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Description (Character)[edit]

Iilii Gurga is a Reporter for the news channel Gabrael Newsroom on Gabrael.

History & Background (Biography)[edit]

Iilii Gurga joined the channel Gabrael Newsroom straight out of University having attended the University of Vincennes on a scholarship funded by the Marquis of Million. And then the whole edifice of the Regency in Million Subsector came crashing down with the announcement of the Abandonment. She landed a contract with the TAS to supply human interest stories from the Million Subsector even as the Regency withdrew.

Iilii has been a tough critic of the current Seneschal on Gabrael - "Too Little, Too Late" - but not to the extent of undermining the stability of the fledgling state that has been created. She was ever concerned that the creeping formality and bureaucracy the seneschal sought to put in place would prevent the planet facing up to reality. She has also been a fierce opponent of the various "petty-cabals" that hide behind the throne (as it were).

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