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Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Marquisate of Million (sometime mistakenly identified as the Marquisate of Taproban) has its main seat at Taproban (Deneb 3008)[1].

Although much of the affairs of Million Subsector are influenced by the Duke of Atsah, the "Duke of Atsah has neither Counts nor Marquises to advise him"[2]. Consequently, the Marquis of Million's suzerain is the Archduke of Deneb or (while that post was vacant) the Emperor.

Note that the Marquis of Million acts with the inter-stellar powers normally ascribed to an Imperial Count within the Million Trace.

The Marquisate of Million includes one Baron (Baron Ikhaba) and one Baronet at Wyn and covers the following worlds:

Arleshanu  •  Gabrael  •  Hammand  •  Ikhaba  •  Nurara  •  Taproban  •  Wyn  •  

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

First created sometime during or after the Vargr Campaigns (220-348), the Marquisate has had several creations since when the holder's family has died off.

The Marquisate played a key role in the Civil War (600-629)/Second Frontier War (615-620) when it's troops successfully fought to stabilise the border against Vargr incursions[3].

The Marquisate had again become vacant by the time of the IISS Second Survey (Published 1065) and is not shown in that survey's data.

The Marquisate was extant in 1105 but the Abandonment rendered the title all-but-moot in 1136

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