Regency Frontier

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Created in 1131-1133 as part of the Quarantine, it is the set of worlds which forms the border of the Regency of Deneb.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

As protection against Virus incursions, a border of three to four parsecs was created. All of the worlds within the frontier are have every world and refueling point guarded by permanent Regency Quarantine Service pickets.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Worlds in the Frontier are full members of the Regency of Deneb, but their status makes them unsafe. Beyond the frontier worlds was known as the Wilds. The RQS would frequently patrol beyond the Frontier worlds, but no permanent stations were created in the Wilds.

The inner edge of the Regency Frontier was the Regency Safe Area.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

The Frontier was split into five districts: -

  1. Regency Quarantine District 1: Zhodani Consulate to Regina Subsector [1]
  2. Regency Quarantine District 2: Regina Subsector to Pretoria Subsector
  3. Regency Quarantine District 3: Pretoria Subsector to border of Antra and Namidshur Subsectors[2]
  4. Regency Quarantine District 4: Border of Antra and Namidshur Subsectors to Zeng Subsector[3]
  5. Regency Quarantine District 5: Macon Subsector to Aslan Border[4]

All frontier worlds are to be considered Amber Zone worlds, with appropriate cautions.

World Listing[edit]

Worlds in the Regency Frontier.

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Anatre  •  Ansirk  •  Antra  •  Arcanum  •  Ash (De 0504)  •  Avernus (De 2027)  •  Azed Bek  •  Balzac  •  Borlund  •  Byblos  •  Carmel  •  Diiski  •  Dunant  •  El D'Nah  •  Gessert  •  Giikusu  •  Ibsen  •  Imlaar  •  Javan  •  Jecife  •  Jode  •  Kadidun  •  Kiiga  •  Kiirindor  •  Kirklend  •  Lagut  •  Lan-chou  •  Lome  •  Maelstrom (De 2522)  •  Mazirbe  •  Nusukha  •  Nyassl  •  Orenberg  •  Pek'e  •  Remsen  •  Revoc  •  Sage  •  Spectre  •  Syr Darya  •  Twinian  •  Uakari  •  Uramid  •  Usani  •  Waalikii  •  Yef  •  
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