanth
Adolescent 1101/1102/1103/1104 Education Senior High School
Young Adolescent 1097/1098/1099/1100 Education Junior High School
Child 1093/1094/1095/1096 Education Primary School
Young Child 1089/1090/1091/1092 Family Pre-School
Baby 1087/1088 Family Infant

References and Sources[edit]

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Meta History[edit]

Balthazar Diaz was first rolled in the late 1980s, but never made it out of the folder! He was re-worked into a Mongoose Traveller character in 2010 and has been used, on and off, since then - mostly since 2016. His being thrown into jump-space for a decade is what precipitated the start of the "Beyond the cracks" campaign.