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Crew on the SS Fireworm and later the SS Phoenix.

Description (Character)[edit]

Name Kyra Jinx
Species Imperial Human
Gender Female
D.O.B. Day: 143 Year: 1090
Homeworld Pagaton/District 268
Residence SS Phoenix
Accumulated Dose (Grays) 1.89
Valid as at Day: 164 Year: 1138
Statistic Value DM
STR 9 +1
DEX C +2
END A +1
INT C +2
EDU 9 +1
SOC 7 +0
SAN 6 +0
PSI 5 -1
Characteristic Value DM
Subjective Age 38 -5
Objective Age 48
Initiative +0
Size Standard +0
Skill DM
Advocate +0
Athletics (Coordination) +1
Carouse +2
Communications +1
Computers +3
Deception +2
Drive +0
Engineer +0
Flyer (Grav) +0
Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) +3
Language(Anglic) +3
Language(Oynprith) +0
Language(Trokh) +0
Mechanic +1
Medic +1
Melee (Blade) +1
Melee (Unarmed) +2
Persuade +1
Pilot(Smallcraft) +1
Pilot(Spacecraft) +1
Physical Science +0
Recon +1
Remote Operations +1
Seafarer +0
Sensors +1
Stealth +1
Streetwise +2
Vacc Suit +0
Other Value DM
Companion Balthazar Diaz Crew, SS Phoenix
Colleague Spyro Drax Crew, SS Phoenix
Colleague Escobar Chavez Crew, SS Phoenix

Character Details[edit]

See panel to right


Selfish and slightly frightened of what might be happening to her. Once brash and self confident - now more determined and pragmatic. Utterly trusts her companions but cautious of all others.


She has no children

Kyra is the long-term partner of Balthazar Diaz.

History & Background (Biography)[edit]


Pagaton/Spinward Marches/1634 is a Rich world with pre-stellar technology. It has a gravity of .875G and a standard atmosphere. It was an independent, Non-Aligned world at the time of Kyra's birth.

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Worlds within 3 parsecs of Pagaton[1]

Parents and Legal Guardians[edit]

  • Medard Jinx
  • Delphine Jinx

Medard Jinx was a starport employee and Delphine was working for an educational foundation operating on Pagaton. Both were still alive in 1127.

Early Years[edit]

Kyra's early years are not well advertised and quite how she managed to gain the high-tech education that she clearly possesses isn't advertised. She certainly spent a lot of time "Helping out" at the maintenance yard on Pagaton and was well versed in fleecing passing ships before she graduated to the big-leagues.


Pagaton spaceport is not large, and with the world being so technologically backward the last thing that passing Starships expected were high-tech, hacking based thefts. Kyra reputedly provided the skills for these intrusions. She gained a "working" knowledge of the Pagaton Starport Police's Cells (No charges were brought) and both local and (for District 268) interstellar underworld's major gangs as a specialist consultant. Her run of luck finally ended when a major heist went wrong and the local Government Leader's Huscarls became involved. She skipped off world, working with a retiring scout (Balthazar Diaz) to purchase a condemned vessel and start an interstellar adventure.

Independent Service[edit]

With her partner in crime (Balthazar Diaz), Kyra has had a long and varied career. While much is undocumented, he is known to have participated in the moving of the prospective wife of a leading Aslan from her family in the Trojan Reach Sector to her prospective husband in Foreven Sector. She acted as one of the Bride-to-be's entourage for the durations and was rewarded as befits one of her inner-circle when they arrived. As she pointed out to Balthazar after the run, "it was the first honest job she had ever had, and one of the most dangerous".

Kyra was suspected of being tied to an anti-Imperial terrorist group in the Border Worlds Confederation. Evidence, however has subsequently come to light that she and her ship were actually in Lunion Subsector at the time of the alleged incident. (See here)

There are rumours that Kyra was involved in a rescue of the sister of the Duke of Iderati from a politically awkward situation - and that this rescue had the effect of getting the ongoing investigations by the MoJ shelved.

In 1128, Balthazar and his entire crew (including Kyra) were thought to have perished in the suicidal crashing of their scout ship into an Aslan cruiser, crippling it and allowing the IN to successfully beat off the raiders. They were (posthumously) hailed as Heroes.

Recent evidence shows that Balthazar, and his ship somehow managed to drop off the radar, reappearing outside the Regency Frontier in a highly suspect, partially documented vessel filled with refugees that was only marginally space-worthy claiming to have evaded destruction by a Virus infestation. Their story is highly implausible. They may have been recruited by the RISS for extra-Regency communications work with the remaining external Imperial Consulates. No confirmation of this engagement could be gained.


John Drake: Terms of Service
Term Years Service Branch Assignment Duty Notes
Current 1138 Drifter Wanderer Fireworm
Independent Traveller Deneb Sector
? 1128 to 1138 Missing presumed dead Fireworm Trapped in Jump Space
5 1125/1126/1127/1128 Drifter Wanderer Fireworm Spinward Marches Sector
4 1121/1122/1123/1124 Drifter Wanderer Fireworm Spinward Marches Sector
3 1117/1118/1119/1120 Rogue Thief Pagaton Starport Disaster: Scheme foiled - Fled to avoid discovery
2 1113/1114/1115/1116 Rogue Thief Pagaton Starport Worked with Dangerous Criminals
1 1109/1110/1111/1112 Rogue Thief Pagaton Starport Worked with Dangerous Criminals
Adolescent 1105/1106/1107/1108 Education Senior High School
Young Adolescent 1101/1102/1103/1104 Education Junior High School
Child 1097/1098/1099/1100 Education Primary School
Young Child 1093/1094/1095/1096 Family Pre-School
Baby 1091/1092 Family Infant

References and Sources[edit]

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Meta History[edit]

Kyra Jinx was rolled as a Mongoose Traveller character in 2010 and has been used, on and off, since then - mostly since 2016. Her being thrown into jump-space for a decade is what precipitated the start of the "Beyond the cracks" campaign.

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