Duchy of Iderati

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Oversized Imperial duchy in the Spinward Marches comprising the Imperial worlds in the Five Sisters Subsector and Flammarion (Spinward Marches 0930)

Description (Specifications)[edit]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Duchy of Iderati is one of the more recent creations in the Imperium and the last in the Spinward Marches. The key factor in creating this duchy was the need for political oversight of the Imperial Interdiction of Candory (Spinward Marches 0336) and Andor (Spinward Marches 0236).

Subsector Duke Listing[edit]

Worlds & Cosmology (Astrography)[edit]

Structure in 1105[edit]

Duchy of Iderati

Changes to the Duchy over time[edit]

This Duchy's boundaries and membership have been stable since foundation.

The worlds administered have altered, but the fluidity of the politics of the Foreven Sector makes a definitive list impossible.

Duchy Capital[edit]

The capital of this duchy is:

Subsector Listing[edit]

This domain encompasses locations from the following subsectors:

World Listing[edit]

The following systems and worlds can be found within this area:

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