Regency Quarantine District 5

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History & Background[edit]

This district was created as part of the creation of the Regency Frontier

Regency Quarantine District 5 a.k.a. RQD5 runs from the line from Catacomb (Deneb 2234) to Kamlar (Deneb 1832) to the Aslan worlds. The two at the start are considered to be in both RQD4 and RQD5. This overlap prevent gaps from occurring on the seams between districts where forces on each side assume threats are within the neighbouring district's area of responsibility.

The Regency Quarantine District 5 is defended by 74th Fleet. This fleet was re-purposed from defending Macon Subsector.

RQD5 has been heavily engaged in fighting Vampires that cross the Rift from trailing Reft Sector, or from Corridor. The problems of operations in the Rift means that there was less emphasis placed on heavy capitol ships and more being placed on slower high jump vessels like the Anchorage, Black Prince and Kishikhaniir class cruisers.

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